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TitleUnited Kingdom One World Association and Towns & Development
DateDec 1982-2021
Extent1 box
Creator NameUnited Kingdom One World Linking Association and Towns & Development
DescriptionUKOWLA publications including reports, conference proceedings and newsletter "One World Linking" (1987-1996). Photographs of UKOWLA conferences (1984-1989) and letters from Jane Knight regarding UKOWLA activities (1993). Towns and Development publications including reports, newsletter and leaflets (1985-2000). Photographs of Towns and Development conferences (1992-2002). Other publications, leaflets and papers related to "linking" and related research (1982-2019). Audio Cassettes recording speeches made at UKOWLA conferences (1991).
Admin HistoryUnited Kingdom One World Linking Association (UKOWLA, 1983-) is an organisation established as a national advisory body for those involved with “linking” with international communities in the geographical South. UK communities could be paired with communities from the continents of Africa, Asia and South America. The concept became popular in the early 1980s and linking aimed to create partnerships to support education and cultural exchange, for political campaigning and working for justice by understanding the causes of poverty. One of the earliest links was between Bo District in Sierra Leone and Warwick District Council established c 1981 and by 1985 100+ links had been established.
UKOWLA was proposed at the first UK wide conference in 1982 on how to link successfully, how to overcome the obstacles to linking including fighting racism and logistical hurdles. This conference was organised by OXFAM and other non-government organisations (NGOs). At the end of that conference it was agreed to form UKOWLA in order to have a national advisory body. It was confirmed at the second conference in 1983. Members of UKOWLA included Oxfam, European charities and Local Government Associations.
Similar projects and interest in linking in European countries including Germany and the Netherlands also rose in popularity in 1980s with a focus in local councils. UNESCO organised a European conference with local councils and national governments in Florence in 1984. This was followed in 1985 by the first NGO led joint conference for local councils in Cologne. It was here that Towns and Development was founded in 1985. This was supported by the Local Government International Bureau, which assisted UK local authorities over twinning and linking in Europe and worldwide c 1990-. Towns and Development ceased to exist in 2000.
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