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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)NL/30/9
TitleFriends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton
Extent1 file
DescriptionLetters to Katherine Lyttelton from friends including Mary Buxton, Katharine Tynan Hinkson, Lady Londonderry, John G. Barton, Flora L. Lugard, James D. Hannay, Violet Jacob, Olive Stanley, Luke White, Georgiana W. Shawe, John Ossory, Sybil Powerscourt, Lady Gregory, Hugo Watson, Charles Shawe, George Webb, Eileen Price Davis, Mary Perrin, C. Rumpole, Violet Russell, Charles Beresford, Geoffrey Robinson, Philip Hanson, Margot Asquith, Philip Norman, James Dawnay, E. Rayleigh, George Russell, Miss 'Wags' Wagstaff, Matthew Nathan, Hugh Lare, H.M. Durand, Lord Methuen, Lady Wolseley, Bernard Holland, Mary Chamberlain, J.A. Spender, Alice Balfour, A.J. Mylne, Beryl Simons, Megan Lloyd George, Rollo Russell, John Hext, John Singer Sargent, Constance Battersea, Alfred Pearce Gould, Agnes Jekyll, Edward J. Poynter, Oliver Carr, Mildred Buxton, Robert Bridges, Sir French, W.B. Richmond, C. Buxton, B. Smyth, Lady Rothschild, Alice King concerning social engagements, leaving Ireland, deaths in family, 1912-1914.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/39Lyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
DS/UK/41Lyttelton; Lady; Katherine Sarah (1860-1943); neé Stuart-Wortley, wife of Neville Lyttelton
DS/UK/2452Buxton; Mary (fl. 1912-1916)
DS/UK/2453Tynan Hinkson; Katharine (1859-1931); Irish-born writer
DS/UK/2454Londonderry; Lady (fl. 1912-1916)
DS/UK/2455Barton; John G. (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2457Hannay; James D. (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2458Jacob; Violet Augusta Mary Frederica (1863-1946); née Kennedy-Erskin, Scottish writer
DS/UK/2459Stanley; Olive (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2460White; Luke (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2461Shawe; Georgiana W. (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2125Ossory; John (fl. 1912-1918)
DS/UK/2462Powerscourt; Sybil (fl. 1912-1916)
DS/UK/2434Gregory; Lady; Isabella Augusta (1852-1932); née Persse, Irish dramatist, folklorist, theatre manager
DS/UK/2463Watson; Hugo (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2123Shawe; Charles (fl. 1912-1918)
DS/UK/2464Webb; George (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2465Price Davis; Eileen (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2466Perrin; Mary (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2478Rumpole; C.
DS/UK/2437Russell; Violet (fl. 1908-1914)
DS/UK/2479Beresford; Charles (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2451Robinson; Geoffrey (fl. 1908-1914)
DS/UK/2480Hanson; Philip (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2433Asquith; Margot (1864-1945); Countess of Oxford and Asquith; née Tennant, born Emma Alice Margaret
DS/UK/2191Norman; Philip (fl. 1912-1926)
DS/UK/2439Dawnay; James (fl. 1908-1914)
DS/UK/2263Rayleigh; E. (fl. 1893-1914)
DS/UK/2438Russell; George (fl. 1908-1914)
DS/UK/2481Wagstaff (fl. 1912-1912); governess, known as Wags
DS/UK/2080Nathan; Sir; Matthew (1862-1939); Lieutenant-Colonel; British soldier, civil servant
DS/UK/2482Lare; Hugh (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2156Durand; H.M. (fl. 1893-1918)
DS/UK/2483Methuen; Lord (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2484Wolseley; Lady (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/1951Holland; Bernard (fl. 1891-1926)
DS/UK/2334Chamberlain; Mary (fl. 1900-1914)
DS/UK/2383Spender; John Alfred (1862-1942); known as J. A. Spender, British journalist, newspaper editor, author
DS/UK/2326Balfour; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2255Mylne; A.J. (fl. 1893-1926)
DS/UK/2485Simons; Beryl (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2486Lloyd George; Megan (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2487Russell; Rollo (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2488Hext; John (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2197Sargent; John Singer (1856-1925); American artist
DS/UK/2082Flower; Lady; Constance (1843-1931); Lady Battersea; née de Rothschild, philanthropist and author
DS/UK/2489Gould; Sir; Alfred Pearce (1852-1922); Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of London
DS/UK/2192Jekyll; Dame; Agnes (1861-1937); née Graham, Scottish-born British artist, writer, philanthropist.
DS/UK/2234Poynter; Sir; Edward John (1836-1919); English painter, designer, draughtsman, President of the Royal Academy
DS/UK/2490Carr; Oliver (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2491Buxton; Mildred (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2492Bridges; Robert (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2072French; Sir; John Denton Pinkstone (1852-1925); 1st Earl of Ypres; Field Marshal in the British Army
DS/UK/2493Richmond; W.B. (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2494Buxton; C. (fl. 1912-1914)
DS/UK/2105Smyth; B. (fl. 1912-1940)
DS/UK/2193King; Alice (fl. 1900-1940)
DS/UK/2495Rothschild; Lady (fl. 1912-1940)
DS/UK/2382Lugard; Lady; Flora L. (1852-1929); née Shaw, author, journalist
CodePlace Entry
NA258Ireland/United Kingdom