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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
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TitleSites and buildings
Extent9 boxes, 11 outsize items
DescriptionThis series contains records relating to the acquisition and development of the Kidderpore Estate, c.1900-c.1990; correspondence relating to wartime residence and tenancies, 1938-1957; correspondence and publicity material concerning the opening of the Queen's Building, 1956-1962; sales particulars No.326 Finchley Road, 1958; for correspondence and sales particulars relating to Berridge House, 1963-1988; correspondence and papers concerning the planning and building programme for the Caroline Skeel Library, 1963-1971; correspondence and papers concerning the anonymous donation for a new halls of residence and the planning and building programme for Kidderpore Halls, 1968-1974; correspondence and papers relating to the use of Carus Wilson Hall as a postgraduate hall of residence, 1977-1980; correspondence relating to anonymous donation towards The Queen Mother's Hall, 1980-1982; and photographs and postcards of Westfield College sites and buildings, c.1890-1996.
Admin HistoryInitially located at houses in Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead, Westfield College did not move to its permanent site in Kidderpore Avenue until Lady Day, 1891. The following list is a summary of the development of Westfield College on its permanent site along Kidderpore Avenue and Finchley Road:

1890: Kidderpore Hall was purchased. It housed the College Library until 1903. The conservatory situated on the right side of the building was demolished in 1914. It became known as Old House.
1891: New residential wing designed by Robert Falconer MacDonald and completed along with a dining hall and an attic laboratory. In 1927 it was decided to rename the Wing the Constance Maynard Wing, after the first Mistress of Westfield College, Constance Maynard.
1903: New purpose built Library and two lecture rooms were completed adjacent to Maynard Wing. It was later known as the Skeel Library after Caroline Skeel, Lecturer 1895-1929, and founder of the History Department and the Library.
Oct 1905: The South Wing, a further residential wing was built alongside the Skeel building on land purchased by Mrs Sarah Benedict Brown. This wing provided a further 14 student rooms, accommodation for one member of staff and an additional lecture room. In 1927 it was decided to rename the wing the Dudin Brown Wing after Ann Dudin Brown a genereous benefactor and one of the founders of Westfield College.
1917: No. 13 Kidderpore Avenue, originally known as Kingswear, was purchased and renamed Selincourt Hall following the death of the Principal, Agnes de Selincourt.
1921: The erection of a wooden building for the Botanical Laboratory, known as The Hut, was built near the Orchard, opposite Maynard Wing. It was extended in 1923 and in use by the Botany Department until completion of the Orchard Wing in 1935.
1921: The completion of the domestic block containing new kitchens and servant quarters was built on the site formerly occupied by the Conservatory, and known as The Bay. The space outside the Dining Hall was enlarged and used as an extra reading room.
1927: Behind the Skeel Building and Dudin Brown Wing, a third residential block was built called the Chapman Wing. This was the third side of the quadrangle of buildings. Chapman Wing was named after Lady Chapman, a longstanding member of Council, and contained the Parker Library, 2 lecture rooms and 26 student rooms. The Parker Library was named after Miss Constance Parker, Librarian 1908-1932 and Lecturer until 1936.
1929: The College Chapel formally opened 21 Jun 1929 and was dedicated to Miss Anne Richardson, Lecturer and Vice Principal 1887-1925. It remained in use until Westfield College relocated to Mile End due to the merger with Queen Mary College.
1935: The Orchard Wing, the fourth residential wing and section of the quadrangle, was built at the bottom of the Orchard, providing 24 student rooms, accommodation for 2 members of staff and a new Botanical Laboratory.
1937: Nos.15 and 17 Kidderpore Avenue were purchased and named Phillpotts Hall and Lodge Hall. Both Halls were demolished in 1962 for new Refectory.
1938: Dickers field was purchased for sports.
1944-1946: Nos.19, 21 and 23 Kidderpore Avenue were purchased. No.19 named Chapman Hall after Lady Chapman and No.23 named Richardson Hall after Anne Richardson. Possession of No.21 Kidderpore Avenue occurred in 1953 and named Stocks Hall after Mary Stocks, Principal 1939-1951. In 1967, No.21 Kidderpore Avenue was converted for the Residence and Building Departments.
1945: Nos.300 and 302 Finchley Road, originally known as The Maples, were purchased and renamed Kidderpore.
1947: No.11 Kidderpore Avenue, originally known as The Grange, was purchased and renamed Maurice Shute Hall after the former owner's son who was killed during the War. It was demolished in 1959 to make way for the new Science building.
1947: No.318 Finchley Road was purchased. In 1976 the French and German Departments moved into Nos.316-318 Finchley Road.
1950: No.322 Finchley Road was purchased and named Caldecote Hall after Thomas Inskip, Lord Caldecote, Chairman of Council 1921-1945.
1954: No.6 Platts Road was purchased and renamed Fletcher-Moulton Hall in 1956 after Sylvia Fletcher-Moulton, Chairman of Council 1946-1953. It was demolished in 1970 for new Halls of Residence.
1958: No.7 Kidderpore Gardens was purchased and renamed Shute Hall in 1959 following the demolition of the original Shute Hall for the new Science building. It was later used as the College health facilties.
1960: No.326 Finchley Road was purchased and named Ellison Hall after Gerald Ellison, Chairman of Council 1953-1967. In 1976 it was renamed Fletcher Moulton Hall
1961: No.314 Finchley Road named Eveline Martin Hall after Eveline Martin, Lecturer 1923-1958 and Vice Principal 1936-1944. In 1976 Computer Science moves into Nos.312-314 Finchley Road.
Oct 1961: a new Science Building called The Queen's Building was completed, situated on the site of No.11 Kidderpore Avenue. HM Queen Elizabeth II formally opened the building in May 1962. An extension to the building known as the Zoology Wing was completed in 1967.
1961: Nos 328 and 336 Finchley Road became occupied as Halls of Residence. Nos.328 and 330 were renamed Lodge Hall in 1962 and No.336 was renamed Phillpotts Hall.
1962: No.330 Finchley Road became occupied as a Hall of Residence to accommodate those formerly in Lodge and Phillpotts Halls. Together with No.328, this was renamed Lodge Hall in 1962.
1962: No.316 Finchley Road was used as teaching accommodation for Arts and Mathematics Departments. In 1964 it was used for the Classics and Modern Languages Department. In 1976 the French and German Departments moved into Nos.316-318 Finchley Road.
Oct 1963: New purpose built refectory was completed on the site formerly occupied by Nos.15 and 17 Kidderpore Avenue.
Nov 1963: No.27 Kidderpore Avenue was renamed Chesney Hall, after Kathleen Chesney, Principal 1951-1962. Converted for Arts teaching in 1967. It was demolished in 1970 for new Halls of Residence. Nos.304 and 306 Finchley Road were renamed Marion Delf Hall, after Ellen Marion Delf Smith, Lecturer 1906-1948 and founder of Botany Department. No.332 Finchley Road was renamed Boyd Hall, after Sidney Boyd, member of Council 1940-1962. In 1976 the Catering and Residence Departments moved into Nos.332-334 Finchley Road.
1964: No.25 Kidderpore Avenue was purchased and used by the English and History Departments.
1964: part of the Berridge House site was purchased from the Metropolitan Police.
1965: Orchard II building completed, completing the quadrangle of residential wings on the original site near Old House.
1966: No.3 Kidderpore Avenue was purchased and initially proposed to be used as the Principal's house.
1966: No.29 Kidderpore Avenue was converted for the Departments of Maths, Chemistry and Physics. It was demolished in 1970 for new Halls of Residence.
1968: No.324 Finchley Road was purchased. In 1970 the Spanish Department moves in.
1969: No.312 Finchley Road was purchased. The English Department moved into the building in 1971. In 1976 Computer Science moves into Nos.312-314 Finchley Road.
1970: The Mathematics Department moves into Nos.308-310 Finchley Road.
1971: Purpose built library situated behind Nos.19-25 Kidderpore Avenue was completed and called the Caroline Skeel Library.
1972: New halls of residence completed and called Kidderpore Hall. It was divided into 4 houses: Temple, Ellison, Stocks and Chesney. Temple and Ellison are named after former Chairmen of Council and Stocks and Chesney after former Principals. A fifth area comprising refectory and common rooms was named Wolfson.
1972: No.334 Finchley Road was purchased. The Catering and Residence Departments moved into Nos.332-334 Finchley Road in 1976.
1977: Lease of Parsifal College, formerly New College, on Finchley Road from the Open University. It was named Carus Wilson Hall, after Eleanor Carus Wilson a member of Council and Vice Chairman 1967-1977, and was used as a hall of residence for postgraduate students.
1982: Queen Mother's Hall of Residence completed on the site between Old House and St Luke's Church.

No.338 Finchley Road is the only property along Finchley Road never acquired by the College.

In 1989 Westfield College merged with Queen Mary College, to form Queen Mary and Westfield College, and sold half of its campus to King's College for occupation from 1992.

Jun 2009: King's College still occupies many of the buildings that formed the Westfield College campus. These include Old House, Maynard Wing, Dudin Brown Wing, Chapman Wing, Orchard I & II, Kidderpore Hall and the Queen Mother's Hall. The Library stands unused. The Finchley Road houses have either been converted into flats or are derelict. Nos.23-25 Kidderpore Avenue are derelict and due to be demolished. The College Chapel is due to be demolished with its frontage being incorporated into a new Hostel to be built on what was the College Green (behind Old House and Maynard Wing). The site of the Queen's Building, Refectory and Nos. 13-17 Kidderpore Avenue have been demolished and replaced with residential buildings.
ArrangementThis series has been arranged by site or building. Separate sub-series have been created for the following sites, where more than one file exists:Kidderpore estate; wartime residence and tenancies; Queen's Building; Berridge House; Caroline Skeel Library; Kidderpore Hall; and photographs and postcards.
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CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/409Kimber Bull and Co. Solicitors; c.1911-1970
DS/UK/742Rees; Verner O (1886-1966); Architect
DS/UK/763University of London; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; 1899-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/635Chapman; Lady; Georgiana Charlotte Clive (1855-1941); nee Bayley
DS/UK/642Inskip; Sir; Thomas Walker Hobart (1867-1947); First Viscount Caldecote; Lawyer, Politician
DS/UK/680London County Council (LCC); 1889-1965
DS/UK/378Gedge; Evelyn Colpoys (1888-1974); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/744Laurence & Mitchell Chartered Architects; fl.1956-1964
DS/UK/674Brown; Sir; James (fl.1963-1967); Chairman of Westfield College Planning Committee
DS/UK/676Matthews; Pamela Winifred (b.1914); née Saunders O'Mahoney, Principal
DS/UK/675Casson Conder Partnership; 1956-; Architects
DS/UK/61Queen Mary, University of London; 1989-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/652University of Oxford; St Peter's College; 1929-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/371University of London; Bedford College; 1849-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/651Tavistock Clinic; 1920-
DS/UK/654Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
DS/UK/65University Grants Committee (UGC); 1918-1989
DS/UK/668Thwaites; Sir; Bryan (1923-); Professor; Principal
DS/UK/695Stanley; Gertrude K (1897-1974); Mathematician
DS/UK/291Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA); 1855-; Christian Association.
DS/UK/764Caldecote Community; fl.1940s
DS/UK/765Free German League of Culture in Great Britain; 1938-1946; Cultural centre
DS/UK/766Royal Navy; Women's Royal Naval Service (WRNS); 1917-1993
DS/UK/767Admiralty; c.1400-1964
DS/UK/768Metropolitan Police Service; 1829-
DS/UK/769The Open University; 1969-; Higher Education Institution, Charity
DS/UK/770Shute; Maurice (fl.1947)
DS/UK/771Wilson; Dorothea (fl.1904-1909); nee Fry, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/772Collier; D Compton- (fl.1910s-1957); Photographer
DS/UK/773Wilson; Kenneth (fl.1971-2002); Photographer
DS/UK/774Ewins; Mick (fl.1992-2001); Artist
DS/UK/775Parker; H (late 20th century); Artist
DS/UK/776Marchant (fl.1937-1938)
DS/UK/777Goldschmidt & Howland; 1880s-; Surveyors
DS/UK/807Church of England; The National Society for Promoting Religious Education; 1811-
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
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NA45Oxford/Oxfordshire/England/United Kingdom