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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)QM/1/14
Extent19 files
DescriptionPublications of the People's Palace, including: A Guide to the East London Technical College and People's Palace, 1900; Handbook & Guide to the People's Palace, 1911; and the Palace Journal, 1887-95.
ArrangementBy subject and chronological.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1333Besant; Sir; Walter (1837-1901); Novelist and historian.
DS/UK/1334Harte; Francis Bret (1836-1902); American author and poet.
DS/UK/1335Goodfellow; John (fl. 1887-1888); Lecturer on Hygiene at the Bow and Bromley Institute, London.
DS/UK/1336Hartwig; G. (fl. 1887-1888); Dr; Author.
DS/UK/1337Rice; James (1843-1882); English novelist.
DS/UK/1338Henry; Sir; Rider Haggard (1856-1925); British novelist, scholar.
DS/UK/1339George William Frederick Charles (1819-1904); Prince George, Duke of Cambridge
DS/UK/174Hawthorne; Nathaniel (1804-1864); Novelist
DS/UK/1340Irving; Washington (1783-1859); American short story writer, essayist, biographer, magazine editor, diplomat.
DS/UK/1341Poe; Edgar Allan (1809-1849); American author, poet, editor and literary critic.
DS/UK/1342Reader; Charles (fl. 1890); Captain
DS/UK/1343Roberts; R. D. (fl. 1890)
DS/UK/1344Handel; George Frideric (1685-1759); Composer.
DS/UK/1345Gilbert; Sir; William Schwenck (1836-1911); English dramatist, librettist, poet and illustrator.
DS/UK/1346Sullivan; Sir; Arthur Seymour (1842-1900); English composer.
DS/UK/1347Mitchell (fl. 1891); Professor; of Prof. Mitchell's Illusionist and Ventriloquial Entertainment.
DS/UK/1348Gore; Lambert (fl. 1892); Story teller.
DS/UK/1349Villiers; Frederic (fl. 1893); Special War Correspondent of 'The Graphic'.
DS/UK/1350Vanstone; Newton (fl. 1893); Reverend; Member of the clergy.
DS/UK/1351James; Minnie Stewart Rhodes (1865-1903); Head Librarian of the People's Palace
DS/UK/62People's Palace; 1887-1954
DS/UK/58East London Technical College; 1887-1905
DS/UK/59East London College; 1905-1934
DS/UK/1403Bow and Bromley Institute; -1898
DS/UK/1454Apprentice's Exhibition of Art, Industry and Invention; 1887; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1471Workmen's Exhibition; 1888; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1455Workmen's and Apprentices' Industrial Exhibition; 1889; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1379People's Palace; Technical Schools; 1888-1896
DS/UK/1391People's Palace; Library; 1888-1902
DS/UK/1472People's Palace; Military Band; fl 1890
DS/UK/1414People's Palace; Choral and Orchestral Society; fl 1890-1936
DS/UK/1473Prof. Mitchell's Illusionist and Ventriloquial Entertainment; fl 1890
DS/UK/1474The Graphic; 1869-1932; British weekly illustrated newspaper.
DS/UK/1475Annual Exhibition of Pictures; 1892; Held at the People's Palace, 13 August to 10 September 1892.
DS/UK/1476African Native Choir Quintette; fl 1892
DS/UK/1477Cardiff National Welsh Choir; fl 1892
DS/UK/1478Field-Fisher Quartette; fl 1893
DS/UK/1479Chrysanthemum Exhibition; 1893; Held at the People's Palace 6 November 1893.