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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)CLM/1/22
TitleGreen Book, 1905-1910
Extent1 vol
DescriptionGreen Book, 1 January 1905 - 31 December 1910. No entries whilst in Canada, 28 March - 13 September 1910. Entries record daily life as Mistress of Westfield College. Also covers visits home, to Wales, Tunbridge Wells, Wimbledon, Königsfeld, Moyallon, Margate, cycling tours, and a trip to Canada. Includes extracts of conversations and letters from individuals such as Marion Wakefield, Eleanor McDougall and Dudley Kidd. Includes news cutting on the subject of Reverend James Robertson, 27June 1909. Mentions contemporary events such as the Siege of Port Arthur, 1 January 1905, the Welsh Revival, 24 January 1905, 15 July 1906, and the death of King Edward 1910. Other topics include researching Dora Greenwell, a difference of opinion on the Divinity classes with Caroline Skeel, 16 Dec 1905, and her relationship with Marion Wakefield. Also includes the death of Tissy [Josephine] Maynard 23 January 1907, the continuing feud between Harry [Henry] -brother- and George Maynard, the ill health of Effie [Stephanë Anthon] 17 June 1908, a search for a cottage site, the building of the cottage, and the making of her will, 19 March 1910.There are several reflections on the purpose of her diaries, 24 June 1906, 13 and 19 January 1907, 18 August 1907, and 25 March 1909. There are also reminiscences, the subjects of which include her choice to not marry, 9 September 1907, and her feelings for Lewis Campbell after his death, 30 October 1908.
Access StatusOpen
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DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer