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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD
Dateearly 16th century-2010
Extent230 boxes, 90 outsize items
Creator NameWestfield College (1882-1989)
DescriptionThis collection contains the archives of Westfield College, University of London, from its pre-history to its merger with Queen Mary College in 1989.

It comprises records relating to the pre-history and constitution of the College, c.1881-1976, including Trust deeds and charters; Council records, 1882-1992, including Council minutes, reports, Committee minutes, and correspondence; annual reports, 1883-1989; financial records, 1892-1989, including account balance sheets, ledgers, cash books, mortgages, and appeals; records relating to the administration of Westfield College through the University of London, 1900-1982, including inspections, quinquennium development plans, University Grants Committee visitations, and papers relating to the Murray Report and the Swinnerton-Dyer Committee; Academic Board and its Committee minutes, 1903-1989; Principal's College papers, 1917-1989; Principal's personal papers, mid 19th century-late 20th century; staff administration records, 1929-1996, including starters and leavers books, appointments, and minutes of the Westfield College branch of the Association of University Teachers; student administration records, 1882-1993, including student registers, index cards, examination papers, scholarships papers, wartime arrangements, and testimonials; records relating to student and staff residences, 1946-1992; records relating to College sites and buildings, c.1890-1996, including the Kidderpore Estate, wartime tenancies, halls of residence, the Queen's Building, and Caroline Skeel Library; Faculty records, 1921-1989, including minutes of Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts, correspondence, photographs, and reports; records relating to Non-Degree courses, 1901-1983, including papers and correspondence of the Divinity Faculty, Citizenship course, and International Foundation Year; records relating to the College's international links, 1915-1984, including the Women's Christian College in Madras, American universities, and the I Fang Girls' Collegiate School in China; Westfield College Union Society records, 1907-1985, including Union and Committee minutes, and the Union constitution; records relating to student societies, 1894-1970, including the Debating Society, Glee Club, Tennis Club, Dramatic Society, and Boat Club; records relating to the Senior Common Room, 1931-1988, including minutes, and events and activities; Library records, c.1905-1990, including minutes, account books, accession register, visitors books, correspondence, and photographs; Chapel records, c.1910-1992, including service books, prayer books, correspondence, and photographs; records relating to negotiations and proposed mergers, 1964-1991, including negotiations with Birkbeck College, Bedford College, Royal Holloway College, Central School of Speech and Drama, and Imperial College; records relating to negotiations, planning, and implementing merger with Queen Mary College, 1933-1992; publications produced by or relating to Westfield College, 1892-1997, including brochures, prospectuses, Hermes, College magazines, Rag Mag, student handbooks, publications by individual departments and societies, Westfield Bulletin, and Hampstead Harrier; records relating to College events, c.1891-1980s, including presentation day and banquet, posters and programmes, lectures and conferences, royal visits, the College Jubilee, the College Centenary, and the Visiting Artists Programme; photographs of staff and students, c.1885-c.1986; records relating to College Alumni, 1887-1980s, including budget letters, directory of old students, photograph albums and scrapbooks, and reminiscences and memorabilia; staff reminiscences and memorabilia, 1907-1993; obituaries and memorials relating to former students, staff and members of Council, 1917-2004; and artefacts and collected memorabilia, 1769-1988, including medals, coins, badges, portraits, and the College Coat of Arms.

This collection also contains the Westfield Print Collection, early 16th century-1968; the records of the Westfield College Association, 1900-1991; and the records of the Westfield Trust, 1908-2010.
Admin HistoryWestfield College was established in Hampstead, North London, through the efforts of Ann Dudin Brown and Constance Louisa Maynard. Ann Dudin Brown provided a benefaction of £10,000 to establish the College. Following a meeting held on 11 Feb 1882 it was agreed that a residential women's college based on religious principals should be founded in London.

A pioneer of women's education, the college was the first specifically aimed at preparing women for University of London degrees and, taking the Oxbridge women's colleges as its example, it was also the first London women's college to make residence a requirement. The College opened on 2 Oct 1882 with just 5 students and 2 members of staff, including Constance Maynard as Mistress. It was situated in two houses at Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead. The name of the College was undecided and during the its early years it was referred to as the College for Ladies and the Ladies College at Westfield. Westfield probably derives from the name of the area or the houses in Maresfield Gardens. Several names for the College were proposed including St Hilda's but none were adopted. It was only following the move to permanent buildings that the name Westfield College was formally adopted, as the name had been informally used for a number of years.

The first graduands of Westfield College were presented for University degrees in 1887, one of whom was Anne Wakefield Richardson who joined the academic staff in April 1887 as Resident Lecturer in Classics. By 1889 the 'five original' staff members were in post who, in addition to Constance Maynard and Anne Richardson, included Frances Gray, Josephine Willoughby, and Mabel Beloe. Lilian Whitby was appointed to the Resident Staff in 1896 following the departure of Miss Willoughby and Miss Gray, and Caroline Skeel joined in 1899 along with Miss Sturdwick.

On Lady Day (25 March) 1891, the College moved to its permanent location on Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead. The College buildings consisted of Kidderpore Hall, which later became known as Old House, and the New Wing, later renamed Maynard Wing. It gradually extended to include the Skeel Building (1903) housing the Library, and the Dudin Brown Wing (1905).

In 1902 Westfield College became a School of the University of London in the Faculty of Arts. Although science in the form of Mathematics and Biology was taught, the facilities were insufficient and therefore though attached to Westfield, students were External students and took the advanced part of the course at other colleges. However, in 1906, Ellen Delf was appointed to teach Botany and developed the College's facilities enough for the University of London to approve the Laboratory for work up to the final BSc examination in Botany in 1910. In Oct 1915 the University recognised the Botanical Laboratory for Honours work, which meant it was now possible for Westfield students to sit for Honours BSc as Internal students.

Constance Maynard continued to be Mistress of the College until 1913. She was succeeded by Agnes de Selincourt who adopted the title Principal. Miss de Selincourt died four years later from a tetanus injection following a bicycling accident. Anne Richardson became Acting Principal until the appointment of Bertha Phillpotts in 1919.

During the 1920s the policy of restricting the intake of students for the Bachelor of Arts to those who were prepared to read for Honours, was introduced, although the different structure for the Bachelor of Science meant that Pass students were still accepted. However, by this time General Students, those who did not intend to take any examination, were no longer accepted although exceptions were sometimes made for overseas students.

In 1933 Westfield was granted its Royal Charter of Incorporation, marking the College's Jubilee. By this time the College had extended considerably now occupying buildings along both sides of Kidderpore Avenue. During the war years, 1939-1945, the College was evacuated to St Peter's Hall, Oxford, where it had its very first male students; six Jesuit students who were evacuated to Oxford where Westfield was the only College at which they could continue their London arts degrees. The College buildings in Hampstead were let by Tavistock Clinic, the Young Women's Christian Association, and were also requisitioned by the Admiralty for training the Women's Royal Naval Service.

In 1947 Ellen Delf Smith retired and the College gradually ceased to admit students for a natural science degree. By 1950 the teaching of Botany ceased. However over the next decade the developing of a Science Faculty was at the fore-front. In 1959 demolition began for a new Science Building. In 1960 the University formally acknowledged Westfield College as a School in the Faculty of Science as well as a School in the Faculty of Arts. The new building was completed by Oct 1961 at which point Westfield began to offer degrees in Botany, Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry. Queen Elizabeth II formally opened the Science Building in May 1962, after which point it was renamed the Queen's Building.

The 1960s marked a decade of change and development. Not only had a comprehensive range of Science degrees been introduced, but it was decided to alter the Royal Charter in order to allow the admission of men undergraduate students. Men students were formally admitted to the College from 1964. In 1966 Westfield College appointed its first male Principal, Bryan Thwaites, who continued to be Principal until 1984. The College also embarked upon an expansionist policy to double its student numbers from 600 to 1200 and pursued a comprehensive development plan for which Sir Hugh Casson's firm of architects was commissioned. In 1963 the new Refectory building was completed. In 1965 Orchard II, a residential wing with further laboratories, was opened, and by 1967 the Queen's Building had been extended to include a Zoology wing. The 1960s also saw the purchase of several houses along Finchley Road.

A purpose built library was completed in 1971 and named the Caroline Skeel Library. During the same year students were admitted for the first time to study Computer Science. A further hall of residence was opened and named Kidderpore Hall, which comprised four houses for both male and female students. A Supplemental Charter was granted in 1976 which, among other provisions, removed the religious constraints of the original Charter.

However, by the 1980s the organisation, governance, and structure of the University of London began to be questioned. The Committee on Academic Organisation, better known as the Swinnerton-Dyer Committee, was established in 1980 to consider the situation of the University over the next 15 years and to make recommendations that would enable large financial savings. The Chairman of the Committee was Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer. As a result of the Committee and previous reports, including the Flowers Report and the Murray Report, the University Court concluded that teaching in the sciences should be concentrated in 5 institutional groups; Imperial College, University College, Kings College/Queen Elizabeth College, Queen Mary College, and Bedford College/Royal Holloway College. Smaller colleges, including Westfield, were encouraged to collaborate and/or merge with the larger institutions. Consequently, it became apparent that Westfield College would be unable to continue in its current form. Negotiations for collaboration and/or mergers took place with several institutions including King's College and Queen Mary College.

In 1982 the decision was made to transfer the Science Faculty to Queen Mary College. The transfer was completed by 1984. Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Biochemistry, and Zoology, and 68 members of staff were transferred to Queen Mary College in Mile End, some Physicists were transferred to Royal Holloway, and Computer Science was transferred to King's College. The financial situation of Westfield College did not improve and in 1987 the College Council agreed to a full merger with Queen Mary College. As part of the agreement it was decided that the name of Westfield would be retained and although the new college would be located in Mile End, new residences would be created in Mile End to maintain the Westfield ethos as a residential college. The Westfield Trust was established in 1988 to preserve something of the original intentions of the founders of Westfield College. On 1 Aug 1989 Queen Mary and Westfield College was inaugurated. All departments were transferred with the exception of the Department of the History of Art, which transferred to University College London. Part of the Hampstead campus was sold to King's College. The Hampstead campus continued to be used by Queen Mary and Westfield College, better known today as Queen Mary, University of London, until 1992, when all activities were relocated to Mile End.

Principals of Westfield College:
Constance Louisa Maynard, 1882-1913
Agnes de Selincourt, 1913-1917
Anne Wakefield Richardson, Acting Principal, 1917-1919
Bertha Phillpotts, 1919-1921
Eleanor Lodge, 1921-1929
Dorothy Chapman, 1929-1939
Mary Stocks, 1939-1951
Kathleen Chesney, 1951-1962
Pamela Matthews, 1962-1965
Bryan Thwaites, 1965-1984
John E Varey, 1984-1989
ArrangementThis collection has been arranged by function, chronologically, and, where possible, respecting the original order of the records.

It has been divided into 29 series: constitution; Council; annual reports and calendars; financial records; University of London; Academic Board; Principal's College papers; Principal's personal papers; staff administration; student administration; residences; sites and buildings; faculties; non-degree courses; international links; Westfield College Union Society; student societies; senior common room; library; chapel; governance - negotiations and proposed mergers; governance - Queen Mary merger; publications; events; photographs of staff and students; alumni; staff reminiscences and memorabilia; obituaries and memorials; and artefacts and collected memorabilia.

It also comprises 3 sub-fonds: the Westfield College Print Collection; Westfield College Association; and the Westfield Trust.
Copyright StatementNo material may be published without the prior permission of both the copyright holder and the Library. All applications for publication
must be made to the College Archivist in the first instance, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user.
Access StatusMostly Open


CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/61Queen Mary, University of London; 1989-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/66University Funding Council; 1988-1992
DS/UK/67Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE); 1992
DS/UK/65University Grants Committee (UGC); 1918-1989
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/231Malan; Charles Hamilton (1837-1881); Major; Solider, Missionary.
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer
DS/UK/632Brown; Ann Dudin (1823-1917); Founding benefactress of Westfield College
DS/UK/633Fleming; James Battersby (1832-1908); Reverend; Canon of York
DS/UK/634Petrie; Martin (1823-1892); Colonel; Army Officer
DS/UK/132Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/635Chapman; Lady; Georgiana Charlotte Clive (1855-1941); nee Bayley
DS/UK/636Sturge; Arthur Lloyd (fl.1917-1942); Treasurer of Westfield College
DS/UK/209Stephens; Amy Annie (fl.1873-1913); née Mantle
DS/UK/637Stephens; Samuel Sanders (fl.1908); Founder of Amy Stephens Scholarship
DS/UK/638Barlow; William Hagger (1833-1908); Dean of Peterborough
DS/UK/639Boultbee; Thomas Pownall (1818-1884); Reverend; Clergyman
DS/UK/640Christian Women's Education Union; fl.1881
DS/UK/641High Court of Justice; 1875-
DS/UK/642Inskip; Sir; Thomas Walker Hobart (1867-1947); First Viscount Caldecote; Lawyer, Politician
DS/UK/643Moulton; Hon; Sylvia May Fletcher- (1902-1989); Magistrate, Civil servant
DS/UK/644Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London
DS/UK/645Ellison; Randall (d.1984); Chairman of Westfield College Council
DS/UK/646Parker; Sir; Peter (1924-2002); Businessman
DS/UK/378Gedge; Evelyn Colpoys (1888-1974); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/647Forster; Rosalie M (d.1995); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/648McCully; Eileen (fl.1949-1976); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/649Parkin; Ronald Campbell (fl.1966-1984); Secretary to Westfield College
DS/UK/650Sumner; Michael (fl.1984-1995); Secretary to Westfield College
DS/UK/121Skeel; Caroline (1872-1951); Historian, Classicist
DS/UK/242Sélincourt; Agnes de (1872-1917); Principal, Missionary
DS/UK/141Stocks; Mary Danvers (1891-1975); Baroness; nee Brinton, Principal
DS/UK/651Tavistock Clinic; 1920-
DS/UK/652University of Oxford; St Peter's College; 1929-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/653National Health Service; 1948-
DS/UK/654Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
DS/UK/655Elizabeth (1900-2002); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; nee Lady Bowes-Lyon, queen of Great Britain and Ireland, consort of George VI
DS/UK/656University of London; Committee on Academic Organisation; 1980-c.1982
DS/UK/657Swinnerton-Dyer; Sir; Henry Peter Francis (b.1927); Baronet; Mathematician
DS/UK/658University of London; Committee of Enquiry into the Governance of the University; c.1972-1975
DS/UK/659Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD); 1906-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/660Sondheimer; Janet (1923-2007); Academic, Historian
DS/UK/661Fawcett Library; 1926-
DS/UK/662Wilson; Eleanor Mary Carus- (1897-1977); Economic Historian
DS/UK/663Westfield College; Westfield College Development Trust; 1979-1989; Charitable Trust
DS/UK/664Westfield College; Westfield Trust; 1988-2009; Charitable Trust
DS/UK/371University of London; Bedford College; 1849-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/372University of London; Royal Holloway College; 1886-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/60Queen Mary College (QMC); 1887-1989
DS/UK/665University of London; King's College London; 1829-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/666University of London; King's College London; 1985-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/667University of London; Chelsea College; 1895-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/251Chapman; Dorothy (1878-1967); Principal, Lecturer
DS/UK/668Thwaites; Sir; Bryan (1923-); Professor; Principal
DS/UK/93University of London; University College London (UCL); 1826-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/669School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES); 1915-
DS/UK/670University of London; Royal Veterinary College; 1971-
DS/UK/671Royal Free Hospital; 1828-
DS/UK/672Ministry of Labour; 1916-1968
DS/UK/673Baynes; Norman Hepburn (1877-1961); Historian
DS/UK/674Brown; Sir; James (fl.1963-1967); Chairman of Westfield College Planning Committee
DS/UK/247Lodge; Eleanor Constance (1869-1936); Principal, Historian
DS/UK/675Casson Conder Partnership; 1956-; Architects
DS/UK/345Chesney; Kathleen (1889-1976); Dr.; Principal, Scholar
DS/UK/676Matthews; Pamela Winifred (b.1914); née Saunders O'Mahoney, Principal
DS/UK/677Varey; John Earl (1922-1999); Professor; Principal, Scholar of Spanish Literature
DS/UK/678Smee; S.M. (fl.1887-1924); Mayor of Acton
DS/UK/236Richardson; Anne Wakefield (1859-1942); Classicist, Quaker
DS/UK/199Gray; Frances Ralph (1861-1935); Headteacher, Classicist
DS/UK/679Barlow; Clement Anderson Montague (1868-1951); Baronet; Barrister
DS/UK/680London County Council (LCC); 1889-1965
DS/UK/681Westfield College; Westfield College Association (WCA); 1900-1989
DS/UK/682Jansons Solicitors; fl.1986-1988
DS/UK/683Shaen, Roscoe, Massey, & Co.; fl.1912-1933; Solicitors
DS/UK/684Holland; Sir; Milner (1902-1969); Lawyer
DS/UK/685Gordon; William Thomas (1884-1950); Professor; Geologist
DS/UK/686Moberly; Lady; Gwen (fl.1950-1963); Vice Chairman of Westfield College Council
DS/UK/687Bellot; Hugh Hale (1890-1969); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/688Newall; Dame; Bertha Surtees (1877-1932); nee Phillpotts, Principal, Scandinavian scholar
DS/UK/689Inskip; Lady; Augusta Helen Elizabeth (d.1967); Lady Caldecote; nee Boyle
DS/UK/338Grubb; Violet Margaret (fl.1900-1973); Dr.; Headteacher, Botanist
DS/UK/690Jones; Arthur (fl.1940); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/691Whitaker; Ben (fl.1971); Director of Minority Rights Group
DS/UK/692Hill; Rosalind Mary Theodosia (1908-1997); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/693Tatlow; Tissington (1876-1957); Reverend Canon; Clergyman
DS/UK/694Hulbert; Maurice Charles (fl.1890-1927); Member of Westfield College Council
DS/UK/409Kimber Bull and Co. Solicitors; c.1911-1970
DS/UK/367Martin; Eveline Christiana (1894-1960); Dr.; Historian
DS/UK/32Smith; Ellen Delf- (1883-1980); Dr.; nee Delf, Botanist
DS/UK/695Stanley; Gertrude K (1897-1974); Mathematician
DS/UK/55University of Cambridge; Girton College; 1873-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/696Lindop; Sir; Norman (1921-); Director of Hatfield Polytechnic
DS/UK/697University of Cambridge; Newnham College; 1871-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/235Tristram; Katherine Alice (1858-1948); Principal, Missionary, Academic
DS/UK/698Parker; Constance Emily (c.1877-1955); Classicist
DS/UK/29McDougall; Eleanor (1873-1956); Principal, Missionary, Classicist
DS/UK/576University of London; Birkbeck, University of London; 1823-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/362Imperial College of Science and Technology and Medicine.; 1907-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/699Melville; Sir; Harry Work (1908-2000); Principal, Chemist
DS/UK/700Sondheimer; Ernst (1923-); Professor; Mathematician
DS/UK/701Moore; Dorothy (fl.1941-1978); Librarian
DS/UK/702Jenkin; Lord; Charles Patrick Fleeming (b.1926); Baron Jenkin of Roding; Barrister, Politician
DS/UK/703Klyne; William (1913-1977); Professor; Chemist
DS/UK/704Scarman; Lord; Leslie George (1911-2004); Baron Scarman; Judge
DS/UK/705Royal Air Force; University of London Air Squadron; mid 20th century-
DS/UK/706Royal Air Force; Women's Royal Air Force (WRAF); 1939-
DS/UK/707National Council for Civil Liberties; 1934-; Trust
DS/UK/708National Union of Students (NUS); 1922-
DS/UK/709Boyd; Sidney Arthur (fl.1914-1962); Consultant surgeon
DS/UK/710Boyes; James (fl.1973-1978); Member of Westfield College Council
DS/UK/711Higgins; W (d.1956); Carpenter
DS/UK/712Freemantle; Lord; John Walgrave Halford (1900-1994); Baron Cottesloe; Arts administrator
DS/UK/713Sedgwick; Mana (fl.1962-1969); Treasurer of Westfield College
DS/UK/714Birgitte (1946-); HRH Duchess of Gloucester; nee van Deurs
DS/UK/715Selincourt; Ernest de (1870-1943); Professor; Literary scholar
DS/UK/716Barker; Sir; Ernest (1874-1960); Political theorist
DS/UK/717Cranswick; David (c.1955-); Artist
DS/UK/718Master; John Henry (fl.1884-1918); Treasurer of Westfield College
DS/UK/719Wigram; Frederick Edward (fl.1880-1895); Reverend; Clergyman
DS/UK/720Gedge; Sydney (1829-1923); Politician, Solicitor, Lay member of Church of England
DS/UK/335Tseng; Pao Swen (1894-1978); Principal of I Fang Girls Collegiate School, China
DS/UK/721Kinnaird; Lord; Arthur Fitzgerald (1847-1923); Eleventh Lord Kinnaird of Inchture and third Baron Kinnaird of Rossie; Footballer, Philanthropist
DS/UK/722Beaumont; Alfred Philip Slade (fl.1908)
DS/UK/723Karr; Walter Scott Seton- (fl.1908)
DS/UK/724Round; James (fl.1908)
DS/UK/725The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths; 1300-; Livery Company in the City of London
DS/UK/726Burlton; Gladys (fl.1934-1935); Professional fundraiser
DS/UK/727University Grants Committee (UGC); Committee on University Teaching Methods; 1961-1964
DS/UK/728HM Government; Committee on Higher Education; 1961-1963
DS/UK/729Royal Commission on University Education in London; 1909-1913
DS/UK/730Maclay; Sir; Joseph (fl.1920)
DS/UK/731London Training Day College; 1902-1909
DS/UK/732Robertson; Mysie (d.1943); Linguist
DS/UK/733Wand; John William Charles (1885-1977); Bishop of London
DS/UK/734Cadbury Plc; 1824-; Confectionary company
DS/UK/735Missionary Settlement for University Women in Bombay; 1895-
DS/UK/736Association of Head Mistresses of Endowed and Proprietary Schools; 1874-1977
DS/UK/737Phillips; Gordon (fl.1962); Reverend Prebendary
DS/UK/738Ballantyne (fl.1962); Friar
DS/UK/739Batho; Edith; Dr.; Principal
DS/UK/740Mount Holyoke College; 1837-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/741Dring; William (1904-1990); Artist
DS/UK/742Rees; Verner O (1886-1966); Architect
DS/UK/743Aylett; Bernard (d.2010); Chemist
DS/UK/744Laurence & Mitchell Chartered Architects; fl.1956-1964
DS/UK/745Logan; Sir; Douglas William (1910-1987); University administrator
DS/UK/746British Council of Churches; 1947-1990; Religious organisation
DS/UK/747Crossland; Jessie (fl.1921-1947); Linguist
DS/UK/748Association of University Teachers; 1909-2006; Trade Union
DS/UK/749Universities Central Council on Admissions (UCCA); 1961-1993
DS/UK/750Girls of the Realm Guild; fl.1940-1985; Charity
DS/UK/751Lea; Catherine Alice (d.1978); nee Owen
DS/UK/752Owen; Ruth (d.1965); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/753Elder; Kate (c.1969-1988); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/754Dominguez; Elizabeth (c.1959-1988); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/755Chow; A.G. (fl.1935-1938); nee Longman, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/756Naylor; M (fl.1942-1947); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/227Greenwell; Dorothy (1821-1882); Poet
DS/UK/757Ranger (fl.1888); Dr.; Solicitor
DS/UK/269MacGregor; Ina (fl.1897-1906); Travelling companion of Constance Maynard
DS/UK/208Umphelby; Maria Elizabeth (fl.1807-1887); Head of Belstead School, Suffolk.
DS/UK/223Maynard; Louisa (1806-1878); Née Hillyard, Mother of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/316King; (Harriett) Mary (1831-c.1915); Cousin of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/53Moilliet; Dora (1846-1947); Née Maynard, Sister of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/239Maynard; Josephine (1839-1907); Sister of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/249Maynard; Gabrielle M (1845-1925); Sister of Constance Maynard
DS/UK/221Maynard; Henry (1800-1888); Father of Constance Maynard, South African merchant, Maynard Bros. Co.
DS/UK/220Robertson; James (fl.1877-1920); Scottish Minister
DS/UK/224Lumsden; Dame; Louisa Innes (1840-1935); Lecturer, Headmistress
DS/UK/206Otter; Isabella Harriette (fl.1851-1875); Née Gamble, Student at Girton College 1870-1874
DS/UK/54Anthon; Stephanë (1882-1915); Adopted by Constance Maynard 1889, Salvation Army
DS/UK/300Maynard; Henry L (fl.1910); Reverend Prebendary; Clergyman
DS/UK/758Waterhouse & Co.; fl.1935-1936; Solicitors
DS/UK/759Lady Muir Memorial Training School, Allahabad, India; fl.1901-1909
DS/UK/760Hope; Dorothea (fl.1953)
DS/UK/761Tong; Grace A (fl.1900-1909); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/762Brown (fl.1909-1916); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/763University of London; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 1899-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/291Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA); 1855-; Christian Association.
DS/UK/764Caldecote Community; fl.1940s
DS/UK/765Free German League of Culture in Great Britain; 1938-1946; Cultural centre
DS/UK/766Royal Navy; Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS); 1917-1993
DS/UK/767Admiralty; c.1400-1964
DS/UK/768Metropolitan Police Service; 1829-
DS/UK/769The Open University; 1969-; Higher Education Institution, Charity
DS/UK/770Shute; Maurice (fl.1947)
DS/UK/771Wilson; Dorothea (fl.1904-1909); nee Fry, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/772Collier; D Compton- (fl.1910s-1957); Photographer
DS/UK/773Wilson; Kenneth (fl.1971-2002); Photographer
DS/UK/774Ewins; Mick (fl.1992-2001); Artist
DS/UK/775Parker; H (late 20th century); Artist
DS/UK/776Marchant (fl.1937-1938)
DS/UK/777Goldschmidt & Howland; 1880s-; Surveyors
DS/UK/73Clymo; Richard S (fl.1961-1995); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/778Kirk; D.N. (fl.1978-1982); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/779Denny; P (fl.1970s); Dr.; Academic
DS/UK/780Fay; P (fl.1970s); Dr.; Academic
DS/UK/781Reilly (fl.1970s); Dr.; Academic
DS/UK/782University Grants Committee; Joint Working Group on Computers for Research; fl.1960s
DS/UK/783Senior; Winifred (fl.1904-1906); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/784Waters; Peter F V (fl.1983); Director of International Foundation Year Programme at Westfield College
DS/UK/785Davies College London; fl.1983
DS/UK/786Galbraith; Winifred (fl.1914-1930); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/787Rivett; Eleanor (fl.1938-1947); Principal
DS/UK/788Fogg (fl.1960-1971); Professor; Botanist
DS/UK/789I Fang Girls' Collegiate School, Changsa, China; 1918-c.1932; Christian University
DS/UK/790Women's Christian College, Madras; 1915-; Christian College
DS/UK/791Columbia University; Barnard College; 1889-; Women's College
DS/UK/792Randolph-Macon College, Virginia; 1830-
DS/UK/793Vassar College, New York; 1861-; Liberal Arts College
DS/UK/794Sarah Lawrence College, New York; 1926-
DS/UK/795Tufts University; 1852-
DS/UK/807Church of England; The National Society for Promoting Religious Education; 1811-
DS/UK/808World University Service; fl.1917-; International development agency
DS/UK/809University of Kent; 1965-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/810National Anti-Sweating League; fl.1906-1909; Women's Union
DS/UK/811Boosey & Hawkes; 1792-; International music company
DS/UK/812J Curwen & Sons Ltd; 1863-1970s; Publishing firm
DS/UK/813Stainer & Bell Ltd.; 1907-; Music publishers
DS/UK/814Novello & Co.; 1811-; Music publishers
DS/UK/815Oxford University Press; 1478-; Publisher
DS/UK/120Shaw; George Bernard (1856-1950); Irish playwright, Critic, Novelist
DS/UK/816The English Tiddlywinks Association; 1958-
DS/UK/817McKisack; May (1900-1981); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/818Rhodes; Michael (fl.1972-1985); Academic
DS/UK/819The Bodley Head; 1887-1970s; Publishing House
DS/UK/820Lane; John (1854-1925); Publisher
DS/UK/821Library Association; 1877-2002
DS/UK/33Smith; Percy John (-1948); Etcher, book illustrator, husband Ellen Delf-Smith
DS/UK/822Ingram; Arthur Winnington- (1858-1946); Bishop of London
DS/UK/823Horder; Percy Richard Morley (1870-1944); Architect
DS/UK/824Morrison; Barry (fl.1984-1992); Reverend; Chaplain
DS/UK/825Thompson & Walford; fl.1912-1930s; Architects, Surveyors
DS/UK/826Thomas Glenister Limited; 20th century; Furniture manufacturer
DS/UK/840Warren; Wayne (fl.1980-); Artist
DS/UK/841Hyman; Timothy (1946-); Painter
DS/UK/837Scultori; Giovanni Battista (1503-1575); Italian painter, Engraver
DS/UK/796Holst; Theodore Matthias von (1810-1844); Literary painter
DS/UK/797Goya; Francisco (1746-1828); Spanish painter, Printmaker
DS/UK/798Maratta; Carlo (1625-1713); Italian painter
DS/UK/799Delacroix; Eugene (1798-1863); French artist
DS/UK/800Engelmann; Godefry (1788-1839); Franco-German lithographer, Publisher
DS/UK/801Cornelius; Peter Von (1784-1867); German painter
DS/UK/802Rittig; Peter (1789-1840); German painter
DS/UK/803Hussey; Giles (1710-1788); History and portrait painter
DS/UK/804Edwards; George (1694-1773); Ornithologist, Naturalist, Artist
DS/UK/805Darly; Matthew (fl.1741-1778); Printseller, Engraver
DS/UK/806Leyden; Lucas van (1494-1533); Dutch painter, Engraver
DS/UK/829Constable; John (1776-1837); Landscape painter
DS/UK/827Hogarth; William (1697-1764); Painter, Engraver
DS/UK/828Linnell; John (1792-1882); Landscape and portrait painter, Engraver
DS/UK/830Lucas; David (1802-1881); Mezzotint engraver
DS/UK/831Sandby; Paul (1725-1809); Painter, Engraver
DS/UK/832Goltzius; Hendrick (1558-1617); Dutch painter, Printmaker, Engraver
DS/UK/833Rosa; Salvator (1615-1673); Italian painter, Printmaker
DS/UK/834Simoni; Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti (1475-1564); Italian painter, Sculptor, Architect
DS/UK/835Mariette; Pierre Jean (1694-1774); Engraver, Collector, Dealer, Chronicler
DS/UK/836Gaultier; Leonard (fl.1561-1635); Engraver
DS/UK/839Martin; John (1789-1854); Romantic painter, Engraver
DS/UK/111Bartolozzi; Francesco (1725-1815); Italian engraver
DS/UK/842Owen; William (fl.1806); Artist
DS/UK/843Piranesi; Giovanni Battista (1720-1778); Italian artist
DS/UK/844Pasternak; Leonid (1862-1945); Russian painter
DS/UK/845Tolstoy; Leo (1828-1910); Russian writer
DS/UK/846Frye; Thomas (c.1710-1762); Anglo-Irish painter
DS/UK/374University of London; Royal Holloway and Bedford New College (RHBNC); 1985-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/18Inner London Education Authority (ILEA); 1965-1990; Education authority for the 12 inner London boroughs
DS/UK/847Lewis; Gladys Mary (1917-2004); Treasurer of Westfield College, Westfield Trust trustee
DS/UK/848Wright; Stanley Harris (fl.1990-2005); Chairman of Westfield Trust Investments Committee
DS/UK/849Butterworth; Ian (fl.1986-1990); Principal
DS/UK/850Scopes; Patricia Molly (fl.1961-1999); Chemist
DS/UK/851Charity Commission for England and Wales; 1993-; Regulator of charities
DS/UK/852Loyn; Henry (fl.1977-1988); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/853McClure; Francis Vernon (1948-); Chariman of Westfield Trust, Academic Registrar
DS/UK/854Collinson; Joan (d.2001); Reverend; Canon
DS/UK/855Cooper; Elaine Dilnott (d.1990); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/856Smith; Gwenyth Elizabeth (d.1992); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/857Coombs; Phyliss Maude (d.1991); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/858Clarke; Mary Georgina (fl.1918-d.1990); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/859Shrewsbury; P.J. (d.2001); nee Marrow, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/860Mostart; Charis Evelyn (d.2001); nee Sandys, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/861Grant Thornton; fl.1990-; Accountants
DS/UK/862Wilkins Kennedy; 1882-; Chartered Accountants, Business advisors
DS/UK/863UBS; 1997-; Financial Services
DS/UK/864Laing & Cruickshank Investment Management Limited; fl.1990-2004
DS/UK/865Taylor; Wendy (fl.1962-); Sculptor
DS/UK/866Kendal Furniture Restorations; 1982-
DS/UK/867Jewellery Advisory Services Ltd; fl.2004-
DS/UK/868Beachcroft Stanley Solicitors; c.1828-
DS/UK/869University of London; Institute of Education; 1909-; Higher Education Institute
DS/UK/870Prudential Property Services; 1848-; Financial services
DS/UK/871Chesterton Lalonde; fl.1987; Surveyors
DS/UK/872Weightman; John George (1915-2004); Professor.; Academic
DS/UK/873Davis; John Warren (1918-1998); Artist
DS/UK/119White; Beatrice (fl1939-1976); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/57Firth; Catherine B (fl. 1905); Doctor of History; Historian
DS/UK/368Titterton; Anna Frances (1898-1988); Author.
DS/UK/384de Biden Footner; Frances Amicia (1874-1961); Artist.
DS/UK/281Whitby; Lilian Janie (fl.1895-1946); Lecturer.
DS/UK/254University of Cambridge; 1209-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/273Smith; Hilda (fl.1892-1906); Student at Westfield College 1892-1897; travelling companion of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/284Moilliet; Louisa Gabrielle (fl.1879-1922); Niece of Constance Maynard; daughter of Dora and Francis Moilliet.
DS/UK/337Baker; Audrey Zillah (1896-1987); Consultant medical adviser on vitamins.
DS/UK/344Hyde; Molly B (fl.1925-1961); Botany student at Westfield College, 1931-1934; M.Sc Botany student, 1934-1936.
DS/UK/343Weston; Sylvia M (c.1913-fl.1961); Teacher
DS/UK/351Cooke; Kathleen L (fl.1932-1942); Née Messenger; Botany Student at Westfield College, 1930-1933.
DS/UK/258Beloe; Mabel Theodora (fl. 1866-1901); Lecturer and headmistress.
DS/UK/205Welsh; Elizabeth (1843-1921); Mistress of Girton College 1885–1903.
DS/UK/516Shakespeare; William (1564-1616); Playwright.
DS/UK/363Clarke; Lilian (1866-1934); Botany teacher.
DS/UK/874Auden; Wystan Hugh (1907-1973); Anglo-American poet
DS/UK/875Whinnom; Keith (1927-1986); Dr; Academic
DS/UK/876Dillon; Birdie (fl.1993); Cleaner
DS/UK/877Grix; Gilly (fl.1982-1989); Head Gardener.
DS/UK/878Cunnell; Gordon J (fl.1989); Dr; Academic.
DS/UK/880Leader; Elliot (fl.1970s-); Academic.
DS/UK/879Rubenstein; Nicolai (1911-2002); Professor; Historian.
DS/UK/881Walton; Anne (fl.1985); Scientist.
DS/UK/882Coate; Winifred A (fl.1911-1953)
DS/UK/883Jones; Anne (fl.1953-1956); Née Pickard. Assistant Headteacher.
DS/UK/884Rodka; Mary (fl.1909); Née Butts.
DS/UK/885Green; Mary
DS/UK/886Maxwell; Anna (fl.1906); Writer.
DS/UK/887Levett; [Ada] Elizabeth (1881-1932); Academic.
DS/UK/888Deller; Sir; Edwin (1883-1936); University Administrator
DS/UK/890Morris; H (fl.1906-1909); Née Brown.
DS/UK/889Jones; Douglas Mortimer (fl.1954); Academic.
DS/UK/891Bellamy; Edmund Henry (1923-2006); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/892Prawer; Siegbert Salomon (1925-); Professor.; Academic.
DS/UK/893Brooke; Christopher Nugent Lawrence (1927-); Professor.; Medieval Historian.
DS/UK/894Armstrong; William Arthur (fl.1953-fl.1970s); Academic.
DS/UK/895Bock; Claus Victor (1926-2008); Professor.; Academic.
DS/UK/896Chalker; John (1929-fl.1996); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/897Marshall; John Henry (fl.1972-1982); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/898Dixon; Peter (1932-fl.1998); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/899Wynn; Marianne (1921-2009); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/900Penny; Ralph John (fl.1986-fl.2006); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/901Anderson; Olive R (fl.1986-1996); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/902Nuttall; Geoffrey Fillingham (1911-2007); Minister.
DS/UK/903Warren; Max Alexander Cunningham (1904-1977); Clergyman and statesman.
DS/UK/904Heenan; John Carmel (c.1905-1975); Cardinal.; Clergyman.
DS/UK/905Copleston; Frederick Charles (1907-1994); Reverend Professor; Clergyman.
DS/UK/906Simon; Ulrich Ernst (1913-1997); Reverend Professor; Theologian, clergyman.
DS/UK/907Wiles; Maurice Frank (1923-2005); Reverend Professor; Theologian, clergyman.
DS/UK/908Butler; Basil Christopher (1907-1986); Bishop; Clergyman
DS/UK/909Dunstan; Gordon Reginald (1917-2004); Reverend Canon; Clergyman
DS/UK/910Blanch; Stuart (1918-1994); Baron of Bishopthorpe; Clergyman
DS/UK/911Alice (1883-1981); Née Princess of Albany; Countess of Athlone
DS/UK/912Anne (1950-); Princess Royal
DS/UK/915Ramsey; [Arthur] Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/916Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/917Company of Watermen and Lightermen; 1700-; Guild
DS/UK/918Brown; John Dudin (1795-1855); Thames wharfinger
DS/UK/919Keller; Hans (1919-1985); Musician and writer.
DS/UK/920Spender; Sir; Stephen Harold (1909-1995); Poet
DS/UK/921Finzi; Sylvia (fl.1980s); Artist
DS/UK/922Porter; Peter Neville Frederick (1929-2010); Poet.
DS/UK/927Kelly; Sir; Gerald Festus (1879-1972); Artist
DS/UK/928Speed; Harold (1872-1957); Artist
DS/UK/929Phillips; Patrick (1907-1976); Artist
DS/UK/930Almond; E M (c.1920); Academic
DS/UK/923Cambridge; Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George (1874-1957); Earl of Athlone [formerly Prince Alexander of Teck]; Army officer and governor-general of South Africa
DS/UK/924Ker; William Paton (1855-1923); Professor; A Scottish literary scholar and essayist.
DS/UK/925Wilson; Mary Louisa Georgina Carus- (1861-1935); Née Petrie.
DS/UK/926Turquet; Gladys (fl.1920s); Academic.
DS/UK/931Moore; B (fl.1944-1947)
DS/UK/932Shinahara; Mikie (fl.1910); Née Miyagawa
DS/UK/933Shields; Frances Rosamond (fl.1899-1906)
DS/UK/934Morris; AEF MacGregor- (fl.1894-1915); Née MacGregor
DS/UK/935St John; EMR (fl.1907-1911); Née Swain
DS/UK/936Jacobs; Mary (fl.1941)
DS/UK/937Clark; Joesphine Adams (fl.1942)
DS/UK/938Pringle; Julia [Lydia] (fl.1942); Artist
DS/UK/939Joy; George William (1844-1925); Artist
DS/UK/940Minton; [Francis] John (1917-1957); Artist
DS/UK/941Connard; Phillip (1875-1958); Artist
DS/UK/942Keay; N (fl.1904-1906)
DS/UK/943Almond; Nora (fl.1904-1906)
DS/UK/944Jacobs; Edith (fl.1908-1913)
DS/UK/945Archer; Stella (fl.1910-1972)
DS/UK/946Holmes; Dorothy (fl.1911-1912)
DS/UK/948Jones; Eileen (fl.1921)
DS/UK/949Strange; Kathleen (fl.1922-1933)
DS/UK/950Culverhouse; Margaret (fl.1923-1926)
DS/UK/951Barraclough; Margaret (fl.1928-1933)
DS/UK/952Naish; Joan (fl.1932-1934)
DS/UK/953Johnson; Rita (fl.1942-1947)
DS/UK/954Amos; MPP (fl.1912-1918)
DS/UK/955Huskins; B Margaret (fl.1914-1917); Née Ascott.
DS/UK/956Assheton; MN (fl.1930-1967); Née Jones
DS/UK/957Bayliss; Bertha (fl.1916-1976)
DS/UK/958Belfield; DA (fl.1913-1976); Née Vernon.
DS/UK/959Berridge; Virginia (fl.1964-1982); Née Cook
DS/UK/960Bishop; Marion (fl.1935-1978); Née Gibbs
DS/UK/961Biss; Irene (fl.1907-1970)
DS/UK/962Boeke; Beatrice (fl.1903-1906); Née Cadbury
DS/UK/963Bowen; Jane (fl.1965-1982); Née Stevenson
DS/UK/964Cameron; Susan (fl.1961-1982)
DS/UK/965Davies; Edna Mary (fl.1939-1987); Née Jacobs.
DS/UK/966Eden; A Madeline (fl.1919-1979); Née Edwards
DS/UK/967Edmunds; BE (fl.1915-1918)
DS/UK/968Green; Hilda (fl.1918-1981)
DS/UK/969Harris; Iris (fl.1928-1982)
DS/UK/970Hensman; Mona (fl.1919-1981); Née Mitter
DS/UK/971Hewitt; JE (fl.1933-1971); Née Howden
DS/UK/972Inskip; Lady; Janet (fl.1916-1973); Née Maclay. Public Figure.
DS/UK/973Jeeves; Mary (fl.1960)
DS/UK/974Warren; Kate (fl.1960)
DS/UK/975Jones; David (fl.1975-1984)
DS/UK/976Keeble; Anne (fl.1890-1968); Née Harris
DS/UK/977Keens; Ellen (fl.1938-1982)
DS/UK/978Lyle; Florence Budd (fl.1906-1995); Née Hoyte
DS/UK/979Evans; Beatrice Moy- (fl.1907-1976)
DS/UK/980Paynter; Kim (fl.1977-1989); Née Walter
DS/UK/981Percy; Joan (fl.1939-1981)
DS/UK/982Perfect; Susan (fl.1964-1982); Née Kendrick
DS/UK/983Phillips; Clare (fl.1923-1954)
DS/UK/984Rabie; Karima (fl.1927-1969); Née El-Said
DS/UK/985Rayner; Margaret (fl.1947-1981)
DS/UK/986Roberts; Margaret (fl.1945-1991)
DS/UK/987Horne; E Julia Sharratt- (fl.1909-1968)
DS/UK/988Simons; Diane June (fl.1949-1981); Née Davies
DS/UK/989Smith; Rosemary Ann (fl.1951-1982); Née Wincott
DS/UK/990Stafford; Christobel (fl.1968); Née Fisher
DS/UK/991Ward; Gladys (fl.1978); Née Thornton
DS/UK/992Wheeler; Lucinda (fl.1939-1982); Née McKerrell
DS/UK/993Barham; Alfred (fl.1975)
DS/UK/994Hardiman; N Jessie (fl.1953-1981); Lecturer.
DS/UK/995Jackson; John M (fl.1937-1981); Lecturer.
DS/UK/996Johnston; Ronald (fl.1961-1980); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/997Kneebone; Geoffrey T (fl. 1943-1981); Assistant Lecturer.
DS/UK/998Pearce; Leonora (fl.1926- 1975); Domestic Staff.
DS/UK/999Pedoe; Daniel (fl.1947-1993); Lecturer.
DS/UK/1000Kilmister; Clive W (1924-2010); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/1001Todd; Olga (fl.1937-1981); Lecturer
DS/UK/1002Walker; A G (fl.1935-1981)
DS/UK/1003Ingram; Reginald Winnington- (fl.1948-1981); Lecturer.
DS/UK/1004Alford; Margaret (1868-1951); Academic.
DS/UK/1005Beare; Mary (1897-1985); Academic.
DS/UK/1006Lea; Kathleen (1903-1995); Academic.
DS/UK/1007Revell; Peter (1929-1983); Librarian
DS/UK/1008Sargent; Winifred Lydia Caunden (1905-1979); Academic.
DS/UK/1009Jones; Harriet Morant (1833-1917); Headteacher
DS/UK/1010Garrick; David (1717-1779); English actor, playwright, theatre manager and producer .
DS/UK/1011Westwood; John (1744-1792); Medallist
DS/UK/1012Betty; William Henry West (1791-1804); Actor
DS/UK/1013Griffin; W (fl.1844); Silversmith and jeweller.
DS/UK/1014Bart; Sir; Moses Montefiore (1784-1885); Financier and Jewish community leader
DS/UK/1015Sailor's Society; 1818-; An inter-denominational Christian organisation providing pastoral care to seafarers.
DS/UK/1016Spink and Son; 1666-; Dealers and Auctioneers.
DS/UK/1017Clarke; Henry (fl.1911)
DS/UK/1018Barrault; Jean-Louis (1910-1994); A French actor, director and mime artist.
DS/UK/1019Kilburn; William Edward (1819-1891); Photographer.
DS/UK/1021Hennah and Kent; 1854-1884; Photographers.
DS/UK/1022Lavery; John (1856-1941); Painter.
DS/UK/1023Brown; Sarah Benedict (1819-1902); Benefactor.
DS/UK/1024College of Arms; 1555-; The official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants.
DS/UK/1025Sedgwick Group; c.1880-1998; Insurance Brokers.
DS/UK/1026James; Lilian (fl.1891-1892)
DS/UK/1027Pennington; William Barry (1923-1968); Professor; Mathematician
DS/UK/1028Rothwell; Sheila (1935-1997); Women's rights activist, member of QM council
DS/UK/1029Thwaites; Lady; Katharine Mary (1925-1991); Wife of Brian Thwaites.
DS/UK/1030Zachary; Katharine Theodora (1879-1936); Headteacher.
CodePlace Entry
NA8Greater London/England
NA9England/United Kingdom/Europe
NA257Hampstead/Camden/London/Greater London/England/United Kingdom
NA45Oxford/Oxfordshire/England/United Kingdom
NA288Lesvos/Aegean Islands/Greece
NA22Mile End Old Town/Tower Hamlets/London/Greater London/England
NA21Mile End New Town/Tower Hamlets/London/Greater London/England