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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/30/6
TitleFriends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters to Katherine Lyttelton from friends including Maude E. Solomon, Humphrey Leggett, Lillian Fitzpatrick, Edith Aitken, Ethel Wedgwood, J.E. Adamson, Bryan Fairfax, Annie Botha, The Alexandra Club Johannesburg, Violet Horris, South African Home Reading Union, Alec Raileigh, Jean R. Thorn, W.J. Horscroft, E.W. Margesson, Winifred Johnston, J. Cadell, Ellen Warren, Madelina Ball, W. Lambton, G. Geoffrey Robinson, Francis Collinson, Geoffrey Glyn, Richard Stopford, Mary M. Gray, Alice King, Fabian Ware, Anna Margaret Ware, Lord Tweedmouth, Lady Minto, Bernard Holland, Lord Algernon Percy, Mary Cholmondeley, Robert Cecil, Winston Churchill, Flora L. Lugard, Mary Chamberlain, Ian Hamilton, J.A. Spender, General French, Admiral John Fisher, Sir John Clarke, G. Leveson Gower, Richard Solomon, Dougal O. Malcolm, Herbert Baker, Mabell Countess of Airlie, Madeleine Brodrick, R. Sladin concerning leaving South Africa, social engagements, Lucy Lyttelton's poems, Chinese labour in South African mines, 1904-1905.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/41Lyttelton; Lady; Katherine Sarah (1860-1943); neé Stuart-Wortley, wife of Neville Lyttelton
DS/UK/2340Solomon; Maude E. (fl. 1900-1905)
DS/UK/2331Leggett; Humphrey (fl. 1900-1905)
DS/UK/2358Fitzpatrick; Lillian (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2359Aitken; Edith (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2360Wedgwood; Ethel (fl. 1904-1908)
DS/UK/2361Adamson; J.E. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2091Fairfax; Bryan (fl. 1886-1940)
DS/UK/2341Botha; Annie Frances Bland (1864-1937); née Emmett
DS/UK/2362Horris; Violet (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2363Raileigh; Alec (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2364Thorn; Jean R. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2365Horscroft; W.J. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2366Margesson; E.W. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2336Johnston; Winifred (fl. 1900-1905)
DS/UK/2367Cadell; J. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2368Warren; Ellen
DS/UK/2369Ball; Madelina (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2370Lambton; W. (fl. 1904-1916)
DS/UK/2371Robinson; G. Geoffrey (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2372Collinson; Francis (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2373Glyn; Geoffrey (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2374Stopford; Richard (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2330Gray; Mary M. (fl. 1900-1905)
DS/UK/2193King; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2375Ware; Sir; Fabian Arthur Goulstone (1869-1949); Major General; Founder of the Imperial War Graves Commission
DS/UK/2376Ware; Lady; Anna Margaret (fl. 1904-1905); née Phibbs
DS/UK/2377Fisher; Lord; John Arbuthnot (1841-1920); Admiral of the Fleet, 1st Baron Fisher; known as Jacky
DS/UK/2378Tweedmouth; Lord (fl. 1904-1908)
DS/UK/2379Minto; Lady (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/1951Holland; Bernard (fl. 1891-1926)
DS/UK/2380Percy; Lord; Algernon (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2381Cholmondeley; Mary (1859-1925); English novelist
DS/UK/1918Cecil; Robert (fl. 1904-1937)
DS/UK/1630Churchill; Sir; Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965); KG, OM, CH, TD, DL, FRS, Hon. RA; Prime Minister of United Kingdom
DS/UK/2382Lugard; Lady; Flora L. (1852-1929); née Shaw, author, journalist
DS/UK/2334Chamberlain; Mary (fl. 1900-1914)
DS/UK/2074Hamilton; Sir; Ian Standish Monteith (1853-1947); General; Senior officer in the British Army
DS/UK/2383Spender; John Alfred (1862-1942); known as J. A. Spender, British journalist, newspaper editor, author
DS/UK/2072French; Sir; John Denton Pinkstone (1852-1925); 1st Earl of Ypres; Field Marshal in the British Army
DS/UK/2384Clarke; Sir; John (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2247Leveson Gower; G. (fl. 1893-1905)
DS/UK/2132Solomon; Richard (fl. 1904-1918)
DS/UK/2385Malcolm; Dougal O. (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/1976Baker; Herbert (fl. 1899-1940)
DS/UK/2386Ogilvy; Mabell Frances Elizabeth (1866-1956); Countess of Airlie; née Gore, British courtier, author
DS/UK/2387Brodrick; Madeleine (fl. 1904-1905)
DS/UK/2388Sladin; R. (fl. 1904-1905)
CodePlace Entry
NA20South Africa/Africa