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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Datesfl 1890-1936
Person NamePeople's Palace; Choral and Orchestral Society; fl 1890-1936
Corporate NamePeople's Palace
QM/1/11/7Choral and Orchestral Society, advertisements and prospectus1933-1934
QM/1/10/39Report on Work of the People's Palace to 31 July 19201920
QM/1/10/23Samples of printed tickets, 1923-281923-1928
QM/1/15/2Queen's Hallc.1900-1920
QM/1/11/6Appointment of Choral and Orchestral Society Conductor 1932-1936
QM/1/17/6Newspaper cuttings, 1929-301929-1930
QM/1/15Photographs and illustrations1887-2000
QM/1/5Trustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers1888-1930
QM/1/5/35People's Palace Committee Minutes, January 1909 to July 19101909-1910
QM/1/10Entertainment and events1886-1966
QM/1/14/10The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 1 October 1890 to 26 December 18901890
QM/1/11Clubs and societies1886-1953
QM/1/17Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about People's Palace1884-1975
QM/1/14/13The Palace Journal, Vol. 9, 1 January to 24 June 18921892
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000
QM/1/10/15Programmes and posters for concerts at held at the Peoples Palace Queen’s Hallc1888-12 Apr 1939
QM/1/11/8Choral Society, programmes1947-1953