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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)CLM/1/19
TitleGreen Book, 1882-1884
Extent1 vol
DescriptionGreen Book, 22 October 1882 - 31 December 1884.

Entries record daily life as Mistress of Westfield College.

Also covers visits home and to Belstead, Moyallon, Wimbledon and a tour with George visiting places such as Paris, and Mürren.

Includes details of the students such as Margaret Brooke, and Frances Synge and staff; Katherine Tristram and Ralph [Frances Gray].

Also includes extracts of conversations with others such as Nannie [Anne Richardson], and Effie Rawlinson. Includes extracts from conversations, and descriptions of activities including Council meetings.

Topics covered include the lead up to election of the Mistress of Girton - between Louisa Lumsden and Elizabeth Welsh from October 1884, the death of Harry Collisson 17 September 1884, and the health of Constance Maynard.
Access StatusOpen
URL (click to download record),-22-October-1882---31-December-1884.pdf
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer