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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD/25
TitlePhotographs of staff and students
Extent5 boxes, 29 outsize items
DescriptionThis series contains photographs of staff and students of Westfield College, including photographs and portraits of the Principals of Westfield College, c.1885-c.1986; individual staff, members of Council, and student photographs, c.1906-c.1984; formal group photographs, c.1885-1970; informal photographs by decade, c.1905-c.1983; and correspondence relating to College portraits, 1903-1992.
ArrangementThis series has been arranged by subject and divided into 5 sub-series: photographs and portraits of Principals; individual staff and student photographs; formal group photographs; informal photographs by decade; and correspondence relating to College portraits.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer
DS/UK/242Sélincourt; Agnes de (1872-1917); Principal, Missionary
DS/UK/236Richardson; Anne Wakefield (1859-1942); Classicist, Quaker
DS/UK/688Newall; Dame; Bertha Surtees (1877-1932); nee Phillpotts, Principal, Scandinavian scholar
DS/UK/247Lodge; Eleanor Constance (1869-1936); Principal, Historian
DS/UK/251Chapman; Dorothy (1878-1967); Principal, Lecturer
DS/UK/141Stocks; Mary Danvers (1891-1975); Baroness; nee Brinton, Principal
DS/UK/345Chesney; Kathleen (1889-1976); Dr.; Principal, Scholar
DS/UK/668Thwaites; Sir; Bryan (1923-); Professor; Principal
DS/UK/677Varey; John Earl (1922-1999); Professor; Principal, Scholar of Spanish Literature
DS/UK/384de Biden Footner; Frances Amicia (1874-1961); Artist.
DS/UK/655Elizabeth (1900-2002); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; nee Lady Bowes-Lyon, queen of Great Britain and Ireland, consort of George VI
DS/UK/717Cranswick; David (c.1955-); Artist
DS/UK/743Aylett; Bernard (d.2010); Chemist
DS/UK/635Chapman; Lady; Georgiana Charlotte Clive (1855-1941); nee Bayley
DS/UK/73Clymo; Richard S (fl.1961-1995); Professor; Academic
DS/UK/378Gedge; Evelyn Colpoys (1888-1974); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/711Higgins; W (d.1956); Carpenter
DS/UK/692Hill; Rosalind Mary Theodosia (1908-1997); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/642Inskip; Sir; Thomas Walker Hobart (1867-1947); First Viscount Caldecote; Lawyer, Politician
DS/UK/367Martin; Eveline Christiana (1894-1960); Dr.; Historian
DS/UK/29McDougall; Eleanor (1873-1956); Principal, Missionary, Classicist
DS/UK/732Robertson; Mysie (d.1943); Linguist
DS/UK/850Scopes; Patricia Molly (fl.1961-1999); Chemist
DS/UK/121Skeel; Caroline (1872-1951); Historian, Classicist
DS/UK/695Stanley; Gertrude K (1897-1974); Mathematician
DS/UK/281Whitby; Lilian Janie (fl.1895-1946); Lecturer.
DS/UK/652University of Oxford; St Peter's College; 1929-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/660Sondheimer; Janet (1923-2007); Academic, Historian
DS/UK/254University of Cambridge; 1209-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/849Butterworth; Ian (fl.1986-1990); Principal
DS/UK/927Kelly; Sir; Gerald Festus (1879-1972); Artist
DS/UK/928Speed; Harold (1872-1957); Artist
DS/UK/929Phillips; Patrick (1907-1976); Artist
DS/UK/930Almond; E M (c.1920); Academic
DS/UK/923Cambridge; Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George (1874-1957); Earl of Athlone [formerly Prince Alexander of Teck]; Army officer and governor-general of South Africa
DS/UK/878Cunnell; Gordon J (fl.1989); Dr; Academic.
DS/UK/924Ker; William Paton (1855-1923); Professor; A Scottish literary scholar and essayist.
DS/UK/925Wilson; Mary Louisa Georgina Carus- (1861-1935); Née Petrie.
DS/UK/926Turquet; Gladys (fl.1920s); Academic.
DS/UK/881Walton; Anne (fl.1985); Scientist.
DS/UK/931Moore; B (fl.1944-1947)
DS/UK/932Shinahara; Mikie (fl.1910); Née Miyagawa
DS/UK/933Shields; Frances Rosamond (fl.1899-1906)
DS/UK/934Morris; AEF MacGregor- (fl.1894-1915); Née MacGregor
DS/UK/935St John; EMR (fl.1907-1911); Née Swain
DS/UK/936Jacobs; Mary (fl.1941)
DS/UK/937Clark; Joesphine Adams (fl.1942)
DS/UK/938Pringle; Julia [Lydia] (fl.1942); Artist
DS/UK/939Joy; George William (1844-1925); Artist
DS/UK/940Minton; [Francis] John (1917-1957); Artist
DS/UK/941Connard; Phillip (1875-1958); Artist
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution