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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
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Extent19 boxes
Creator NameWestfield College
DescriptionThis sub-fonds contains the records of the Westfield Trust, 1908-2010.

It comprises records relating to the pre-history and establishment of the Trust, 1979-2000, including the foundation of the Trust, and the Westfield College Development Trust; minutes and associated papers of Westfield Trust meetings, 1989-2009; annual reports and financial statements, 1988-2009; records relating to the endowments and bequests of the Trust, 1908-2004, including bequests and legacies, use of proceeds of sale, and Agreement Funds; minutes, associated papers, and correspondence of the Westfield Trust Investment Committee, 1989-2009; records relating to the tangible assets of the Trust, 1989-2004, including furniture, paintings, silverware, and property; records relating to projects, prizes, and scholarships funded by the Trust, 1965-1993, including the Ruth Owen Travelling Scholarship, Westfield Trust Prizes, and research studentships; and administrative correspondence, 1989-2010, including representation on the College Council, consultation mechanisms, and the decision to dissolve the Trust.
Admin HistoryThe Westfield Trust was established on 1 Nov 1988 for charitable purposes connected with Westfield College and Queen Mary and Westfield College. The creation of the Trust resulted from an agreement made in Mar 1987 to fully merge Westfield College and Queen Mary College with the gradual transfer of all activities to the Mile End site. In order to preserve something of the original intentions of the founders of Westfield College, both Colleges agreed to form the Westfield Trust.

Prior to the establishment of the Westfield Trust, another charitable trust had existed; the Westfield College Development Trust. The Development Trust was established in 1979 to raise funds for the College and support projects. This included the Centenary Appeal which funded a new hall of residence. With the announcement of a merger between Westfield College and Queen Mary College, no further fund raising was undertaken. With the creation of the Westfield Trust in 1988, it was decided in Jul 1989 to dissolve the Development Trust, with all of its assets being transferred to the Westfield Trust.

The Westfield Trust had representation on the new College Council and provided financial support for capital and smaller projects within the College. Projects supported by the Trust include the College Nursery, academic visitor accommodation, restoration of the Octagon, refurbishment of the Great Hall in the People's Palace, and the Westfield Student Village, as well as the provision of research studentships and bursaries.

In 2008 the decision was taken that the Trust had met its objectives and should be wound down. On 31 Jul 2009 all Trust assets and liabilities were formally transferred to the College. The final meeting of the Trust took place on 30 Nov 2009.

Chairman of the Westfield Trust:
Lord Jenkin of Roding, 1989-1999; Francis Vernon McClure, 1999-2009

Secretary to the Westfield Trust:
Michael Sumner, 1989-1995; Brian Murphy, 1995-2009
ArrangementThis sub-fonds has been arranged by function, chronologically, and, where possible, respecting the original order of the records.

It has been divided into 8 series: establishment and pre-history of the Trust; minutes; annual reports and financial statements; endowments and bequests; Westfield Trust Investment Committee; Trust assets; projects, prizes and scholarships; and administrative correspondence.
Access StatusMostly Open
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/663Westfield College; Westfield College Development Trust; 1979-1989; Charitable Trust
DS/UK/664Westfield College; Westfield Trust; 1988-2009; Charitable Trust
DS/UK/644Ellison; Gerald Alexander (1910-1992); Bishop of London
DS/UK/704Scarman; Lord; Leslie George (1911-2004); Baron Scarman; Judge
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/61Queen Mary, University of London; 1989-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/681Westfield College; Westfield College Association (WCA); 1900-1989
DS/UK/682Jansons Solicitors; fl.1986-1988
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/743Aylett; Bernard (d.2010); Chemist
DS/UK/677Varey; John Earl (1922-1999); Professor; Principal, Scholar of Spanish Literature
DS/UK/702Jenkin; Lord; Charles Patrick Fleeming (b.1926); Baron Jenkin of Roding; Barrister, Politician
DS/UK/847Lewis; Gladys Mary (1917-2004); Treasurer of Westfield College, Westfield Trust trustee
DS/UK/696Lindop; Sir; Norman (1921-); Director of Hatfield Polytechnic
DS/UK/650Sumner; Michael (fl.1984-1995); Secretary to Westfield College
DS/UK/633Fleming; James Battersby (1832-1908); Reverend; Canon of York
DS/UK/637Stephens; Samuel Sanders (fl.1908); Founder of Amy Stephens Scholarship
DS/UK/848Wright; Stanley Harris (fl.1990-2005); Chairman of Westfield Trust Investments Committee
DS/UK/849Butterworth; Ian (fl.1986-1990); Principal
DS/UK/850Scopes; Patricia Molly (fl.1961-1999); Chemist
DS/UK/851Charity Commission for England and Wales; 1993-; Regulator of charities
DS/UK/852Loyn; Henry (fl.1977-1988); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/853McClure; Francis Vernon (1948-); Chariman of Westfield Trust, Academic Registrar
DS/UK/692Hill; Rosalind Mary Theodosia (1908-1997); Professor; Historian
DS/UK/141Stocks; Mary Danvers (1891-1975); Baroness; nee Brinton, Principal
DS/UK/854Collinson; Joan (d.2001); Reverend; Canon
DS/UK/66University Funding Council; 1988-1992
DS/UK/647Forster; Rosalie M (d.1995); Secretary to Westfield College Council
DS/UK/855Cooper; Elaine Dilnott (d.1990); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/856Smith; Gwenyth Elizabeth (d.1992); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/857Coombs; Phyliss Maude (d.1991); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/858Clarke; Mary Georgina (fl.1918-d.1990); Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/859Shrewsbury; P.J. (d.2001); nee Marrow, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/860Mostart; Charis Evelyn (d.2001); nee Sandys, Student of Westfield College
DS/UK/861Grant Thornton; fl.1990-; Accountants
DS/UK/862Wilkins Kennedy; 1882-; Chartered Accountants, Business advisors
DS/UK/863UBS; 1997-; Financial Services
DS/UK/864Laing & Cruickshank Investment Management Limited; fl.1990-2004
DS/UK/865Taylor; Wendy (fl.1962-); Sculptor
DS/UK/866Kendal Furniture Restorations; 1982-
DS/UK/867Jewellery Advisory Services Ltd; fl.2004-
DS/UK/868Beachcroft Stanley Solicitors; c.1828-