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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)JI/2/27
TitleIndexed notes - unsorted
Extent1 file
DescriptionResearch notes on subjects such as Bible, script, Secret Service, English 15th century, climate, satire, periodical, caricatures, Claude Lorrain [unknown], historical painting, E A Poe, prologues, Congreve, Chaucer, reading for pleasure, modern novel, J Joyce, drama, English studies, drawings, Restoration Theatre, style, aesthetic, Proletarian novel, sculpture, 20th century fiction, biography, history of art criticism, art criticism, methods of study, gothic novel, Picasso, Swift satire, invective, Venetian festival, didactic poetry, letters, Romantic, themes, dream, miracle plays, Venetian landscape drawing, Goya portrait, book illustration, Medieval, Carlo Marchionni, landscape, Shakespeare [unknown], song books, Samuel Butler, Skelton, 17th century, Marlowe, Bunyan, Steele, 17th century extracts, Dickens, Richardson, dictionary, 17th century criticism, historical novel, spoonerism, Scott and Henry Mackenzie, satire, Renaissance, romances, language, Milton, Gothick fiction, Beady, Middle Ages, Donne, realism, the Catholic novel, Delacroix, Carracci caracature, humanism, literary history, Othello, war diary, playhouse, Cecil Day Lewis, dramatic parodies, Romantic Movement, Romantic, Monnet, Henry Pitman, for library, devil, Biagio Pupini, theatrical, Claude, Louis XIV, Cats, caricature, Montague, artists in Rome, 19th century, Callot, prices - pictures, John Bernard, Seneca, Henry VIII, Carlo Borromeo, Anglo-Saxon, plays within plays, Cambiago, Leonardo, Passarotti, Bellotto, book trade, commedia, Beady, art, Vico and other subjects, c1930-c1960.
Newspaper articles about early morning performances entitled 'Up-in-the-Morning-Early Shows', 17 January 1941.
Reading Room slip, 1948.
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CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1581Lorrain; Claude (1600-1682); French Painter, Draughtsman, Engraver
DS/UK/1341Poe; Edgar Allan (1809-1849); American author, poet, editor and literary critic.
DS/UK/577Congreve; William (1670-1729); An English playwright and poet.
DS/UK/1582Chaucer; Geoffrey (1343-1400); English Poet
DS/UK/1509Joyce; James Augusta Aloysius (1882-1941); Irish Novelist, Poet
DS/UK/1583Picasso; Pablo Ruiz y (1881-1973); Spanish Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Ceramicist, Stage Designer
DS/UK/797Goya; Francisco (1746-1828); Spanish painter, Printmaker
DS/UK/1584Marchionni; Carlo (1702-1786); Italian Architect, Sculptor, Draughtsman
DS/UK/516Shakespeare; William (1564-1616); Playwright.
DS/UK/537Marlowe; Christopher (1564-1593); An English dramatist, poet and translator.
DS/UK/555Bunyan; John (1628-1688); An English Christian writer and preacher.
DS/UK/1585Steele; Sir; Richard (1672-1729); Irish Writer, Politician
DS/UK/1499Dickens; Charles (1812-1870); Writer
DS/UK/1496Richardson; John (1796-1852); Novelist
DS/UK/187Scott; William Bell (1811-1890); poet, painter
DS/UK/1586Mackenzie; Henry (1745-1831); FRSE; Scottish Lawyer, Novelist, Writer
DS/UK/183Milton; John (1608-1674); poet
DS/UK/569Donne; John (1572-1631); An English poet, and preacher.
DS/UK/799Delacroix; Eugene (1798-1863); French artist
DS/UK/1587Carracci; Annibale (1560-1609); Italian Baroque Painter
DS/UK/1588Day-Lewis; Cecil (1904-1972); CBE; Anglo-Irish Poet
DS/UK/1589Monnet; Jean (1703-1785); French Theatre Impresario, Writer
DS/UK/1590Pupini; Biagio (fl. 1530-1540); Italian Painter
DS/UK/1591Louis XIV (1638-1715); King of France and Navarre
DS/UK/1523Callot; Jacques (1592-1635); Baroque Printmaker, Draftsman
DS/UK/1547Seneca; Lucius Annaeus (4BC-65AD); Roman Stoic Philosopher, Statesman, Dramatist, Humorist
DS/UK/1592Henry VIII (1491-1547); King of England and Ireland
DS/UK/1594Borromeo; Carlo (1538-1584); Cardinal Archbishop of Milan
DS/UK/1595da Vinci; Leonardo (1452-1519); Italian Renaissance Polymath
DS/UK/1596Passarotti; Bartolomeo (1529-1592); Italian Painter
DS/UK/1597Bellotto; Bernardo (1721-1780); Italian Urban Landscape Painter
DS/UK/1598Vico; Giovan Battista (1668-1744); Italian Political Philosopher, Rhetorician, Historian, Jurist
DS/UK/70Isaacs; Jacob (1896-1973); Professor; Academic and writer.