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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)QM/1/5
TitleTrustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers
Extent40 files
DescriptionPapers of the People's Palace Trustees, Governors, Visiting Committee of the Governors, Committees and Professorial Board including:

Minutes of meetings of the Trustees and the Finance Committee, 1888-92;

Governors' meeting minutes, 1906-07 and 1913-25;

Special Meeting of the Governors' minutes, 31 May 1930;

Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, 1903-09;

Visiting Committee of the Governors' minutes, 1904-08;

Visiting Committee papers, 1905-06;

Governors' papers, 28 February and 4 July 1906;

Visiting Governors' Reports on the People's Palace, 1919-22;

People's Palace Committee Minutes, 1909-12;

East London College Minutes 1909-1913;

and East London College Professorial Board Minutes 1907-13.
ArrangementBy subject and chronological.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1278Hatton; John Leigh Smeathman (1865-1933); Principal of the East London College; Vice-Chancellor of the University of London; mathmatician.
DS/UK/1279Brandon; Clarence (fl. 1905); Clerk to the Governors of the People's Palace
DS/UK/1280Reilly; Charles (fl. 1905); Architect.
DS/UK/1281Whitman; Alfred (fl. 1905); Employee of the British Museum.
DS/UK/1282Hewitt; J. T. (1868-1954); Professor; Professor of Chemistry of the East London College
DS/UK/1283Jessup; E. J. (fl. 1905)
DS/UK/1284Gardner; David (fl. 1905); East London Technical College Examiner.
DS/UK/1285Golightly; A. W. (fl. 1905); East London Technical College Examiner.
DS/UK/1286Donaldson; H. (fl. 1905); Governor of the People's Palace
DS/UK/1287Hope Grant; P. (fl. 1905)
DS/UK/1288Johnson; Sir; John Henry (1826-1909); Chairman of the Governors of the People's Palace and the Visiting Committee of the Governors of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1289Collins; Wilkie (1824-1889); Novelist, playwright, and author of short stories
DS/UK/1290Dunn; F. J. (fl. 1906)
DS/UK/1292Block; A. (fl. 1906); Assistant to Professor Morris in Magnetism and Electricity at the East London Technical College.
DS/UK/1293Dyke; G. B. (fl. 1906)
DS/UK/1294Cook; E. T. (fl. 1906); Instrument maker.
DS/UK/1247Sawyer; Sir; William Phillips (1844-1908); Clerk to The Drapers' Company
DS/UK/1295Idle; Frank (fl. 1909-1910); Conductor of the People's Palace Choral and Orchestral Societies
DS/UK/62People's Palace; 1887-1954
DS/UK/1392People's Palace; Governors; fl 1906-1930
DS/UK/1393People's Palace; Governors; Visiting Committee of the Governors; fl 1903-1922
DS/UK/1394People's Palace; Committee; fl 1909-1911
DS/UK/1395People's Palace; Trustees; fl 1888-1892
DS/UK/1396People's Palace; Finance Committee; fl 1888-1892
DS/UK/1034Drapers' Company; 1438-; Livery Company
DS/UK/59East London College; 1905-1934
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1397Evening Play Centres Committee; fl 1920
DS/UK/1398People's Palace; Governors; Standing Committee; fl 1913-1925
DS/UK/1400East London College; Council; Sub-Committee; fl 1930
DS/UK/680London County Council (LCC); 1889-1965
DS/UK/1391People's Palace; Library; 1888-1902
DS/UK/1402Commercial Gas Company; fl 1905-1906
DS/UK/1159University of London; Senate
DS/UK/1403Bow and Bromley Institute; -1898
DS/UK/1404London County Council; Education Department
DS/UK/1401People's Palace and East London Horticultural Society; fl 1894-1936
DS/UK/1405Harrison Spooner, Builders, Office Fitters and Decorators; fl 1905
DS/UK/1406Board of Education; fl 1905
DS/UK/357British Museum; 1753-; Museum.
DS/UK/1407Council for Public Welfare in the Borough of Stepney; fl 1906
DS/UK/1408Johnsons, Long and Co.; fl 1906-1911; Solicitors
DS/UK/1409Metropolitan Borough of Stepney Public Libraries Committee; fl 1906
DS/UK/1410People's Palace; Bow and Bromley branch; 1898-1911
DS/UK/1411Wm. Baily and Sons; fl 1906
DS/UK/1412East London College; Department of Electrical Engineering; 1905-
DS/UK/1413National Sunday League; fl 1904-1909
DS/UK/1414People's Palace; Choral and Orchestral Society; fl 1890-1936
DS/UK/2761Morris; John Turner MacGregor- (1872-1959); Professor of Electrical Engineering
DS/UK/2973East London College; Committee; 1909-1913
DS/UK/2975East London College; Professorial Board; 1907-1913