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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)QM/1/10
TitleEntertainment and events
Extent14 files, 23 volumes and 17 items
DescriptionRecords relating to entertainment and events at the People's Palace.

Includes: programmes and catalogues; advertising posters; tickets; medals and other prizes awarded by the People's Palace; diaries listing bookings and events, 1919-31; applications for hire, December 1922; correspondence regarding entertainment, 1887-88; recollections of entertainment, 1966; report on work, 31 July 1920.
ArrangementBy format, by subject and chronological.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1307Winter; G. Day (fl. 1896); Organist to the Great Assembly Hall, choir and orchestra leader.
DS/UK/1308Melba; Dame; Nellie (1861-1931); Australian opera singer.
DS/UK/1309Beith; John Hay (1876-1952); Major General; British schoolmaster and soldier, novelist and playwright.
DS/UK/1310Phillips; Henry Bettesworth (1866-1950); Impresario.
DS/UK/1311Gounod; Charles-Fran├žois (1818-1893); French composer.
DS/UK/1312Bizet; Georges (1838-1875); French composer.
DS/UK/1313Rossini; Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868); Italian composer.
DS/UK/1314Verdi; Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco (1813-1901); Italian composer.
DS/UK/1315O'Brien; Barry (fl. 1953); Theatre director.
DS/UK/1316Tapper; Oscar (fl. 1953)
DS/UK/1317Watson; Dorothy (fl. 1966)
DS/UK/1319Burrell; Edward J (fl1888-1900); Second Master of Day School and Lecturer in Evening classes for East London Technical College
DS/UK/1318David; Hubert Worton (1904-1999); British composer.
DS/UK/1320Lorimer; Alex V.; Performer
DS/UK/1321Bristow; Billy; Performer.
DS/UK/1322Harvey; Pearl; Performer
DS/UK/1323Weltman; Dora; Performer.
DS/UK/1324Boulton; Harold E. (fl. 1886); Honourary Secretary of the Provisional Committee of the East London Industrial Exhibition 1887.
DS/UK/1325Bradley; Orton (fl. 1887-1888); Musical Director of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1326Pritchard; A.G. (fl. 1887-1888); Performer of musical sketches.
DS/UK/1249Currie; Sir; Edmund Hay (1834-1913); Vice Chairman of the School Board for London (1873-76); Chairman of the London Hospital Medical College (1876-79); Chairman of the Beaumont Trustees (1882-91).
DS/UK/62People's Palace; 1887-1954
DS/UK/1448East London Trades Industries and Arts Exhibition; 1896; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1449G. Day Winter's Choir and Orchestra; fl 1896
DS/UK/1413National Sunday League; fl 1904-1909
DS/UK/1450Handel Society; fl 1910
DS/UK/1451Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children; 1868-1942
DS/UK/1452Carl Rosa Opera; 1868-1942
DS/UK/1453Metropolitan Ballet; fl 1949
DS/UK/60Queen Mary College (QMC); 1887-1989
DS/UK/1454Apprentice's Exhibition of Art, Industry and Invention; 1887; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1455Workmen's and Apprentices' Industrial Exhibition; 1889; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1414People's Palace; Choral and Orchestral Society; fl 1890-1936
DS/UK/1456East London Industrial Exhibition; 1887
DS/UK/1457East London Industrial Exhibition; Provisional Committee; fl 1887
DS/UK/2981Restall; JA (fl1887-1889); Jeweller and Medallist Birmingham.
DS/UK/2979Harris; Ernest A (1870-1965); People's Palace Technical Schools Engineering student
DS/UK/3009Markova-Dolin Ballet; 1935-1937; English ballet company
DS/UK/3010New Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra; 1934-c1950s
DS/UK/1037Mary (1867-1953); consort of George V.
DS/UK/2984People's Palace Musical Festival; 1912-1932
DS/UK/2983Dautal; P (fl1912); Engraver
DS/UK/2982Wakefield; Mary Augusta (1853-1910); Musician, author, suffragette, lecturer and founder of England's Competitive Music Festivals movement
DS/UK/2985Roberts; HMA (fl1888-1910); Exhibitor at an event held at People's Palace.
DS/UK/3011Humby Beecham; Lady; Betty (1908-1958); British pianist
DS/UK/2991Wiley; CJ (fl1887); Engineer and winner of People's Palace Apprentice's Exhibition medal
DS/UK/2980Gravatt; W (fl1887); Winner of People's Palace Apprentice Exhibition medal 1887