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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD/7
TitlePrincipal's College papers
Extent5 boxes
DescriptionThis series contains the Principal's Log Book, 1921-1952; and the College papers of successive Principals of Westfield College, 1913-1989, including those of Agnes de Selincourt; Anne Richardson; Bertha Phillpotts; Eleanor Lodge; Dorothy Chapman; Mary Stocks; Kathleen Chesney; Pamela Matthews; Bryan Thwaites; and John Varey.
ArrangementArranged by function, and then chronologically by Principal. Separate sub-series have been created for the following Principals, where more than one file exists: Dorothy Chapman, Principal 1931-1939; Mary Stocks, Principal 1939-1951; Kathleen Chesney, Principal 1951-1962; Pamela Matthews, Principal 1962-1965; and Bryan Thwaites, Principal 1966-1983.
Access StatusMostly Open
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/242Sélincourt; Agnes de (1872-1917); Principal, Missionary
DS/UK/236Richardson; Anne Wakefield (1859-1942); Classicist, Quaker
DS/UK/688Newall; Dame; Bertha Surtees (1877-1932); nee Phillpotts, Principal, Scandinavian scholar
DS/UK/247Lodge; Eleanor Constance (1869-1936); Principal, Historian
DS/UK/251Chapman; Dorothy (1878-1967); Principal, Lecturer
DS/UK/141Stocks; Mary Danvers (1891-1975); Baroness; nee Brinton, Principal
DS/UK/345Chesney; Kathleen (1889-1976); Dr.; Principal, Scholar
DS/UK/676Matthews; Pamela Winifred (b.1914); née Saunders O'Mahoney, Principal
DS/UK/668Thwaites; Sir; Bryan (1923-); Professor; Principal
DS/UK/677Varey; John Earl (1922-1999); Professor; Principal, Scholar of Spanish Literature
DS/UK/652University of Oxford; St Peter's College; 1929-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/681Westfield College; Westfield College Association (WCA); 1900-1989
DS/UK/680London County Council (LCC); 1889-1965
DS/UK/55University of Cambridge; Girton College; 1873-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/678Smee; S.M. (fl.1887-1924); Mayor of Acton
DS/UK/371University of London; Bedford College; 1849-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/665University of London; King's College London; 1829-1985; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/666University of London; King's College London; 1985-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/660Sondheimer; Janet (1923-2007); Academic, Historian
DS/UK/644Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London
DS/UK/29McDougall; Eleanor (1873-1956); Principal, Missionary, Classicist
DS/UK/654Elizabeth II (1926-); Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
DS/UK/65University Grants Committee (UGC); 1918-1989
DS/UK/338Grubb; Violet Margaret (fl.1900-1973); Dr.; Headteacher, Botanist
DS/UK/655Elizabeth (1900-2002); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; nee Lady Bowes-Lyon, queen of Great Britain and Ireland, consort of George VI
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer
DS/UK/32Smith; Ellen Delf- (1883-1980); Dr.; nee Delf, Botanist
DS/UK/700Sondheimer; Ernst (1923-); Professor; Mathematician
DS/UK/647Forster; Rosalie M (d.1995); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/692Hill; Rosalind Mary Theodosia (1908-1997); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/646Parker; Sir; Peter (1924-2002); Businessman
DS/UK/703Klyne; William (1913-1977); Professor; Chemist
DS/UK/658University of London; Committee of Enquiry into the Governance of the University; c.1972-1975
DS/UK/648McCully; Eileen (fl.1949-1976); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/717Cranswick; David (c.1955-); Artist
DS/UK/362Imperial College of Science and Technology and Medicine.; 1907-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/664Westfield College; Westfield Trust; 1988-2009; Charitable Trust
DS/UK/730Maclay; Sir; Joseph (fl.1920)
DS/UK/731London Training Day College; 1902-1909
DS/UK/732Robertson; Mysie (d.1943); Linguist
DS/UK/733Wand; John William Charles (1885-1977); Bishop of London
DS/UK/734Cadbury Plc; 1824-; Confectionary company
DS/UK/735Missionary Settlement for University Women in Bombay; 1895-
DS/UK/736Association of Head Mistresses of Endowed and Proprietary Schools; 1874-1977
DS/UK/737Phillips; Gordon (fl.1962); Reverend Prebendary
DS/UK/738Ballantyne (fl.1962); Friar
DS/UK/739Batho; Edith; Dr.; Principal
DS/UK/740Mount Holyoke College; 1837-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/741Dring; William (1904-1990); Artist
DS/UK/742Rees; Verner O (1886-1966); Architect
DS/UK/743Aylett; Bernard (d.2010); Chemist
DS/UK/744Laurence & Mitchell Chartered Architects; fl.1956-1964
DS/UK/745Logan; Sir; Douglas William (1910-1987); University administrator
DS/UK/746British Council of Churches; 1947-1990; Religious organisation
DS/UK/747Crossland; Jessie (fl.1921-1947); Linguist
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution