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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Datesfl. 1885
Person NameBrownlow; Arthur (fl. 1885); Honourary Secretary of the Beaumont Trust
EpithetHonourary Secretary of the Beaumont Trust
QM/1/2/16Correspondence relating to fundraising, file 21885-1889
QM/1/8/5Letters regarding the Beaumont Trust Secretary vacancy 1883-1886
QM/1/8/1Letters regarding employment opportunities, 18861886
QM/1/2/7Correspondence with Lady Brassey 1885-1886
QM/1/3/1Beaumont Trust Executive Committee for East London1885-1886
QM/1/2/10List of voters 1885
QM/1/4/2Laying of Queen's Hall foundation stone1886
QM/1/2Fundraising 1885-1889
QM/1/3Beaumont Trust Committee East London1885-1887
QM/1/2/6Requests for copies of sermon by Rev. J.M. Wilson at Westminster Abbey1886
QM/1/3/5Letters regarding the East London Committee1885-1887
QM/1/2/15Correspondence relating to fundraising, file 1 1885-1887
QM/1/2/9Fundraising in East London Docks1886
QM/1/1/1Papers relating to Drapers' Company c.1882-1886
QM/1/16/3Correspondence regarding Beaumont Trust renting rooms and article in Daily News1885-1886
QM/1/1Drapers' Company1728-1954
QM/1/16Various correspondence1884-1890
QM/1/8Staff and employmentc1879-1985
QM/1/7Premises, property and facilities1885-1935
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000