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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Datesfl. 1894-1940
Person NameHichens; Mary Hermione (fl. 1894-1940); née Lyttelton, known as Hermione, daughter of Neville Lyttelton
Forenames Mary Hermione
NL/20/4Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1907-1908
NL/11/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1911
NL/15/3Lucy Masterman letters to family1904-1923
NL/20/1Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1898-1901
NL/27/1Family letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1921
NL/36/1Friends letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1913
NL/11Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1911
NL/5/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1911
NL/21Hermione Hichens and Lionel Hitchens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1931
NL/15/1Lucy Masterman letters to family1888-1898
NL/21/5Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1898-1905
NL/21/3Hermione Hichens and Lionel Hitchens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907-1941
NL/20/2Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1902-1906
NL/21/4Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1914
NL/36Friends letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1913
NL/38/43Fragments written by Hermione Lytteltonc.1900-1910
NL/20/5Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1908-1912
NL/22/3Hermione Hichens letters to familyc.1907
NL/5Neville Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1911
NL/38/19Letters and articles about Lucy Lyttelton, Hilda Lyttelton and Hermione Lytteltonc.1892-1930
NL/22/2Hermione Hichens letters to family1907-1941
NL/20Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1898-1912
NL/21/1Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1905
NL/22Hermione Hichens letters to family1902-1921
NL/21/2Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1906-1908
NL/27Family letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1921
NL/18Hilda Grenfell letters to family1897-1923
NL/22/1Hermione Hichens letters to family1902-1921
NL/18/1Hilda Grenfell letters to family1897-1923
NL/21/6Hichen grandchildren letters to Katherine Lyttelton1930s-1940s
NL/20/3Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1907
NL/15Lucy Masterman letters to family1888-1923
NL/GRE/33/13Photographs of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1890-1915
NL/GRE/33/15Photographs of Hermione Hichensc.1894-1920
NL/GRE/33/6Photographs of Lyttelton family c.1880-1910
NL/GRE/33/8Photographs of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1884-1920
NL/GRE/1/5Hilda Grenfell letters to family1908-1940s
NL/GRE/33/12Photograph album of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1890-1910