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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD/24
Extent10.5 boxes, 2 outsize items
DescriptionThis series contains records relating to events held at Westfield College, including Presentation Day and Banquet, c.1897-1930; posters and programmes for events, c.1908-1980s; lectures and conferences held, including Maynard-Chapman Divinity lectures, 1918-1987; royal visits to Westfield College, 1928-1989; College Jubilee, 1932-1962; College Centenary, 1968-1986; and the Visiting Artists Programme, 1980s.
ArrangementThis series has been arranged by function and divided into 7 sub-series: Presentation Day and Banquet; posters and programmes; lectures and conferences; royal visits; College Jubilee; College Centenary; and the Visiting Artists Programme.
Access StatusMostly Open
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/700Sondheimer; Ernst (1923-); Professor; Mathematician
DS/UK/872Weightman; John George (1915-2004); Professor.; Academic
DS/UK/873Davis; John Warren (1918-1998); Artist
DS/UK/673Baynes; Norman Hepburn (1877-1961); Historian
DS/UK/817McKisack; May (1900-1981); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/788Fogg (fl.1960-1971); Professor; Botanist
DS/UK/703Klyne; William (1913-1977); Professor; Chemist
DS/UK/668Thwaites; Sir; Bryan (1923-); Professor; Principal
DS/UK/692Hill; Rosalind Mary Theodosia (1908-1997); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/852Loyn; Henry (fl.1977-1988); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/660Sondheimer; Janet (1923-2007); Academic, Historian
DS/UK/655Elizabeth (1900-2002); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; nee Lady Bowes-Lyon, queen of Great Britain and Ireland, consort of George VI
DS/UK/654Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
DS/UK/119White; Beatrice (fl1939-1976); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer
DS/UK/247Lodge; Eleanor Constance (1869-1936); Principal, Historian
DS/UK/345Chesney; Kathleen (1889-1976); Dr.; Principal, Scholar
DS/UK/662Wilson; Eleanor Mary Carus- (1897-1977); Economic Historian
DS/UK/644Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London
DS/UK/635Chapman; Lady; Georgiana Charlotte Clive (1855-1941); nee Bayley
DS/UK/698Parker; Constance Emily (c.1877-1955); Classicist
DS/UK/647Forster; Rosalie M (d.1995); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/132Temple; William (1881-1944); Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/661Fawcett Library; 1926-
DS/UK/57Firth; Catherine B (fl. 1905); Doctor of History; Historian
DS/UK/368Titterton; Anna Frances (1898-1988); Author.
DS/UK/378Gedge; Evelyn Colpoys (1888-1974); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/841Hyman; Timothy (1946-); Painter
DS/UK/890Morris; H (fl.1906-1909); Née Brown.
DS/UK/880Leader; Elliot (fl.1970s-); Academic.
DS/UK/889Jones; Douglas Mortimer (fl.1954); Academic.
DS/UK/891Bellamy; Edmund Henry (1923-2006); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/892Prawer; Siegbert Salomon (1925-); Professor.; Academic.
DS/UK/893Brooke; Christopher Nugent Lawrence (1927-); Professor.; Medieval Historian.
DS/UK/894Armstrong; William Arthur (fl.1953-fl.1970s); Academic.
DS/UK/895Bock; Claus Victor (1926-2008); Professor.; Academic.
DS/UK/896Chalker; John (1929-fl.1996); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/897Marshall; John Henry (fl.1972-1982); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/898Dixon; Peter (1932-fl.1998); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/899Wynn; Marianne (1921-2009); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/900Penny; Ralph John (fl.1986-fl.2006); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/901Anderson; Olive R (fl.1986-1996); Professor; Academic.
DS/UK/902Nuttall; Geoffrey Fillingham (1911-2007); Minister.
DS/UK/903Warren; Max Alexander Cunningham (1904-1977); Clergyman and statesman.
DS/UK/904Heenan; John Carmel (c.1905-1975); Cardinal.; Clergyman.
DS/UK/905Copleston; Frederick Charles (1907-1994); Reverend Professor; Clergyman.
DS/UK/906Simon; Ulrich Ernst (1913-1997); Reverend Professor; Theologian, clergyman.
DS/UK/907Wiles; Maurice Frank (1923-2005); Reverend Professor; Theologian, clergyman.
DS/UK/908Butler; Basil Christopher (1907-1986); Bishop; Clergyman
DS/UK/909Dunstan; Gordon Reginald (1917-2004); Reverend Canon; Clergyman
DS/UK/910Blanch; Stuart (1918-1994); Baron of Bishopthorpe; Clergyman
DS/UK/911Alice (1883-1981); Née Princess of Albany; Countess of Athlone
DS/UK/912Anne (1950-); Princess Royal
DS/UK/714Birgitte (1946-); HRH Duchess of Gloucester; nee van Deurs
DS/UK/877Grix; Gilly (fl.1982-1989); Head Gardener.
DS/UK/915Ramsey; [Arthur] Michael (1904-1988); Baron Ramsey of Canterbury; Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/916Coggan; Frederick Donald (1909-2000); Baron Coggan; Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/917Company of Watermen and Lightermen; 1700-; Guild
DS/UK/918Brown; John Dudin (1795-1855); Thames wharfinger
DS/UK/919Keller; Hans (1919-1985); Musician and writer.
DS/UK/920Spender; Sir; Stephen Harold (1909-1995); Poet
DS/UK/921Finzi; Sylvia (fl.1980s); Artist
DS/UK/922Porter; Peter Neville Frederick (1929-2010); Poet.
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution