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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameHatton; John Leigh Smeathman (1865-1933); Principal of the East London College; Vice-Chancellor of the University of London; mathmatician.
ForenamesJohn Leigh Smeathman
EpithetPrincipal of the East London College; Vice-Chancellor of the University of London; mathmatician.
QM/1/5/24Visiting Committee papers, 18 July 19051905
QM/1/5/25Governors' papers, 26 July 19051905
QM/1/5/16Visiting Committee papers, 11 January 19051905
QM/1/5/17Visiting Committee papers, 31 January 19051904-1905
QM/1/5/23Visiting Committee papers, 20 June 19051905
QM/1/5/26Visiting Committee papers, 16 February 19061906
QM/1/5/21Visiting Committee papers, 10 May 19051905
QM/1/5/18Visiting Committee papers, 1 March 19051905
QM/1/5/28Governors' papers, 28 February 19061906
QM/1/5/29Visiting Committee papers, 28 March 19061906
QM/1/5/20Visiting Committee papers, 11 April 19051905
QM/1/5/27Visiting Committee papers, 28 February 19061906
QM/1/5/33Governors' papers, 4 July 19061906
QM/1/12/2J.L.S. Hatton's Diary of the East London Technical College1896-1901
QM/1/5/19Visiting Committee papers, 29 March 19051905
QM/1/5/22Visiting Committee papers, 23 May 19051905
QM/1/5/31Visiting Committee papers, 21 June 19061906
QM/1/5Trustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers1888-1930
QM/1/5/32Visiting Committee papers, 4 July 19061906
QM/1/7Premises, property and facilities1885-1935
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000
GM/1/6/1Photograph albumc 1887-c 1939
QM/1/5/11Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1907 to July 190815 Oct 1907-8 Jul 1908
QM/1/7/10Letter relating to Chemistry Laboratory facilities at East London Technical College3 Dec 1900
QM/1/12/11Reports relating to East London College and external governing bodies15 May 1907-26 Feb 1913