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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD/23/10/9
TitlePublications and articles of and relating to Constance Maynard, Mistress of Westfield College
Date1883-late 20th century
Extent1 file (in 4 parts)
DescriptionPublications and articles written by Constance Maynard, 1883-1934, including:
The Strength of our Life, n.d.

Music for The Queen at St Hilda's, 19 Feb 1883.

We Thank Thee for Our Creation, early 20th century.

Women and our National Character - An Address Given at the Church Congress Manchester October 1908

Goodbye to the College, 1913.

Westfield Verses, 1913.

Resistance and Non-Resistance, reprinted from the Friends Quarterly Examiner, Oct 1915.

A Room Without a Window, c.1920.

Cause and Effect, c.1920.

Courage and Endurance: Be Strong, reprinted from The Christian, c.1920.

Dead or Alive, reprinted from The Student Movement, c.1920.

From Everlasting to Everlasting, reprinted from The Christian, c.1920.

On Saying Grace, c.1920.

Sincerity and Cant, reprinted from The Christian, c.1920.

So Foolish...Nevertheless: A Bible Study on Psalm lxxiii, 21-27, c.1920.

The Centigrade Thermometer of Life, reprinted from The Student Movement, c.1920.

The Truth of the Old Testament, reprinted from The Christian with additions, c.1920.

Time and Eternity, reprinted from The Student Movement, c.1920.

Unto, reprinted from The Christian, c.1920.

The Bible in the Twentieth Century, paper to be read at a meeting of the Victoria Institute, Jan 1922.

Are Missions to the East Needed? A Glance Round the Horizon, reprinted from the Church missionary Review, Jun 1923.

A Basket of Carpenter's Tools, The Warrior, Feb 1924.

The Light of the World, The Warrior, Dec 1926.

A Message from an Old Friend, reprinted from Monthly Letter, Oct 1927.

The Fir Tree and the Myrtle, reprinted from Monthly Letter, Aug 1928.

The Critic and the Portrait, reprinted from The Friend, Aug 1929.

List of Books by Constance Maynard, c.1930.

Not One Forgotten, c.1930.

The Honeysuckle, c.1930.

A Sign from Heaven, reprinted from The Christian, 2 Oct 1930.

The New Testament Psalms, reprinted from the Home Messenger, May and Jun 1931.

The Counting of God, The Deliverer, Oct 1931.

Around the Manor, The Warrior, Dec 1931.

The Conference at High Leigh, 1932.

A Letter From Heaven, reprinted from The Sunday at Home, Sep 1934.

Also includes articles written relating to Constance Maynard, 1933-1955, including:
When Novels were Taboo, and a Woman Waited 53 Years for her M.A., taken from the Daily Mirror, 16 Jun 1933.

M.A. Degree Held Up for 53 Years; Famous School Founder on Modern Woman's Freedom, taken from the Evening News, 1933.

A Pioneer of Women's Education - Westfield's First Mistress 84: Granted Decree 53 years After Examination, taken from Nottingham Evening News, 1933.

New Horizons for the Girls in College, taken from the Star, 21 Nov 1955.
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DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution