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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/28/4
TitleVarious friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters to Neville Lyttelton from friends including W.H. Walker, R.P. Hill, R. Grant, Agnes G. Buchanan Riddell, S. Sundar Singh Be[uron], Henry Wilson, Louisa Egerton, J.E.H Athill, St John Brodrick, Lord Selborne, Duke of Connaught, Lord Kitchener, Sir Ian Hamilton, Charles Sansom, Frank Greaves, Edward Clive, Florence Amery, Maynard Mylrea, Rudyard Kipling, James R. Thursfield, Matthew Nathan, Lord Roberts, A. Balfour, Constance Battersea, H.W. Howe, Rev. W. Christie, Arthur B[...], Lord Grenfell, Mary A. Ward, A. Symons, H.M. White, T. Capper, H. Harris Brown, James O. Hannay [pen name George A. Birmingham], concerning Second Boer War, family news, India, South Africa, Ireland, 1900-1912.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/2066Walker; W.H. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2067Hill; R.P. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2068Grant; R. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2069Buchanan-Riddell; Agnes G. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2070Wilson; Henry (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2071Egerton; Louisa (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2065Athill; James E. H. (fl. 1883-1912)
DS/UK/2073Brodrick; William St John Fremantle (1856-1942); 1st Earl of Midleton; known as St John Brodrick, known as The Viscount Midleton, British Conservative Party politician, Irish Unionist Alliance politician
DS/UK/1982Selborne; Lord (fl. 1874-1940)
DS/UK/1983Arthur William Patrick Albert (1850-1931); Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn; Governor General of Canada
DS/UK/1984Kitchener; Lord; Horatio Herbert (1850-1916); 1st Earl Kitchener, Field Marshal; Senior British Army officer, colonial administrator
DS/UK/2074Hamilton; Sir; Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947); General; Senior officer in the British Army
DS/UK/2075Sansom; Charles (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2076Greaves; Frank (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2046Clive; Edward (fl. 1883-1912)
DS/UK/2077Amery; Florence (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2078Mylrea; Maynard (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/1607Kipling; Joseph Rudyard (1865-1936); English Short-Story Writer, Poet, Novelist
DS/UK/2079Thursfield; Sir; James Richard (1840-1923); British naval historian, journalist
DS/UK/2080Nathan; Sir; Matthew (1862-1939); Lieutenant-Colonel; British soldier, civil servant
DS/UK/2062Roberts; Lord (fl. 1884-1912)
DS/UK/2081Balfour; A. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2082Flower; Lady; Constance (1843-1931); Lady Battersea; née de Rothschild, philanthropist and author
DS/UK/2083Howe; H.W. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2084Christie; W. (fl. 1900-1912); Reverend
DS/UK/1965Ward; Mary Augusta (1851-1920); née Arnold, known as Humphry Ward, novelist
DS/UK/2085Symons; A. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2086White; H.M. (fl.1900-1940)
DS/UK/2087Capper; T. (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2088Brown; H. Harris (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2089Hannay; James Owen (1865-1950); known by pen name George A. Birmingham, Irish clergyman, novelist
CodePlace Entry
NA293Republic of India/South Asia
NA20South Africa/Africa
NA258Ireland/United Kingdom