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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/30/4
TitleFriends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters to Katherine Lyttelton from friends including Audrey Buller, Henry Yarde Buller, H.H. Durand, F.M. Ponsonby, F. M. [Cox or Fox], E. Woolley, Herbert Rowsell, Augusta Spottiswoode, Agnes Jekyll, Alice Cautley, Percy Wigram, C. Hamilton, Henry James, Ellen Joyce, Fay Lankester, [R.] E. Russell, Arthur W. Lacey, Henrietta Barnett, Katherine Manners, Constance Battersea, Louise Creighton, Arthur Lyttelton Annesley, Kate Grove, Lord Reay, Humphry Ward, Constance R. Eliot, Frances Horner, Lady Reay, Christina Drummond, Victoria Dawnay, Arthur J. Munby, Nurse Crouch, Anna Tracey, Annie Yorke, Emily Lawless, Jean Wauchope, Edward Hope, Dorothy E. Howard, G. J. Cathill, Henry Wilson, J. Bonus, Augustus W. Addwirth, William Dawson, H. Balfour, Lord Brassey, Ellen Walker, Emmeline Watkin, De La Warr, Margaret Hogg, Gwendolen Balfour, Maud Lansdowne, Lord Selborne, Lord Lansdowne, Nurse Sarah Struthers, T. Bennett concerning social engagements, Second Boer War, condolences on death of Jane Stuart-Wortley, account of the founding of the East London Nursing Society, children, 1900.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/41Lyttelton; Lady; Katherine Sarah (1860-1943); neé Stuart-Wortley, wife of Neville Lyttelton
DS/UK/2264East London Nursing Society; 1868-
DS/UK/2195Buller; Lady; Audrey (fl. 1900-1904)
DS/UK/2143Buller; Henry Yarde (fl. 1893-1918)
DS/UK/2265Durand; H.H. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2266Ponsonby; F.M. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2267Woolley; E. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2268Rowsell; Herbert (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2269Spottiswoode; Augusta (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2192Jekyll; Dame; Agnes (1861-1937); née Graham, Scottish-born British artist, writer, philanthropist.
DS/UK/2270Cautley; Alice (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2236Wigram; Percy (fl. 1893-1900)
DS/UK/2271Hamilton; C. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2272James; Henry (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2273Joyce; Ellen (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2274Lankester; Fay (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2275Lacey; Arthur W. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2276Barnett; Henrietta (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2277Manners; Katherine (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2082Flower; Lady; Constance (1843-1931); Lady Battersea; née de Rothschild, philanthropist and author
DS/UK/1969Creighton; Louise Hume (1850-1936); née von Glehn, author, activist for women
DS/UK/2240Lyttelton Annesley; Arthur (fl. 1893-1908)
DS/UK/2278Grove; Kate Sara (fl. 1900-1911); nee Sibley
DS/UK/1972Reay; Lord (fl. 1890-1920)
DS/UK/2116Reay; Lady (fl. 1845-1900)
DS/UK/1965Ward; Mary Augusta (1851-1920); née Arnold, known as Humphry Ward, novelist
DS/UK/2279Eliot; Constance R. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2280Horner; Frnaces (fl. 1893-1900)
DS/UK/2281Drummond; Christina (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2282Dawnay; Victoria (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2283Munby; Arthur J. (1828-1910); British diarist, poet, portrait photographer, barrister and solicitor
DS/UK/2284Crouch (fl. 1900); Nurse
DS/UK/2285Tracey; Anna (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2286Yorke; Annie (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2226Lawless; Hon; Emily (1845-1913); Irish novelist and poet
DS/UK/2287Wauchope; Jean (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2288Hope; Edward (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2289Howard; Dorothy E. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2290Cathill; G. J. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2070Wilson; Henry (fl. 1900-1912)
DS/UK/2291Bonus; J. (fl. 1900-1904)
DS/UK/2292Addwirth; Augustus W. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2293Dawson; William (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2294Balfour; H. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/1256Brassey; Sir; Thomas (1836-1918); Baron, Earl, Lord; Politician.
DS/UK/2296Walker; Ellen (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2297Watkin; Emmeline (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2194Hogg; Margaret (fl. 1900-1904)
DS/UK/2298Balfour; Gwendolen (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/2299Petty-Fitzmaurice; Maud Evelyn (1850-1932); Marchioness of Lansdowne; née Hamilton
DS/UK/2300Petty-Fitzmaurice; Lord; Henry Charles Keith (1845-1927); 5th Marquess of Lansdowne; British politician, Irish peer, fifth Governor General of Canada, Viceroy of India, Secretary of State for War, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
DS/UK/2301Struthers; Sarah (fl. 1900); Nurse
DS/UK/2302Bennett; T. (fl. 1900)
DS/UK/1982Selborne; Lord (fl. 1874-1940)