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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
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TitleNotes - Modern Literature 5
Extent1 file
DescriptionResearch notes on the new humour, the novel, modern literature, 20th century novel, 20th century poetry, Henry Green, 20th century literature, contemporary, literature, scope of the novel, French theatre, Scandinavian literature, 20th century drama, between the wars, the artist in the theatre, the modern novel, Virginia Woolf, Russian novel, George Farquhar, Charles II library, letters and literature, Roden, book reviewing, character presentation, Catholic novel, women novelists 18th century, post war novel, Proust, disturbance, Spanish novel, German novel, French novel, American novel, proletarian novel, Soviet literature, W Faulkner, opening of novel, Yeats, O Wilde, Wallace Stevens, George Orwell, Hermann Kasack and other subjects, c1934-c1954.
Newspaper articles about:
Noel Coward's play compilation 'Play Parade' entitled 'Mr Noel Coward' from the Times Literary Supplement, 20 September 1934.
Churchill's speeches entitled ' Some Churchillian Verse' from the Observer, 3 April 1949.
Graham Greene entitled 'Greene Again - New Film Script', 22 December 1949.
Flaubert's dictionaries entitled 'A Flaubert Joke' from the Sunday Times, 12 December 1954.
Poster for the serial course 'Modern Plays and Modern Problems' run by R Graham Dixon, Holloway Literary Evening Institute, 29 September 1937.
Transcript entitled 'Discussion - S and I' about poetry, c1934-c1954.
Article entitled 'Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech' by William Faulkner, 1950.
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CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1621Green; Henry (1905-1973); English Author
DS/UK/1619Woolf; Adeline Virginia (1882-1941); English Writer
DS/UK/1622Farquhar; George (1677-1707); Irish Dramatist
DS/UK/1623Charles II (1630-1685); King of England, Scotland and Ireland
DS/UK/1624Proust; Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel (1871-1922); French Novelist, Critic, Essayist
DS/UK/1625Faulkner; William Cuthbert (1897-1962); American Writer, Nobel Prize Laureate
DS/UK/1512Yeats; William Butler (1865-1939); Irish Poet
DS/UK/1305Wilde; Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900); Writer and poet.
DS/UK/1626Stevens; Wallace (1879-1955); American Modernist Poet
DS/UK/1627Orwell; George (1903-1950); English Novelist, Journalist
DS/UK/1628Kasack; Hermann Robert Richard Eugen (1896-1966); German Writer
DS/UK/1629Coward; Sir; Noël Peirce (1899-1973); English Playwright, Composer, Director, Actor, Singer
DS/UK/1630Churchill; Sir; Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965); KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, Hon. RA; Prime Minister of United Kingdom
DS/UK/562Greene; Graham (1904-1991); An English author, playwright and literary critic.
DS/UK/1608Flaubert; Gustave (1821-1880); French Writer
DS/UK/70Isaacs; Jacob (1896-1973); Professor; Academic and writer.