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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)JI/5/8
TitleResearch notes bundle
Extent1 file
DescriptionResearch notes on Edmund Burke, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Dr Johnson, 18th century criticism, neoclassicism, criticism, Wordsworth, Coleridge, the early review, Sainte Beuve, R Arnold, Walter Pater, Wilde, Nietzsche, modern art, education and the arts, futurism, surrealism, sculpture, art criticism, crises in literary scholarship, problem of taste, literary history and the history of taste, 20th century criticism, T S Eliot, art of the novel, new criticism, F R Leavis, literary history and criticism, Shakespeare criticism and other subjects, c1932-c1960.
Article 'What is Sculpture?' by Eric Gill, c1932-c1960.
Magazine articles entitled:
'A Sculptor and His Public' from the Listener, 21 October 1954.
'Ancient Egyptian Painting' from the Listener, 6 January 1955.
Newspaper articles entitled:
'Mozart Today' from the Sunday Times, 18 December 1955.
'Centre Court Critic' from the Sunday Times, 1955.
Eleven museum Reading Room slips, 13 December 1932.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1558Burke; Edmund (1729-1797); PC; Irish Statesman, Author, Orator, Political Theorist, Philosopher
DS/UK/1727Reynolds; Sir; Joshua (1723-1792); RA FRS FRSA; English Painter
DS/UK/1557Johnson; Samuel (1709-1784); English Writer
DS/UK/1540Wordsworth; William (1770-1850); English Romantic Poet
DS/UK/310Coleridge; Samuel Taylor (1772-1834); English poet; Romantic; Literary critic and philosopher.
DS/UK/1728Sainte-Beuve; Charles Augustin (1804-1869); Literary Critic of French Literature
DS/UK/1665Pater; Walter Horatio (1839-1894); English Essayist, Critic of Art and Literature
DS/UK/1305Wilde; Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900); Writer and poet.
DS/UK/1729Nietzsche; Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900); German Philosopher, Poet, Composer, Cultural Critic, Classical Philologist
DS/UK/563Eliot; Thomas Stearns (1888-1965); An American-born poet, playwright, and literary critic.
DS/UK/552Leavis; Frank Raymond (1895-1978); An influential British literary critic.
DS/UK/516Shakespeare; William (1564-1616); Playwright.
DS/UK/1353Gill; Arthur Eric Rowton (1882-1940); British sculptor, typeface designer, stonecutter and printmaker.
DS/UK/1730Mozart; Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791); Composer
DS/UK/70Isaacs; Jacob (1896-1973); Professor; Academic and writer.