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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NamePeople's Palace; Library; 1888-1902
Corporate NamePeople's Palace
QM/1/4/3Letters regarding books for People's Palace Library 1886
QM/1/5/6Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, April to December 19031903
QM/1/16/5Letters to E.H. Currie and Secretary of People's Palace1885-1890
QM/1/17/4Newspaper cuttings, 1889-981889-1898
QM/1/8/6/2Constance Garnett (1861-1946), Head Librarian c1894
QM/1/14/8The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 14 May to 16 July 18901890
QM/1/15Photographs and illustrations1887-2000
QM/1/16Various correspondence1884-1890
QM/1/4Opening of the People's Palace and new People's Palace1885-1937
QMC/TEMP/202Unveiling of commemorative plaque in the Octagon, 19871987
QM/1/5Trustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers1888-1930
QM/1/5/35People's Palace Committee Minutes, January 1909 to July 19101909-1910
QM/1/14/9The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 23 July to 24 September 18901890
QM/1/8Staff and employmentc1879-1985
QM/1/17/22Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about the People's Palace1887-1893
QM/1/17Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about People's Palace1884-1975
QM/1/7Premises, property and facilities1885-1935
QM/1/14/17The People's Palace Journal and Educational Herald1893-1894
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000
QM/1/14/19Bound volume of People's Palace Calendars, Guide, Journals and Sketch of the People's Palace and its Library1893-1900
QM/1/8/6Papers and artefacts relating to specific staff of the People's Palacec1879-1985
QM/1/8/6/3Minnie Stewart Rhodes James (1865-1903), Head Librarian1892-1977
QM/1/7/4Plaster from the Octagonc1887