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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)STB/15
TitleCorrespondence arranged alphabetically
Extent40 files
DescriptionThis series contains files arranged in alphabetical order. These files mostly contain letters to and from S.T. Bindoff, arranged into files mainly according to the initial of the surname of the sender or recipient, and also in some cases according to the first letter of a subject or organisation. The series also includes a file of correspondence and papers relating to Peter Geyl, and a file of letters from Whitney R.D. Jones and John T. Juricek.
ArrangementArranged alphabetically and chronologically.
Access StatusMostly Open
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1090Geyl; Pieter Catharinus Arie (1887-1966); Historian
DS/UK/1091Jones; Whitney R.D. (fl. 1970); Historian
DS/UK/1092Juricek; John T. (fl. 1964-); Historian
DS/UK/69Bindoff; Stanley Thomas (1908-1980); Historian
DS/UK/1093Campbell; Charles Soutter (1911-2006); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1094Challis; Christopher Edgar (1939-); Historian
DS/UK/1080Craig; Robert (1917-1995); Professor; Theologian; academic
DS/UK/1095Chew; Helena M. (fl. 1972); Historian
DS/UK/1096Cole; Charles Robert (fl. 1961-); Professor of History; Professor
DS/UK/1099Carlson; Leland (fl. 1975); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/1073Dickens; Arthur Geoffrey (1910-2001); Professor; Professor of History; Director, Institute of Historical Research
DS/UK/1097Elton; Sir; Geoffrey Rudolph (1921-1994); Historian
DS/UK/1098Emmison; Frederick George (1907-1995); Archivist; Historian
DS/UK/1100Finberg; Herbert P.R. (1900-1974); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1101Foster; Frank (fl. 1971)
DS/UK/1102Hill; John Edward Christopher (1912-2003); Historian
DS/UK/1103Hembry; Phyllis M. (fl. 1971); Historian
DS/UK/1104Hobsbawm; Eric John Ernest (1917-); Historian
DS/UK/1105Horst; Irvin B. (1915-2011); Historian
DS/UK/1106Jordan; Wilbur Kitchener (1902-1980); Historian
DS/UK/1107Korr; Charles P. (fl. 1969); Historian
DS/UK/1108Neale; Sir; John Ernest (1890-1975); Historian
DS/UK/1065Oliver; Roland A. (1923-); Professor; Professor of History
DS/UK/1109Oxley; J.E. (fl. 1970)
DS/UK/1110Richardson; Walter Cecil (1902-1983); Historian
DS/UK/1111Swales; Robin (fl. 1968)
DS/UK/1112Tucker; Melvin J. (fl. 1962); Historian
DS/UK/1113Urry; W.G. (fl. 1963)
DS/UK/1114Vogel; Robert M. (fl. 1970-1972)
DS/UK/1115Woodbridge; George (fl. 1970-1972)
DS/UK/1116Jack; Edwin H. (fl. 1971-1972)
DS/UK/612University of London; Athlone Press; 1948-1979; Publishing house.
DS/UK/1180University of London; Academic Council
DS/UK/1181B.P.C Publishing Limited; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1182BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); 1927-; British public service broadcaster
DS/UK/1183BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); BBC Radio 4; 1967-; British domestic radio station
DS/UK/1184Ghent University; 1817-; Belgian Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1076Claremont Graduate University; 1925-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1185Catholic Education Service (CESEW); 1905-; Educational organisation
DS/UK/1186University of Leeds; 1904-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1187University of Leeds; School of History; Academic school
DS/UK/1188Civil Service Commission; Government agency
DS/UK/1189Utah State University; 1888-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1152University of London; Institute of Historical Research; 1921-; Educational organisation
DS/UK/1190University of Cambridge; Clare College; 1326-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1191Essex County Council; 1889-; County Council
DS/UK/1192East London History Society; 1952-
DS/UK/1136Queen Mary College (QMC); Faculty of Arts
DS/UK/1193University of Leicester; The Centre for English Local History; 1948-; Academic Department
DS/UK/1148Folger Shakespeare Library; 1932-; U.S. Library
DS/UK/1194Allen & Unwin; George Allen and Sons was established in 1871, becoming George Allen and Unwin in 1914. The firm was amalgamated in 1986 with Bell & Hyman to form Unwin Hyman Limited. The Australian directors of Allen & Unwin have been the sole owners of the Allen & Unwin name since effecting a management buy out at the time the UK parent company, Unwin Hyman, was sold to HarperCollins in 1990. Source: Wikipedia; 1871; Publishing Company
DS/UK/1177Historical Association; 1906-; National Charity
DS/UK/1196University of Hull; Faculty of Education; University Faculty
DS/UK/1197University of Amsterdam; 1632-
DS/UK/869University of London; Institute of Education; 1909-; Higher Education Institute
DS/UK/1198Inter-University Council for Higher Education Overseas; 1946-; Educational Organisation
DS/UK/1199University of Iowa; The University of Iowa was originally named The State University of Iowa, and this remains the institution's official legal name.; 1847-; U.S. University
DS/UK/1151University of London; Board of Studies in History; Board of Studies of the History Department
DS/UK/1201Harvard University; History Department; Academic Department
DS/UK/1202Stanford University; 1891-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1203The London Library; 1841-; Independent lending library
DS/UK/1204London Record Society; 1964-; Charity
DS/UK/1205University of London; London Schools and Colleges Dining Club
DS/UK/1206Booktrust; 1921-
DS/UK/1208University of London; School of Oriental and African Studies; 1916-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1209Penguin Books; 1935-; Publishing Company
DS/UK/60Queen Mary College (QMC); 1887-1989
DS/UK/83University of Zimbabwe; 1952-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1210University of London; Special Entrance Board; c.1968-1970
DS/UK/1211Spectator; 1828-; UK political magazine
DS/UK/1212State University of New York (SUNY); 1862-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1213University of London Union; 1955-; University Students' Union
DS/UK/749Universities Central Council on Admissions (UCCA); 1961-1993
DS/UK/1214Bradford College; 1932-; U.S. Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1215Working Men's College (WMC); 1854-; Adult education institute
DS/UK/1216Canada Council for the Arts (Canada Council); 1957-; Canadian Crown corporation