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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
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Creator NameBindoff, Stanley Thomas (1908-1980)
DescriptionPapers of Professor Stanley Thomas Bindoff [known as Tim or S.T. Bindoff], 1908-1980, historian.

Letters to and from Bindoff, and papers including committee meeting papers and exam papers. Includes papers and correspondence concerning:

Queen Mary College Academic Board, Faculty of Arts, History Department, and other Queen Mary College correspondence and papers.

The University of London: Board of Studies in History, History Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c. 1530-c.1570', Institute of Historical Research, and Senate Committee on Colleges Overseas in Special Relation. Also includes papers relating to Essex Records Committee, several educational institutions, other University of London files, and files of letters to S.T Bindoff from, and regarding, his students.

Visiting Professorship at U.S. colleges and universities including Wellesley College and Harvard University.

External Examinerships for the Universities of Oxford, Reading, and Nottingham.

Conferences, including the Anglo-Dutch Historical Conferences.

Publications edited or contributed to by Bindoff, including the History of Parliament Trust.

Other interests of S.T. Bindoff, such as The Historical Association.

Bindoff's various roles, interests and activities.

Also contains correspondence series concerning:

Lectures, including The Neale Lecture in English History, 1973-74.

Letters to and from S.T. Bindoff arranged alphabetically into files mainly according to the initial of the surname of the sender or recipient.
Admin HistoryS.T. Bindoff was born 8 April 1908 in Hove, Sussex, to Thomas Henry and Mary Bindoff. He was educated at Brighton Grammar School and University College London, where he achieved a BA (History Hons) in 1929 and an MA with a mark of distinction in 1933.

After graduation he worked as a research assistant, a professional indexer and a history tutor. He worked at University College London from 1935-45, as an Assistant Lecturer and then a Lecturer in History. During World War Two he served in the Naval Intelligence Division of the Admiralty from 1942-1945. He then worked as a Reader in Modern History at University College London from 1945-1951. In 1951 he became the first Professor of History at Queen Mary College, University of London, where his impact was great. During his time at Queen Mary College he served as Head of the History Department, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and as a representative of the Academic Board on the Governing Body. He also became involved in the complex affairs of the University of London; he performed roles including Chairman of the Board of Studies in History, and Representative of the University on the Essex Records Committee, and on the Governing Bodies of several educational institutions. Bindoff also worked as a Visiting Professor in History at U.S. universities including Claremont Graduate School, California, in 1966, and Harvard University, in 1968. In addition, Bindoff acted as an External Examiner for the Universities of Oxford, Reading, and Nottingham. Bindoff remained at Queen Mary College until his retirement in 1975.

Bindoff wrote one book, Tudor England (Pelican History of England series, 1950), which was highly successful. He had twenty nine items published, not including several reviews. These items included The Scheldt Question to 1839 (1945), and Ket's Rebellion (a Historical Association pamphlet, 1949). He also jointly edited Elizabethan Government and Society (1961). Bindoff devoted much of his later years to the History of Parliament, a gazetteer of the members and constituencies of The House of Commons. Bindoff was the editor of the section covering the parliaments of 1509-58, published in 1982.

In addition, Bindoff served on committees and councils of various organisations, including the Royal Historical Society, which he became Vice-President of in 1967, the Historical Association, and the Advisory Council on Public Records.

Bindoff married Marjorie Blatcher (1906/7–1979), in 1938. She was A.F. Pollard's research assistant, an authority on the technicalities of legal history. They had a daughter, Helen, and a son, Tom. He died 23 December 1980 in Surbiton, Surrey, after falling ill with bronchopneumonia.
ArrangementThis collection has been arranged by subject, chronologically, alphabetically, and where possible respecting original order of the records.
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CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/81Victoria County History; 1899-
DS/UK/82Harvard University; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/83University of Zimbabwe; 1952-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/69Bindoff; Stanley Thomas (1908-1980); Historian
DS/UK/1137Queen Mary College (QMC); History Department; Academic department.
DS/UK/1136Queen Mary College (QMC); Faculty of Arts
DS/UK/60Queen Mary College (QMC); 1887-1989
DS/UK/1151University of London; Board of Studies in History; Board of Studies of the History Department
DS/UK/1152University of London; Institute of Historical Research; 1921-; Educational organisation
DS/UK/1163Essex Records Committee; c.1958-1965
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1074Wellesley College; 1875-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/442University of Oxford; 11th century-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1171University of Reading; 1892-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1172University of Nottingham; 1881-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1177Historical Association; 1906-; National Charity
DS/UK/1045Tong; Robert Percy (1911-1994); Col; Registrar Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1035Jones; Gwyn Owain (1917-2006); physicist, academic
DS/UK/1048Smith; J.E. (fl. 1955); Professor of Zoology, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1077Larkin; P. J. (fl. 1953)
DS/UK/1047Ferraro; Vincenzo Consolato Antonino (fl 1952-1974); Professor of Mathematics
DS/UK/104Leslie; Robert Frank (1918-fl1994); Professor.; Academic.
DS/UK/1046Barkway Pye; V. (fl. 1960); Headmaster, Hackney Downs School
DS/UK/1049Maclennan; Lord; Robert (1936-); Baron; Politician
DS/UK/1050Evans; D.H. (fl. 1963); Honourary Secretary, AUT branch, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1051Jones; Roy O. (fl. 1957); Professor of Spanish; Head of Spanish Department, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1052Smailies; Arthur E. (fl. 1957); Head of Geography Department, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1053Walcott; Robert (fl. 1970-1988); Professor of History
DS/UK/1054Williams; G. (fl. 1968); Acting Head of History Department, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1055Collas; John P. (1911-1984); Professor of French, Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1056Warburg; Fredric (1898-1981); Publisher; author
DS/UK/1057Bindoff; Marjorie; Wife of S.T. Bindoff
DS/UK/1058Bindoff; Helen; Daughter of S.T. and Marjorie Bindoff
DS/UK/1059Niven; John (fl. 1965); Professor of History, Claremont Graduate School
DS/UK/1060Rice; Philip M. (fl. 1965); Dean, Claremont Graduate School
DS/UK/1061Wright; Louis Booker (1899-1984); Director, Folger Shakespeare Library
DS/UK/1062Morris; Richard Brandon (1904-1989); Historian
DS/UK/1063Thornley; Isobel
DS/UK/1064Edwards; J.G.; Professor
DS/UK/1065Oliver; Roland A. (1923-); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1066Henderson; J. (fl. 1958); Dr.; Academic Registrar, University of London
DS/UK/1067Port; M.H. (fl. 1970); Secretary, Board of Studies in History
DS/UK/1068Cam; Helen Maud (1885-1968); Historian
DS/UK/1069Thornton; Archibald Paton (1921-2004); Historian; academic
DS/UK/1070Hurstfield; Joel (fl. 1959-1979); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1071Dugmore; C.W. (fl. 1967); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1072Taylor Milne; Alexander (1906-1994); Secretary and Librarian, Institute of Historical Research
DS/UK/1073Dickens; Arthur Geoffrey (1910-2001); Professor; Professor of History; Director, Institute of Historical Research
DS/UK/1078Pugh; Ralph Bernard (1910-1982); Professor of History; Editor, Victoria County History
DS/UK/1080Craig; Robert (1917-1995); Professor; Theologian; academic
DS/UK/1081Young; F.G. (fl. 1967); Academic
DS/UK/1082Semple; J.G. (fl. 1967); Professor; Professor of Mathematics
DS/UK/1083Ingold; C.T. (fl. 1967); Professor of Botany
DS/UK/1084Roberts; Ray (fl. 1967); Professor of History
DS/UK/1085Miller; Terence (fl. 1967); Professor of Geology; Principal, University of Rhodesia
DS/UK/1086Bridbury; A.R. (fl. 1966); Academic
DS/UK/1087Cobban; Alfred Bert Carter (1901-1968); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1088Aspinall; Arthur (1901-1972); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1089Roskell; John S. (fl. 1961); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/1107Korr; Charles P. (fl. 1969); Historian
DS/UK/1108Neale; Sir; John Ernest (1890-1975); Historian
DS/UK/1109Oxley; J.E. (fl. 1970)
DS/UK/1110Richardson; Walter Cecil (1902-1983); Historian
DS/UK/1111Swales; Robin (fl. 1968)
DS/UK/1112Tucker; Melvin J. (fl. 1962); Historian
DS/UK/1113Urry; W.G. (fl. 1963)
DS/UK/1114Vogel; Robert M. (fl. 1970-1972)
DS/UK/1115Woodbridge; George (fl. 1970-1972)
DS/UK/1116Jack; Edwin H. (fl. 1971-1972)
DS/UK/1117Mullins; Edward Lindsay Carson (1913-1993); Historian; Secretary, Editorial Board of the History of Parliament
DS/UK/1118Denny; Sir; Anthony (1501-1549); Courtier to Henry VIII
DS/UK/1119Emery; Ruth (fl. 1969-1970); Executive Secretary, Anglo-American Associates
DS/UK/1120Boulton; James T. (fl. 1958); Professor; Professor of English
DS/UK/1121Sheppard; Francis (fl. 1967-1968); Historian
DS/UK/1122Malkiewicz; A. J. A. (fl. 1967-1968)
DS/UK/1123Thompson; Godfrey (fl. 1970-1972); Librarian
DS/UK/1124Cohen; John S. (fl. 1970-1972); President of Tesco Stores (Holdings) Ltd
DS/UK/1125Peterson; John (fl. 1970-1972)
DS/UK/1126Dudley Edwards; Robert Walter (1909-1988); Historian
DS/UK/1127Werham; R.B. (fl. 1957-1960)
DS/UK/893Brooke; Christopher Nugent Lawrence (1927-); Professor.; Medieval Historian.
DS/UK/1128Polack; A.J. (fl. 1956-1962); Secretary of The Council of Citizens of East London
DS/UK/1129Stone; W.G. (fl. 1959-1964); Director of Education, County Borough of Brighton Education Committee
DS/UK/1130Verney; R.B. (fl. 1956); Major
DS/UK/1131Armstrong; Aileen (fl. 1967); Secretary, Royal Historical Society
DS/UK/1132Williams; Neville J. (fl. 1961-1965); Secretary, Advisory Council on Public Records
DS/UK/1093Campbell; Charles Soutter (1911-2006); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1133Jackson; Stanley P. (c.1905-2002); Geographer; Academic
DS/UK/1134Cowan; C.D. (fl. 1971-1973); Historian
DS/UK/669School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES); 1915-
DS/UK/1139Queen Mary College (QMC); Spanish Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1144Queen Mary College (QMC); Library; Academic Library
DS/UK/1140Queen Mary College (QMC); Geography Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1141Queen Mary College (QMC); Classics Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1142Queen Mary College (QMC); Mathematics Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1143College of Wooster; 1866-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1145Secker and Warburg; 1936-2004; Publishing company
DS/UK/1147Columbia University; 1754-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1075Trinity College; 1823-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1076Claremont Graduate University; 1925-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1208University of London; School of Oriental and African Studies; 1916-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/564University of the West Indies; 1948-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/666University of London; King's College London; 1985-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/93University of London; University College London (UCL); 1826-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1154Institute of Historical Research; Sub-Committee on the Report of the Committee on Legal Records; c.1964-1967
DS/UK/1243International Conference on Local History; 1967-1968; International conference
DS/UK/1156Cheshire County Council; 1889-2009; County Council
DS/UK/1157Leverhulme Trust; 1925-; Funding body for research
DS/UK/1158University of Liverpool; School of History; Academic Department
DS/UK/1159University of London; Senate
DS/UK/1160Public Record Office; Advisory Council on Public Records; Committee on Legal Records; c.1966-1968
DS/UK/869University of London; Institute of Education; 1909-; Higher Education Institute
DS/UK/1161Eastbourne College of Education; Educational institution
DS/UK/512University of Surrey; St Mary's University College; 1850-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1162Coombe Girls' School; 1955-; Secondary school
DS/UK/1164Essex Record Office; County archives
DS/UK/1165University of London; Senate; Committee on Overseas Colleges in Special Relationship
DS/UK/1166University of Ibadan; 1948-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1167Association of Commonwealth Universities; 1913-; Inter-university network
DS/UK/665University of London; King's College London; 1829-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1168University of London; Department of Extra-Mural Studies
DS/UK/1169University of London; Board of Studies in Economics; Departmental Board of Studies
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1170University of London Union; Historical Society; Students' union society
DS/UK/1173University of Oxford; Final Honour School of Modern History
DS/UK/1176London Docklands Study Team; c.1971-1972
DS/UK/1246Home Universities Conference; c.1957-1958
DS/UK/1178English Association; 1906-; Educational Charity
DS/UK/1179Jonathan Cape Limited; 1921-; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1182BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); 1927-; British public service broadcaster
DS/UK/612University of London; Athlone Press; 1948-1979; Publishing house.
DS/UK/1180University of London; Academic Council
DS/UK/1181B.P.C Publishing Limited; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1183BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); BBC Radio 4; 1967-; British domestic radio station
DS/UK/1184Ghent University; 1817-; Belgian Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1185Catholic Education Service (CESEW); 1905-; Educational organisation
DS/UK/1186University of Leeds; 1904-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1187University of Leeds; School of History; Academic school
DS/UK/1188Civil Service Commission; Government agency
DS/UK/1189Utah State University; 1888-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1190University of Cambridge; Clare College; 1326-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1191Essex County Council; 1889-; County Council
DS/UK/1192East London History Society; 1952-
DS/UK/1193University of Leicester; The Centre for English Local History; 1948-; Academic Department
DS/UK/1148Folger Shakespeare Library; 1932-; U.S. Library
DS/UK/1194Allen & Unwin; George Allen and Sons was established in 1871, becoming George Allen and Unwin in 1914. The firm was amalgamated in 1986 with Bell & Hyman to form Unwin Hyman Limited. The Australian directors of Allen & Unwin have been the sole owners of the Allen & Unwin name since effecting a management buy out at the time the UK parent company, Unwin Hyman, was sold to HarperCollins in 1990. Source: Wikipedia; 1871; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1196University of Hull; Faculty of Education; University Faculty
DS/UK/1197University of Amsterdam; 1632-
DS/UK/1198Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas; 1946-; Educational Organisation
DS/UK/1199University of Iowa; The University of Iowa was originally named The State University of Iowa, and this remains the institution's official legal name.; 1847-; U.S. University
DS/UK/1201Harvard University; History Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1202Stanford University; 1891-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1203The London Library; 1841-; Independent lending library
DS/UK/1204London Record Society; 1964-; Charity
DS/UK/1205University of London; London Schools and Colleges Dining Club
DS/UK/1206Booktrust; 1921-
DS/UK/1209Penguin Books; 1935-; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1210University of London; Special Entrance Board; c.1968-1970
DS/UK/1211Spectator; 1828-; UK political magazine
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DS/UK/1213University of London Union; 1955-; University Students' Union
DS/UK/749Universities Central Council on Admissions (UCCA); 1961-1993
DS/UK/1214Bradford College; 1932-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1215Working Men's College (WMC); 1854-; Adult education institute
DS/UK/1216Canada Council for the Arts (Canada Council); 1957-; Canadian Crown corporation
DS/UK/1217History of Parliament; 1940-; Academic research project
DS/UK/1218Anglo-American Associates; c.1969-1970
DS/UK/1219Macmillan Publishers; 1843-; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1220Guildhall Library; c.1420-; Public reference library
DS/UK/1221Tesco plc; 1919-; Global grocery and general merchandise retailer
DS/UK/1231Royal Historical Society; Council
DS/UK/26Toynbee Hall; 1884-
DS/UK/1222Royal Historical Society; 1868-; Historical society
DS/UK/1229Historical Association; Publications Committee
DS/UK/1228The Open University; Planning Committee
DS/UK/1226County Borough of Brighton Education Committee; c.1959-1964
DS/UK/1225Sussex Educational Fund (The Brighton and Sussex Students' Library and Educational Foundation); 1934-1957
DS/UK/1224Council of Citizens of East London; c.1956-1962
DS/UK/1232Avery Hill College; 1906-1985; Teacher training college
DS/UK/1233Digby Stuart College; 1874-1975; Teacher training college
DS/UK/1234Brighton Training College
DS/UK/598University of the Witwatersrand; 1922-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1235British Council; 1934-; The UK's international cultural relations body
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DS/UK/1236A & C Black; 1807-; Publishing company
DS/UK/1237The Clarendon Press; 1713-; Imprint of the Oxford University Press
DS/UK/1238Queen Mary College (QMC); Faculty of Social Studies; Academic faculty
DS/UK/1240Swarthmore College; Department of History; Academic department
DS/UK/1241Reform Club; 1836-; Social club