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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/30/15
TitleFriends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters, some undated and some fragments, to Katherine Lyttelton from friends including Edward Burne-Jones, C. Malins, D.M. Stewart, Frederick A. Maxse, R.J. Shute, Oliver Lodge, Janet Barlow, William Congreve, Lena Ashwell, M. Mahaffy, Alice Marchioness of Salisbury, Emily Lawless, Edith Manley, Viscountess de Vesci, Lord Kitchener, Lady Devonport, Winston Churchill, Alice Shaw-Stewart, Violet Jacob, Eva Wyndham Quin, Alice King, Augusta Gregory, Edith M. Davidson, Katherine Maxse, Baroness Desborough, Julia Drummond, Julian Grenfell, Mary Arnim, Hugh Cecil, Henry Thompson, Mary Cooke, John Cosbie, Raymond Asquith, Florita St. Aubyn, C[harles] Grey, John Singer Sargent, Gerald Thesiger, Reginald Blunt, Lord Rothschild, Robert Baden Powell, Olave Baden Powell, Maude Valerie White, E[llen] T[erry], Mildred Buxton, Mary Drew, Vere Blunt, Lord Wolseley, C.L. Jebb, Lord Grenfell, Agnes Jekyll, [M.R. Goss], Adelaide Morris, Mary Buxton, F. Percy, Earl of Selborne, Gwendolen Cecil, Beatrice Marchioness of Waterford, Herbert Baker, Baldwin of Bewdley, Constance Hope concerning social engagements, personal affairs, India, books, plays, poetry, Cairo, Sinn Fein, First World War, refugees in First World War c.1883-1937.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/41Lyttelton; Lady; Katherine Sarah (1860-1943); neé Stuart-Wortley, wife of Neville Lyttelton
DS/UK/2651Burne-Jones; Sir; Edward Coley (1833-1898); 1st Baronet; British artist, designer
DS/UK/2652Malins; C. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2653Stewart; D.M. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2654Maxse; Frederick A. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2655Shute; R.J. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2428Lodge; Oliver (fl. 1908-1911)
DS/UK/2656Barlow; Janet (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2657Congreve; William (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2658Ashwell; Lena (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2659Mahaffy; M. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2226Lawless; Hon; Emily (1845-1913); Irish novelist and poet
DS/UK/2660Manley; Edith (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/1984Kitchener; Lord; Horatio Herbert (1850-1916); 1st Earl Kitchener, Field Marshal; Senior British Army officer, colonial administrator
DS/UK/1630Churchill; Sir; Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965); KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, Hon. RA; Prime Minister of United Kingdom
DS/UK/2661Shaw-Stewart; Alice (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2458Jacob; Violet Augusta Mary Frederica (1863-1946); née Kennedy-Erskin, Scottish writer
DS/UK/2557Wyndham-Quin; Lady; Eva (fl. 1917-1926); Viscountess Adare
DS/UK/2193King; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2434Gregory; Lady; Isabella Augusta (1852-1932); née Persse, Irish dramatist, folklorist, theatre manager
DS/UK/2093Davidson; Edith M. (fl. 1886-1940)
DS/UK/2662Maxse; Katherine (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2663Drummond; Julia (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2664Grenfell; Hon; Julian Henry Francis (1888-1915); British soldier, WWI poet
DS/UK/2665Arnim; Mary (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2666Cecil; Hugh (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2667Thompson; Henry (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2669Cooke; Mary (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2670Cosbie; John (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2671Asquith; Raymond (1878-1916); English barrister
DS/UK/2672St. Aubyn; Florita Catherine (fl. 1883-1925); née Grenfell
DS/UK/2197Sargent; John Singer (1856-1925); American artist
DS/UK/2673Thesiger; Gerald (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2614Blunt; Reginald (fl. 1926-1940)
DS/UK/2329Baden-Powell; Robert Stephenson Smyth (1857-1941); 1st Baron Baden-Powell; Lieutenant-general in the British Army, writer, founder of the Scout Movement
DS/UK/2674Baden-Powell; Olave St Clair (1889-1977); Baroness Baden-Powell; née Soames
DS/UK/2675White; Maude Valerie (1855-1937); Composer
DS/UK/2491Buxton; Mildred (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/1815Drew; Mary (1847-1927); née Gladstone, political secretary, writer, hostess
DS/UK/2579Blunt; Vere (fl. 1917-1926)
DS/UK/1987Wolseley; Garnet Joseph (1833-1913); 1st Viscount Wolseley, Field Marshal; Officer in the British Army
DS/UK/2676Jebb; C.L. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2192Jekyll; Dame; Agnes (1861-1937); née Graham, Scottish-born British artist, writer, philanthropist.
DS/UK/2677Morris; Adelaide (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2452Buxton; Mary (fl. 1912-1916)
DS/UK/2678Percy; F. (fl. 1883-1937)
DS/UK/2357Cecil; Gwendolen (fl. 1883-1926)
DS/UK/1976Baker; Herbert (fl. 1899-1940)
DS/UK/2203Hope; Constance (fl. 1877-1908)
CodePlace Entry
NA293Republic of India/South Asia