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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)WFD/PRINT
Dateearly 16th century-1968
Extent43 outsize items
Creator NameWestfield College (1882-1989)
DescriptionThis sub-fonds contains prints and artwork dating between the early 16th century - 1968, collected by Westfield College.

It comprises a collection of artwork and prints including etchings, mezzotints, engravings, dry point, lithograph, aquatint, sketches, and paintings.

Artists include Francesco Bartolozzi, John Constable, David Lucas, Eugene Delacroix, George Edwards and Matthew Darly, Thomas Frye, Hendrik Goltzius, Francisco Goya, William Hogarth, Theodore von Holst, Giles Hussey, Timothy Hyman, Lucas van Leyden, John Linnell, Carlo Maratta, John Martin, Pierre Mariette, Leonid Pasternak, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Peter Rittig, Salvator Rosa, Paul Sandby, Giovanni Battista Scultori, and Wayne Warren.

Also includes several anonymous colour prints created by art students in Atelier Popularie [popular studio] in response to the May 1968 student revolution which began in Paris.
Admin HistoryThe Print collection was acquired by Westfield College Library during the early 1970s, as teaching resources primarily for the History of Art Department. Part of the collection was catalogued by a group of postgraduates under the supervision of the Deputy Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum. A number of the Westfield Prints were compared with the same print in the British Museum to verify its authenticity and state or edition.
ArrangementArranged alphabetically by artist surname, then by date and title where more than one artwork per artist exists. This is followed by artwork where the artist is unknown, which have been arranged by date then title.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/796Holst; Theodore Matthias von (1810-1844); Literary painter
DS/UK/797Goya; Francisco (1746-1828); Spanish painter, Printmaker
DS/UK/798Maratta; Carlo (1625-1713); Italian painter
DS/UK/799Delacroix; Eugene (1798-1863); French artist
DS/UK/800Engelmann; Godefry (1788-1839); Franco-German lithographer, Publisher
DS/UK/801Cornelius; Peter Von (1784-1867); German painter
DS/UK/802Rittig; Peter (1789-1840); German painter
DS/UK/803Hussey; Giles (1710-1788); History and portrait painter
DS/UK/804Edwards; George (1694-1773); Ornithologist, Naturalist, Artist
DS/UK/805Darly; Matthew (fl.1741-1778); Printseller, Engraver
DS/UK/806Leyden; Lucas van (1494-1533); Dutch painter, Engraver
DS/UK/827Hogarth; William (1697-1764); Painter, Engraver
DS/UK/828Linnell; John (1792-1882); Landscape and portrait painter, Engraver
DS/UK/829Constable; John (1776-1837); Landscape painter
DS/UK/830Lucas; David (1802-1881); Mezzotint engraver
DS/UK/831Sandby; Paul (1725-1809); Painter, Engraver
DS/UK/832Goltzius; Hendrick (1558-1617); Dutch painter, Printmaker, Engraver
DS/UK/833Rosa; Salvator (1615-1673); Italian painter, Printmaker
DS/UK/834Simoni; Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti (1475-1564); Italian painter, Sculptor, Architect
DS/UK/835Mariette; Pierre Jean (1694-1774); Engraver, Collector, Dealer, Chronicler
DS/UK/836Gaultier; Leonard (fl.1561-1635); Engraver
DS/UK/837Scultori; Giovanni Battista (1503-1575); Italian painter, Engraver
DS/UK/839Martin; John (1789-1854); Romantic painter, Engraver
DS/UK/840Warren; Wayne (fl.1980-); Artist
DS/UK/841Hyman; Timothy (1946-); Painter
DS/UK/111Bartolozzi; Francesco (1725-1815); Italian engraver
DS/UK/842Owen; William (fl.1806); Artist
DS/UK/843Piranesi; Giovanni Battista (1720-1778); Italian artist
DS/UK/844Pasternak; Leonid (1862-1945); Russian painter
DS/UK/845Tolstoy; Leo (1828-1910); Russian writer
DS/UK/846Frye; Thomas (c.1710-1762); Anglo-Irish painter
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution