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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/30/13
TitleFriends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters to Katherine Lyttelton from friends including A.J. Finberg, A.M. Ferguson, Margaret M. Perrie, Basil Williams, B. Smyth, W. Joynson Hicks, Valentine and Sons Ltd., Fabian Ware, [A. or H.] Beckett Overy, Agnes Jekyll, Ian Hamilton, Adelaide M. Anderson, Elsa Richmond, [S. or G.] W. Harris, Lady Gregory, L. Dawkins, H.J. Tennant, Philip Guedalla, Arnold Bennett, A.J. Balfour, H.G. Lawrence, Lord Haldane, H. Costley White, Margot Asquith, Violet Bonham Carter, Henry Newbolt, Francis W. Hirst, E.A.M. Thompson, Cosmo [Lang] Archbishop of York, Louise Creighton, Lord Stamfordham, Winston Churchill, Caroline B. Bridgeman, Hugh Bell, F.J. Harlow, Earl of Dartmouth, Herbert Fisher, Austen Chamberlain, Mary Crawslay, Lady Florence Bell, Edith Davidson, Janet Trevelyan, Bryan Fairfax, W.H. Wilcox, Thomas Finnigan, Beatrice Swaine, Reginald Blunt, Betty Balfour, G.J. Farmer, Mary Countess Minto, Jasper Farmer, Herbert Baker, G. Van Dormad, G. Bailey, A.H. Hornby, Walter Braithwaite, E.F. Milne, L. Kempson, Violet Leconfield, H.M. White, Eveline Godley, Charles Corkran, Rennell Rodd, Harry Adams, Stanley Baldwin, Mildred Robinson, [I.] de Coetlogon, Anthony Lytton Milbanke, Maurice Headlam, Alice Graves, Isabel Lawrence, Hugh Ross, Alice Balfour, Lady Aberdeen, Helen Munro Ferguson, George Abercromby, Eva Mary Ball, G.M. Trevelyan, Maud Hoare, Mary Mills, Gerald French, Lord Crewe, Gerald Devonport, Margaret Lloyd, Ellie M. Banon, G.E. Spring Rice, Alice King, Emily Baker, Annie Smith, Fitzroy Fyers, Josie Braithwaite, Lord Selborne, Lady Rothschild, G. P. Jacomb Hood, Mary Carter, Maude White, Arthur Wauchope, concerning social engagements, personal affairs, death of Charles Masterman, death of Edward Grey, Katherine Lyttelton's resignations from various posts she held, death of Lady Talbot, 1926-1940.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/41Lyttelton; Lady; Katherine Sarah (1860-1943); neé Stuart-Wortley, wife of Neville Lyttelton
DS/UK/2589Finberg; A.J. (fl. 1917-1940)
DS/UK/2591Ferguson; A.M. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2592Perrie; Margaret M. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2338Williams; Basil (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2105Smyth; B. (fl. 1912-1940)
DS/UK/2593Joynson-Hicks; William (1865-1932); Home Secretary
DS/UK/2594Valentine and Sons Ltd; 1851-1994
DS/UK/2375Ware; Sir; Fabian Arthur Goulstone (1869-1949); Major General; Founder of the Imperial War Graves Commission
DS/UK/2192Jekyll; Dame; Agnes (1861-1937); née Graham, Scottish-born British artist, writer, philanthropist.
DS/UK/2074Hamilton; Sir; Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947); General; Senior officer in the British Army
DS/UK/2595Anderson; Adelaide M. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2596Richmond; Elsa (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2434Gregory; Lady; Isabella Augusta (1852-1932); née Persse, Irish dramatist, folklorist, theatre manager
DS/UK/2406Dawkins; Loulie (fl. 1906-1940)
DS/UK/2189Tennant; H.J. (fl. 1883-1940)
DS/UK/2597Guedalla; Philip (1889-1944); British barrister, historical writer, travel writer, biographer
DS/UK/2598Bennett; Arnold (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2099Balfour; A.J. (fl. 1893-1940)
DS/UK/2599Lawrence; H.G. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2421Haldane; Richard Burdon (1856-1928); 1st Viscount Haldane; British Liberal and later Labour politician, lawyer, philosopher
DS/UK/2600Costley-White; Harold (1878-1966); Reverend; Anglican dean, author
DS/UK/2433Asquith; Margot (1864-1945); Countess of Oxford and Asquith; née Tennant, born Emma Alice Margaret
DS/UK/2196Bonham Carter; Dame; Helen Violet (1887-1969); Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury; née Asquith, known as Violet, British politician, diarist
DS/UK/2601Newbolt; Sir; Henry John (1862-1938); English poet, novelist, historian
DS/UK/2602Hirst; Francis W. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2560Thompson; E.A.M. (fl. 1917-1940)
DS/UK/2603Lang; William Cosmo Gordon (1864-1945); 1st Baron Lang of Lambeth; known as Cosmo, Scottish Anglican prelate, Archbishop of York, Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/1969Creighton; Louise Hume (1850-1936); née von Glehn, author, activist for women
DS/UK/2604Bigge; Arthur John (1849-1931); Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st Baron Stamfordham; British soldier, courtier
DS/UK/1630Churchill; Sir; Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965); KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, Hon. RA; Prime Minister of United Kingdom
DS/UK/2605Bridgeman; Caroline B. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2606Bell; Hugh (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2607Harlow; F.J. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2608Fisher; Herbert (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2610Chamberlain; Austen (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2611Crawslay; Mary (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2612Bell; Lady; Florence (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2093Davidson; Edith M. (fl. 1886-1940)
DS/UK/1963Trevelyan; Janet Penrose (fl. 1903-1940); née Ward
DS/UK/2091Fairfax; Bryan (fl. 1886-1940)
DS/UK/2553Wilcox; W.H. (fl. 1917-1940)
DS/UK/2613Finnigan; Thomas (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2113Swaine; Beatrice (fl. 1922-1940)
DS/UK/2614Blunt; Reginald (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2238Balfour; Betty (fl. 1893-1940)
DS/UK/2615Farmer; G.J. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2550Minto; Mary (fl. 1917-1940); Countess
DS/UK/2616Farmer; Jasper (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/1976Baker; Herbert (fl. 1899-1940)
DS/UK/2617Van Dormad; G. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2618Bailey; G. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2619Hornby; A.H. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2620Braithwaite; Sir; Walter (1865-1945); General
DS/UK/2621Milne; E.F. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2622Kempson; L. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2623Leconfield; Lady; Violet (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2086White; H.M. (fl.1900-1940)
DS/UK/2624Godley; Eveline (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2625Corkran; Sir; Charles Edward (1872-1939); Major-General
DS/UK/2345Rennell Rodd; James (1858-1941); 1st Baron Rennell; British diplomat, poet, politician, British Ambassador to Italy during the First World War
DS/UK/2626Adams; Harry (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2627Baldwin; Stanley (1867-1947); Prime Minister of United Kingdom
DS/UK/2628Robinson; Mildred (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2629Lytton Milbanke; Anthony (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2630Munro-Ferguson; Lady; Helen Hermione (1863-1941); Viscountess Novar; née Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood
DS/UK/2498Headlam; Maurice (fl. 1914-1940)
DS/UK/2631Graves; Alice (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2632Lawrence; Lady; Isabel (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2633Ross; Hugh (fl. 1926-1940); Lieutenant Colonel
DS/UK/2326Balfour; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2634Abercromby; George (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2635Ball; Eva Mary (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2405Trevelyan; George M. (fl. 1906-1940)
DS/UK/2636Hoare; Maud (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2637Mills; Mary (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2638French; Hon; Gerald (fl. 1926-1940); Major
DS/UK/2639Devonport; Gerald (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2640Lloyd; Margaret (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2641Banon; Ellie M. (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2642Rice; G.E. Spring (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2193King; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2643Baker; Emily (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2644Smith; Annie (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2645Fyers; Fitzroy (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2646Braithwaite; Josie (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/1982Selborne; Lord (fl. 1874-1940)
DS/UK/2495Rothschild; Lady (fl. 1912-1940)
DS/UK/2647Jacomb-Hood; George Percy (1857-1929)
DS/UK/2648Carter; Mary (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2650Wauchope; Arthur (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2675White; Maude Valerie (1855-1937); Composer