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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)CLM/1/24
TitleGreen Book, 1916-1919
Extent1 vol
DescriptionGreen Book, 6 August 1916- 31 December 1919.

Entries record daily life of retirement living at the Sundial, Little Bookham, before moving to Wimbledon to live temporarily with Gertie [Gertrude] Maynard.

Also covers visits to Wimbledon, Cambridge, Westfield, Scotland and two cycling tours around England.

Includes extracts of conversations and letters from individuals such as Marion Wakefield, and C W [Catherine Winkworth] Mackintosh, and includes a lecture programme for a series completed at the Church Workers' Training School, January 1918.

Mentions contemporary events such as World War I, including extracts 'In Memoriam' from The Times, 23 and 29 July 1917, and descriptions of the bombardment of Paris, 25 March 1918. Mentions the signing of the armistice, 14 November 1918 and Great Peace Day, 19 July 1919.

Topics covered include the death of Agnes de Sélincourt, 4 September 1917, the continuing feud between Harry [Henry] -brother- and George Maynard, the ill health and death of Harry [Henry] -brother- Maynard 12 July - 22 December 1918, and her diagnosis of preliminary cancer 25 October 1919.

Details the selling of the Sundial in Little Bookham and the purchase of the Sundial in Gerrard's Cross, from 10 July 1919 and her temporary stay in Wimbledon during the preparation of the Sundial in Gerrard's Cross.

She chooses topics in her life of interest to review throughout the years, including her writing, students and men.

Includes detail on the autobiography, and her gaps in writing it, 29 April 1918.
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CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer