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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameWestfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
Corporate NameWestfield College
EpithetHigher Education Institution
WFD/1/2/5High Court of Justice Petition1919
WFD/2/6/1/6Minute book1961-1965
WFD/13/2/3Programmes of study in the Faculty of Arts1980s
WFD/4/6/1/5Endowment Fund appealc.1914
WFD/23/3/2/36Hermes, Jun 19191919
WFD/23/3/2/60Hermes, Dec 19431943
WFD/23/3/1/6Bound Hermes, Dec 1932 - Christmas 19491932-1949
WFD/3/76Annual report, 1959-19601960
WFD/4/3Account books1882-1954
WFD/4/1/1Account balance sheets, 1923-19641924-1964
WFD/3/25Calendar, 1907-19081908
WFD/3/10Annual report, 1892-18931893
WFD/2/6/1/3Minute book1933-1946
WFD/3/83Annual report, 1966-19671967
WFD/2/17/2Westfield College bye-laws1953-1968
WFD/3/74Annual report, 1957-19581958
WFD/3/30Calendar, 1912-19131913
WFD/17Student societies1894-1970
WFD/8Principal's personal papersmid 19th century-late 20th century
WFD/3/13Annual report, 1895-18961896
WFD/3/34Calendar, 1916-19171917
WFD/23/4/9Tattler, Jan 1969 - Nov 19691969
WFD/4/1/3Account balance sheets, 1972-19821973-1982
WFD/23/4/11Mole, No.1 and No.3c.1971
WFD/3/62Annual report, 1945-19461946
WFD/3/36Calendar, 1918-19191919
WFD/3/58Annual report, 1941-19421942
WFD/PRINT/15Cornfields Shoreham, John Linnell19th century
WFD/3/70Annual report, 1953-19541954
WFD/23/2/13Prospectus, for entry in 19411940
WFD/23/3/2/32Hermes, No.47, Oct 19151915
WFD/23/4/4Tattler and Layabout, Oct 1962 - Mar 19631962-1963
WFD/WT/3/1Accounts for the period 1 Nov 1988 - 31 Jul 19901990
WFD/23/2/8Prospectus, for entry in 19361935
WFD/3/24Calendar, 1906-19071907
WFD/3/2Annual report, 1883-18841884
WFD/WT/3/4Accounts for the year to 31 Jul 19931994
WFD/4/1/2Account balance sheets, 1964-19721965-1972
WFD/3/54Annual report, 1937-19381938
WFD/3/41Annual report, 1923-19241924
WFD/23/3/2/51Hermes, Dec 19331933
WFD/WT/3/3Accounts for the year to 31 Jul 19921993
WFD/3/75Annual report, 1958-19591959
WFD/23/8/14Westfield Bulletin, 7 Oct 1981 - 28 Sep 19821981-1982
WFD/WT/3/6Accounts for the year to 31 Jul 19951996
WFD/23/5/4Rag Mag1971
WFD/3/7Annual report, 1889-18901890
WFD/23/3/2/57Hermes, Dec 19391939
WFD/23/2/1Prospectus, for entry in 19291928
WFD/23/3/2/45Hermes, Nov 19271927
WFD/23/4/13W.C. Oct 1974 - Feb 19751974-1975
WFD/23/3/2/63Hermes, Winter 1946 - Spring 19471946
WFD/23/2/12Prospectus, for entry in 19401939
WFD/2/2/7Meeting reports1954
WFD/23/3/2/39Hermes, Mar 19221922
WFD/3/77Annual report, 1960-19611961
WFD/3/93Annual report, 1976-19771977
WFD/23/2/6Prospectus, for entry in 19341933
WFD/3/81Annual report, 1964-19651965
WFD/23/2/10Prospectus, for entry in 19381937
WFD/23/5/3Rag Mag1970
WFD/3/39Calendar, 1921-19221922
WFD/23/3/2/43Hermes, Nov 19251925
WFD/23/3/1/2Bound Hermes, No.18 Mar 1901 - No.37 Oct 19101901-1910
WFD/3/53Annual report, 1935-19361936
WFD/23/3/2/3Hermes, No.4, Jan 18941894
WFD/23/3/2/42Hermes, Nov 19241924
WFD/23/4/22W.C. Oct 1983 - Jun 19841983-1984
WFD/WT/3/17Annual report and financial statements for the year to 31 Jul 20062007
WFD/6/1/1/8Minute book1927-1928
WFD/23/5/11Rag Mag1982
WFD/23/5/13Rag Mag1989
WFD/2/1/9Minute book1926-1933
WFD/2/2/5Meeting reports1952
WFD/2/1/10Minute book1933-1940
WFD/2/2Meeting reports1948-1965
WFD/2/13/4Correspondence of Sylvia Fletcher Moulton, Chairman of Council 1946-1953c.1947-1956
WFD/2/1/5Minute book1900-1907
WFD/6/1/1/5Minute book1914-1918
WFD/2/2/2Meeting reports1949
WFD/2/7/2Correspondence concerning the conversion of Old House1964-1966
WFD/2/1/6Minute book1907-1915
WFD/2/1/2Minute book1887-1889
WFD/2/12Amendments to trust deeds, charters and statutes1915-1986
WFD/2/2/3Meeting reports1950
WFD/2/6/1/4Minute book1946-1953
WFD/4/2/5Account ledger1957-1962
WFD/5/9/2Survey on laboratory space 1980
WFD/2/1/8Minute book1920-1926
WFD/5/2/1University inspections, 1909 and 19111910-1912
WFD/2/14/6Notes and correspondence of Michael Sumner, College Secretary 1984-19891985-1989
WFD/2/16/4Letter relating to nominations for Chairman of Council as a successor to Gerald Ellison1966
WFD/2/1/17Minute book1968-1970
WFD/2/8/2Correspondence relating to the appointment of a successor to Dorothy Chapman as Principal1938
WFD/2/6/1/2Minute book1924-1933
WFD/2/1/26Minute book1984-1985
WFD/4/1/4Account balance sheet, 1982-19831983
WFD/4/4/1Household expenditure petty cash book1914-1927
WFD/2/10/5Post-War Policy Committee papers and minutes1943-1944
WFD/2/16/1Letters relating to the election of William Temple as Chairman of Council1916-1920
WFD/3/103Annual report, 1986-19871987
WFD/2/13/8Letters of Sir Peter Parker, Chairman of Council 1968-19771968-1971
WFD/23/5/6Rag Mag1975
WFD/2/11/1Centenary Committee I papers and minutes1977-1978
WFD/3/91Annual report, 1974-19751975
WFD/2/2/4Meeting reports1951
WFD/3/20Calendar, 1902-19031903
WFD/4/2/1Account ledger1920-1936
WFD/2/1/16Minute book1967-1968
WFD/2/6/3/2Correspondence concerning Statute 15 of the Royal Charter1942-1943
WFD/2/6/2Investments Committee1956-1989
WFD/22/2/3/5Correspondence and papers of Queen Mary and Westfield College Property Strategy Group1989-1990
WFD/20/1/2Register of Services 1966-1992
WFD/3/101Annual report, 1984-19851985
WFD/2/16/6Correspondence relating to the election of Sir Norman Lindop as Chairman of Council1983
WFD/2/1/15Minute book1965-1967
WFD/2/8/1Correspondence relating to the appointment of a successor to Eleanor Lodge as Principal1930-1931
WFD/2/1/27Minute book1985-1986
WFD/2/2/1Meeting reports1948
WFD/6/1/3/1Minute book1933-1943
WFD/3/95Annual report, 1978-19791979
WFD/3/104Annual report, 1987-19881988
WFD/23/5/9Rag Mag1980
WFD/2/12/3Correspondence concerning revisions to the Royal Charter of 19331956-1966
WFD/2/17College bye-laws and regulationsc.1939-1986
WFD/3/92Annual report, 1975-19761976
WFD/3/89Annual report, 1972-19731973
WFD/2/14/3Correspondence of Eileen McCully, Assistant Secretary 1949-1963, Secretary to Council 1963-1965, and Deputy College Secretary 1966-19761963-1966
WFD/13/1/2Standing Committee minutes1967-1984
WFD/3/94Annual report, 1977-19781978
WFD/12/1/14Letter relating to the death of Verner O Rees1966
WFD/23/3/2/67Hermes, Christmas 19501950
WFD/2/6/1/5Minute book1953-1961
WFD/23/6/7Student handbook, 1975-19761975
WFD/2/16Election correspondence1916-1983
WFD/2/11Centenary Committee1977-1983
WFD/2/8/4Correspondence relating to the appointment of a successor to Kathleen Chesney as Principal1961-1962
WFD/2/9/3Correspondence relating to the Organisation and Methods Unit, University of London1979-1980
WFD/2/10/3Chapel Committee minutes1928-1929
WFD/2/10Ad Hoc Committees1890-1976
WFD/2/8Principalship Committee1931-1983
WFD/4/1/8Account balance sheet, 1986-19871987
WFD/23/3/2/59Hermes, Dec 19421942
WFD/2/13Chairman's and Vice-Chairman's correspondence1918-1978
WFD/20/1/3Order of Service1989
WFD/2/8/3Correspondence relating to the appointment of a successor to Mary Stocks as Principal1947-1951
WFD/4/6/2Jubilee appeal1930-1938
WFD/6/1/1/6Minute book1921-1933
WFD/5/3/1/2Papers concerning proposals for the quinquenniums 1930-1935 and 1947-19521929-1948
WFD/2/9/4Papers of, and relating to, the Working Party on Administrative Reorganisation1979-1980
WFD/2/9Reorganisation Committee1963-1980
WFD/5/3/1/1Correspondence regarding an application for a grant1919-c.1920
WFD/5/3/2/9Visitation of Physical Sciences Sub-Committee, 1975-19791975-1979
WFD/2/9/1Reports and minutes of the Reorganisation Committee1963-1966
WFD/5/7/1Correspondence relating to representation on Westfield College Council1964-1978
WFD/2/10/2Buildings Committee minutes1920-1933
WFD/2/9/2Report of a Management Survey1964
WFD/24/2/3Recitals and concerts1944-1975
WFD/4/6/2/3Letters and receipts concerning donations to the Jubilee Building Fund1933-1938
WFD/2/11/2Centenary Committee II papers1978-1983
WFD/7/7/3Correspondence and notices relating to the College Chapel1939-1951
WFD/2/10/1Buildings Sub-Committee minutes1890-1905
WFD/5/6Robbins Committee1961-1964
WFD/2/8/6Correspondence relating to the appointment of a successor to Bryan Thwaites as Principal1982-1983
WFD/4/3/1College cash account book1882-1888
WFD/2/16/3Correspondence and reports relating to nominations for Chairman of Council as a successor to Sylvia Fletcher Moulton1952
WFD/5/3/2/3Visitation, 11 Jan 19511950
WFD/10/4Postgraduate students1929-c.1984
WFD/5/4/2Papers relating to the Departmental Committee on the Royal Commission on University Education1924-1927
WFD/2/13/6Letters of Prof H Hale Bellot, Vice-Chairman of Council 1951-19681940-1967
WFD/2/15Treasurer's Correspondence1917-1964
WFD/2/17/4Commission on Academic Freedom Questionnaire1969-1970
WFD/3/65Annual report, 1948-19491949
WFD/2/13/5Correspondence of Lady Moberly, Vice-Chairman of Council 1950-19631957-1960
WFD/4/1/6Account balance sheet, 1984-19851985
WFD/3/11Annual report, 1893-18941894
WFD/26/1/7Budget Letters, 1920-19231920-1923
WFD/6/1/1/3Minute book1910-1912
WFD/4/3/2Ladies College cash account book1889-1897
WFD/2/18Patrons and Honorary Fellows1932-1992
WFD/2/16/5Correspondence relating to the election of Sir Harry Melville as Chairman of Council1976-1977
WFD/3/97Annual report, 1980-19811981
WFD/2/14/1Correspondence of Evelyn Gedge, Secretary to Council 1920-19481925-1948
WFD/3/21Calendar, 1903-19041904
WFD/2/18/2Correspondence concerning HRH Duchess of Gloucester as Patron of Westfield College1977-1992
WFD/2/15/1Letters of Arthur Sturge, Treasurer 1917-19391917-1942
WFD/5/4Royal Commission on University Education1909-1928
WFD/5/3/2/11Visitation, 27 Feb 19791978-1979
WFD/4/3/3Miscellaneous account book1940-1954
WFD/4/4Petty cash books1914-1963
WFD/2/14/4Correspondence of Eileen McCully relating to the resignation of Pamela Matthews1965
WFD/2/17/3Membership of the College pamphlets1967-1986
WFD/5/4/1Papers regarding the Royal Commission on University Education1909-c.1914
WFD/5/3/1/3Papers concerning proposals for the quinquennium 1952-19571950
WFD/4/4/3Household expenditure cash book1953-1963
WFD/8/1/1/2Letter from Mary King1869
WFD/WT/2/20Minutes and associated papers2004-2005
WFD/4/6/1General appeals1892-1925
WFD/3/73Annual report, 1956-19571957
WFD/9/1Starters and leaversc.1966-1996
WFD/3/98Annual report, 1981-19821982
WFD/5/2University inspections and visitations1909-1948
WFD/5/1Admission as School of the University1900-1902
WFD/5/3/2/6Visitation, 6 Jul 19651965
WFD/5/3/2University Grants Committee visitations1933-1980
WFD/23/2/17Prospectus, for entry in 19461945
WFD/4/6/2/1Letters from University of London concerning Jubilee appeal1930-1934
WFD/4/1/9Account balance sheet, 1987-19881988
WFD/3/47Annual report, 1929-19301930
WFD/3/42Annual report, 1924-19251925
WFD/4/6/2/4Correspondence regarding the launch of the Jubilee appeal1934-1935
WFD/23/5/1Rag Mag1967
WFD/23/3/1/7Bound Hermes, Christmas 1950 - 19591950-1959
WFD/3/51Annual report, 1933-19341934
WFD/12/10/19Maresfield Gardens1982
WFD/3/26Calendar, 1908-19091909
WFD/23/2/9Prospectus, for entry in 19371936
WFD/3/44Annual report, 1926-19271927
WFD/3/52Annual report, 1934-19351935
WFD/23/5/10Rag Mag1981
WFD/16/1/2/5Minute book1949-1952
WFD/23/5/12Rag Mag1983
WFD/23/5/7Rag Mag1978
WFD/23/4/12W.C. Nov 1971 - May 1972 1971-1972
WFD/23/5/2Rag Mag1968
WFD/23/5/5Rag Mag1974
WFD/23/2/7Prospectus, for entry in 19351934
WFD/23/2/5Prospectus, for entry in 19331932
WFD/3/82Annual report, 1965-19661966
WFD/5/2/2University inspection, 19241925
WFD/3/46Annual report, 1928-19291929
WFD/4/1/5Account balance sheet, 1983-19841984
WFD/23/4/5Tattler and Layabout, Nov 1963 - May 19641963-1964
WFD/23/2/15Prospectus, for entry in 19441943
WFD/4/6/1/4Maynard Memorial Fund appeal1913-1914
WFD/3/6Annual report, 1888-18891889
WFD/3/57Annual report, 1940-19411941
WFD/23/3/2/23Hermes, No.37, Oct 19101910
WFD/23/6/17Student handbook, 1986-19871986
WFD/23/3/2/111Winged Hermes, 19971997
WFD/23/3/2/5Hermes, No.9, Aug 18961896
WFD/4/6/1/7Building Fund appeal1925
WFD/6/1/1/4Minute book1912-1914
WFD/5/3/2/8Visitation, 2 May 19741970-1974
WFD/4/6/3/3Westfield College Development Trust Accounts for Centenary Appeal1983-1984
WFD/23/2/2Prospectus, for entry in 19301929
WFD/23/8/18Westfield Bulletin, 4 Oct 1985 - 27 Jun 19861985-1986
WFD/15/1/1Postcard of the Women's Christian College1916
WFD/5/3/1Applications and quinquennium development policies1919-1971
WFD/5/7Representation on governing bodies of Schools of the University1964-1978
WFD/2/13/3Letters of William Thomas Gordon, Vice-Chairman of Council 1945-19501948-1950
WFD/23/2/11Prospectus, for entry in 19391938
WFD/10/1/1Student register, 1882-1898 1882-1972
WFD/23/8/12Westfield Bulletin, 1 Oct 1979 - 29 Sep 19801979-1980
WFD/5/3/2/2Visitation, 30 Nov 19451945
WFD/6/1/1/1Minute book1903-1906
WFD/7/9Pamela Matthews, Principal 1962-19651962-1965
WFD/7/10/5Meeting agendas1975-1982
WFD/16/1/1/10Minute book, Students' meetings1951-1955
WFD/10/1/3Student register '3', 1909-19171909-1990
WFD/5/3/1/6Proposed development policy for the quinquennium 1967-1972c.1966
WFD/10/10/4Student testimonials, F-H1940-1974
WFD/6/1/2/1Minute book1909-1923
WFD/5/3/2/4Visitation, 15 Feb 19561954-1956
WFD/4/6/1/2Library and scholarships appeal1902-1903
WFD/8/1/1/5Letters to and from Gabrielle Maynard1875-1894
WFD/10/1/9Student register '9', 1939-19421939-1993
WFD/4/6/3/2Centenary appeal brochure and related press article1979-1982
WFD/5/3/2/7Visitation, 16 Feb 19711970-1971
WFD/5/3/1/4Papers concerning proposals for the quinquennium 1957-19621955-1956
WFD/5/3/2/1Visitation, 6 Mar 19341933
WFD/12/6Caroline Skeel Library1963-1971
WFD/5/3/1/5Proposed development policy for the quinquennium 1962-1967c.1961
WFD/WT/5/11Minutes and associated papers1998-1999
WFD/16/1/2/4Minute book1942-1948
WFD/5/9/3Papers relating to the Subject Area Review Committee1981-1982
WFD/7/8/2Principal's notices1951-1962
WFD/6/1/2/3Minute book1928-1933
WFD/5/2/4University visitation, 19481948-1950
WFD/5/5/1Correspondence and papers relating to the Hale Committee1961-1962
WFD/8/1/3Letters from friends from Girton College1875-1931
WFD/13/1/7/9Report of Westfield College Expedition to North-West Iceland1982
WFD/10/3/1International student index cards, A-Z1982-1992
WFD/6/3/1Papers relating to the Working Party on College Expansion1964-1973
WFD/29/6Portrait of Elizabeth Welshc.1895
WFD/6/1/2/2Minute book1923-1928
WFD/23/2/41Prospectus, 1974-19751973
WFD/6/1/3/3Minute book1948-1954
WFD/12/3/1Correspondence relating to proposed new Science Building1956-1957
WFD/5/3/2/10Visitation of Arts Sub-Committee, 18 Feb 19771976-1977
WFD/6/1/3Academic Board minutes1933-1954
WFD/9/3/2Non-Teaching Staffs Advisory Committee1979-1990
WFD/23/8/19Westfield Bulletin, 3 Oct 1986 - 19 Jun 19871986-1987
WFD/6/1/1/2Minute book1906-1908
WFD/3/4Annual report, 1885-18861886
WFD/6/1/1/7Minute book1926-1927
WFD/5/6/2Correspondence and papers relating to the College's response to the Robbins Report1964
WFD/7/6Dorothy Chapman, Principal 1931-19391931-1959
WFD/5/9/1Correspondence and papers relating to the Committee on Academic Organisation1980-1982
WFD/7/7Mary Stocks, Principal 1939-19511939-1951
WFD/8/1/1/6Letters to and from Henry Maynard1879-1887
WFD/3/40Annual report, 1922-19231923
WFD/23/2/48Prospectus, 1985-19861984
WFD/6/1/3/2Minute book1943-1948
WFD/7/7/5Correspondence relating to post-war problems and finance1943-1945
WFD/7/7/7Correspondence relating to Garden Parties1949-1950
WFD/10/1/2Student register 'Vol 2', 1898-19081898-1987
WFD/7/6/2Principal's notices1933-1936
WFD/7/6/1Papers and correspondence of Dorothy Chapman1931-1959
WFD/7/8Kathleen Chesney, Principal 1951-19621951-1962
WFD/7/7/2Principal's notices1939-1951
WFD/23/2/16Prospectus, for entry in 19451944
WFD/8/1/4Letter to Dr Ranger1888
WFD/23/2/21Prospectus, for entry in 19521951
WFD/3/35Calendar, 1917-19181918
WFD/7/7/1Principal's reports to Council1939-1951
WFD/12/2/8Correspondence relating to the Admiralty requisition of College buildings1941-1945
WFD/23/3/2/47Hermes, Nov 19291929
WFD/3/12Annual report, 1894-18951895
WFD/23/8/20Westfield Bulletin, 9 Oct 1987 - 17 Jun 19881987-1988
WFD/23/3/2/50Hermes, Dec 19321932
WFD/23/2/42Prospectus, 1975-19761974
WFD/13/1/7Field trips and activities1969-1982
WFD/7/8/6Correspondence and papers relating to proposed Constance Maynard Lecture1953-1956
WFD/7/9/2Correspondence relating to the College Chapel1962-1965
WFD/2/7/1Correspondence concerning Orchard Wing II extension1964-1967
WFD/8/1/7Handwritten religious notecardslate 19th century
WFD/20/2/2Manual of Prayersmid-late 20th century
WFD/7/3Anne W Richardson, Acting Principal 1917-19191917-1919
WFD/16/1/1/15Minute book, Union meetings1962-1963
WFD/14/1/4Student's notebook1906
WFD/2/14/5Letters of Ronald Parkin, College Secretary 1966-19841970-1978
WFD/9/1/3Staff leavers book1967-1992
WFD/10/2/2Student index cards, H-R1882-1991
WFD/7/8/7Correspondence relating to Westfield College Association1956-1962
WFD/9/3/4Staff Reduction Sub-Board1982-1984
WFD/9/3/2/3Minutes and papers1980-1985
WFD/22/2/3Property Strategy Group1987-1990
WFD/4/5/2Mortgage to secure debentures of Westfield College1891
WFD/4/2Account ledgers1920-1966
WFD/7/10/2Principal's notices1967-1981
WFD/13/1/7/2Report of Westfield College Expedition to Thessalonika1970
WFD/7/10/3Memoranda and letters relating to student issues1967-1970
WFD/10/2/3Student index cards, S-Z1883-1991
WFD/16/1/1/12Minute book, College meetings1957-1959
WFD/14/1/2Correspondence relating to religious teaching1901-1908
WFD/8/1/1Letters to family members1868-1894
WFD/PRINT/24Albert, Companion of Saint William, Tied to a Tree, Salvator Rosamid-late 17th century
WFD/27/7Reminiscences of N. Jessie Hardiman1981
WFD/10/9Student health and welfare1949-1983
WFD/9/1/2Housekeeping and catering staff starters and leavers book, 1946-1992c.1966-1992
WFD/9/3/2/2Minutes, papers, and correspondence1979-1987
WFD/8/1/1/1Letters to and from Louisa Maynard1868-1875
WFD/26/3Photograph albums and scrapbooks1895-1980s
WFD/10/5/1College scholarship and entrance examination papers1915-1965
WFD/9/3/5/1Correspondence and papers relating to professorial salaries1964-1989
WFD/23/4/19W.C. Oct 1980 - Jun 19811980-1981
WFD/19/6/2John Lane Archive Inventory1985
WFD/13/1/4Botany Department 1921-1973
WFD/12/10/17Kidderpore Hallc.1972
WFD/12/1/13Revised development plan of Westfield College and associated correspondence1966-1968
WFD/26/1/6Budget Letters, 1910-19191910-1919
WFD/16/1/1/17Minute book, Union meetings1965-1966
WFD/9/2/2Correspondence relating to University regulations on University titles1943-1971
WFD/7/10/4Correspondence and papers relating to the Principal's residence in Old House 1968-1983
WFD/23/3/2/26Hermes, No.41, Oct 19121912
WFD/10/1/10Student register '10', 1942-19461942-1993
WFD/8/1/9Reminiscences of Mrs Umphelby of Belstead Housec.1920
WFD/8/1/1/3Letters to and from Dora Maynard1869-1887
WFD/7/9/3Correspondence relating to Westfield College Association1962-1965
WFD/7/10/6Speeches of Bryan Thwaites1971-1986
WFD/23/4/10Fyrd, Feb 1970 - Nov 19701970
WFD/19/4Visitors books1965-1988
WFD/8/1/6Letters to former students of Westfield Collegec.1890-1932
WFD/12/1/5Notes on property acquisitions and capital costsc.1930
WFD/10/6/8Catherine Lea Memorial Prize Fund1983
WFD/16/1/1/8Minute book, College meetings1948-1952
WFD/4/6/1/3Endowment Fund appealc.1908-c.1910
WFD/10/3International students1961-1992
WFD/9/2/3Terms of appointments and duties of postsc.1947-1956
WFD/12/1/16Paper relating to College land and properties1981
WFD/8/3Personal papers relating to Anne Richardson1929-1966
WFD/10/8/5Report of the Committee on Amenities and Welfare Conditions in the Three Women's Services1942
WFD/3/32Calendar, 1914-19151915
WFD/23/8/17Westfield Bulletin, 5 Oct 1984 - 31 May 19851984-1985
WFD/9/1/1Staff starters and leavers book, 1946-1996c.1966-1996
WFD/23/2/50Prospectus, 1987-19881986
WFD/18/2/5SCR diary1988
WFD/7/10Bryan Thwaites, Principal 1966-19831966-1986
WFD/10/1/16Student register 'No.16', 1957-19611957-1991
WFD/3/56Annual report, 1939-19401940
WFD/16/1/1/11Minute book, College meetings1953-1957
WFD/23/4/26W.C. Oct 1987 - Jun 19881987-1988
WFD/12/10/20The Queen Mother's Hall1982
WFD/18/1/1Minute book1931-1948
WFD/23/3/2/9Hermes, No.17, Oct 19001900
WFD/8/4Copies of personal papers of Bertha Phillpotts, 1916-1922late 20th century
WFD/10/1/4Student register '4', 1917-19221917-1992
WFD/10/6/3Girls of the Realm Guild1940-1985
WFD/9/1/4Staff starters and leavers book1976-1992
WFD/8/1/10Last will and testament1935-1936
WFD/17/4Mathematical Society minute book1933-1952
WFD/10/2/1Student index cards, A-G1883-1991
WFD/9/3/4/2Minutes, papers, and correspondence1982
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WFD/12/2/10Correspondence relating to Tavistock Clinic tenancy of College buildings1942-1945
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WFD/PRINT/9The Battle of the Pictures, William Hogarthn.d.
WFD/23/10/3Copy of an article relating to Birdie Dillon, cleaner at Queen Mary and Westfield Collegelate 20th century
WFD/WCA/6Circulars and papers relating to a Directory of Old Students1938-1961
WFD/23/10/5Copy of an article relating to Gilly Grix, Head Gardener, and Dr Gordon Cunnell, Lecturer in Botany and Garden Stewardlate 20th century
WFD/23/10/6Articles relating to Rosalind Hill, Lecturer in History1976-1994
WFD/2/1/11Minute book1940-1949
WFD/24/2/1Dramatic performances c.1908-1980s
WFD/2/1/19Minute book1973-1975
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WFD/23/9Hampstead Harrier1989-1992
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WFD/24/4/2/2Visitors book1978-1989
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WFD/14/1/3Notebook of Constance Maynard1901-1911
CLM/1Green Books1866-1935
HJ/1Hamlet Lecture Notes1965-1989
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WFD/25/5Correspondence relating to College portraits and paintings1903-1992
WFD/1/2/9Supplemental Charter and Statutes1976
WFD/2/6/2/1Minute book1956-1989
WFD/26/3/1Photographs belonging to Catherine Firth and Hilda Smith1895-c.1930
WFD/1/2/6Printed Trust deedc.1919
WFD/22/1/3Minutes of the Joint Queen Mary College and Westfield College Experimental Sciences Co-ordinating Committee and its sub-committees1983-1984
WFD/2/1/7Minute book1916-1920
WFD/WCA/1/7Minute book1965-1974
WFD/2/4/4Minute book1933-1950
WFD/4/6/3Centenary appeal1975-1986
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WFD/2/1/24Minute book1982-1983
WFD/2/1/29Minute book1987-1988
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WFD/14Non-degree courses1901-1983
WFD/2/14Secretary's correspondence and associated papers1925-1978
WFD/5University of London1900-1982
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WFD/8/5Personal correspondence of Mary Stocks1931-1967
WFD/9Staff Administration1929-1996
WFD/23/10/18Press cuttings relating to Westfield College1932-1954
WFD/13/1/5/1Correspondence relating to computing facilities 1960-1977
WFD/7/9/1Correspondence of Pamela Matthews1962-1964
WFD/9/2/1Appointments to Chairs and Readerships of the University1929-1973
WFD/7/10/1Correspondence of Bryan Thwaites1966-1984
WFD/16/1/2Standing Committees Minutes1920-1973
WFD/12/5/1Correspondence and papers relating to the acquisition of Berridge House1963-1964
WFD/12/7/4Correspondence and papers relating to final plans and programme for new halls of residence1970-1974
WFD/12/6/3Papers and correspondence relating to proposed Library building1966-1968
WFD/10/8/3Correspondence relating to the call up of women for National Service1942-1947
WFD/15International links1915-1984
WFD/12/2/3Correspondence relating to occupancy of St Peter's Hall, Oxford1939-1957
WFD/16Westfield College Union Society1907-1985
WFD/24/4/1/7Correspondence and papers relating to visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on 7 Dec 19821982-1983
WFD/24/5/1Letters and associated papers relating to the Jubilee Dinner1932
WFD/13/1/6/1Programmes of study in the Faculty of Science1973-1977
WFD/15/3I Fang Girls' Collegiate School, Changsha, China1915-1972
WFD/21Governance - negotiations and proposed mergers1964-1991
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WFD/19/6John Lane Archive1968-1990
WFD/22/4Correspondence relating to Hampstead Campus of Queen Mary and Westfield College1988-1992
WFD/24/6/2Working file of Janet Sondheimer relating to the centenary publication1972-1986
WFD/WT/5Westfield Trust Investment Committee1989-2009
WFD/24/3/2/3Published lectures1966-1985
WFD/24/4/1/3Correspondence and papers relating to visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on 1 May 19571956-1957
WFD/28Obituaries and memorials1917-2004
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STB/11/3University of London Union Historical Society1951-1964
STB/11Other University of London files and students' letters1951-1967
WFD/WT/2/25Minutes 2009
CS/CS/1Westfield College1850-1950
CS/CS/2Personal Papers1880-1964
WFD/24/4/1/4Correspondence and papers relating to visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on 28 Jun 19721972
WFD/7/7/4Correspondence of Mary Stocks 1940-1951
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WFD/WT/1Establishment and pre-history of the Trust1979-2000
CLM/3Sundial Diaries1911-1935
HJ/2Other Shakespeare Lecture Notes1941-1988
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WFD/25Photographs of staff and studentsc.1885-1992
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WFD/PRINT/20Title page of Trofei di Ottaviano Augusto, Giovanni Battista Piranesimid-late 18th century
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WFDWESTFIELD COLLEGEearly 16th century-2010
CLM/8Writings by Family and Friends1871-1905
HJ/3Other Subject Lecture Notesc.1945-1986
WFD/WT/3Annual reports and financial statements1990-2009
WFD/2/1/1Minute book1882-1887
WFD/1/2/3Papers and memorandum regarding attempts for Incorporation1893-1906
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WFD/2/1/13Minute book1956-1962
WFD/2/1/30Minute book1988-1989
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WFD/2/1/14Minute book1962-1965
WFD/2/1/18Minute book1971-1973
WFD/2/1/28Minute book1986-1987
WFD/2/1/25Minute book1983-1984
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WFD/2/1/22Minute book1979-1981
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WFD/2/17/1Student rules and regulationsc.1939-1984
WFD/4/1Account balance sheets1924-1989
WFD/4/6/1/6War-time Maintenance, Extension, and Endowment Funds appealsc.1916-1919
WFD/4/5/3Reconveyance of mortgages1908
WFD/5/2/3University visitation, 19361935-1938
WFD/2/5/1Minute book1900-c.1933
WFD/2/7Planning Committee1964-1967
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WFD/5/3/2/5Visitation, 2 Mar 19601959-1960
WFD/5/3/1/7Papers concerning proposals for the quinquennium 1972-19771969-1971
WFD/5/5Hale Committee1961-1962
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WFD/5/8Murray Report1972-1975
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WFD/7/8/4Correspondence and notices relating to the College Chapel1951-1962
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WFD/7/5Eleanor Lodge, Principal 1921-19311923-1936
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WFD/7/11John Varey, Principal 1983-19891983-1988
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WFD/9/4Circulars and papers relating to academic staff1901-1983
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WFD/15/1Women's Christian College, Madras1916-1984
WFD/12/2/4'The Oxford Magazine' and 'Oxford'1939
WFD/10/6/1Goldsmiths' Company Scholarship1912-1946
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WFD/10/6/2Bertha Phillpotts Prize1932-1975
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WFD/11/2Correspondence and papers relating to staff residences and wardenships1963-1992
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WFD/10/6Scholarships, grants and prizes1912-1991
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WFD/12/1Kidderpore Estatec.1900-c.1990
WFD/10/8/1Papers and correspondence relating to student arrangements in Oxford 1939-1944
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WFD/12/3/2Publicity material relating to the new Science Building1959-1962
WFD/12/10/9Kidderpore Avenue housesc.1940-1968
WFD/12/6/5Correspondence relating to proposed general teaching accommodation in the new Library1970-1971
WFD/12/6/4Correspondence relating to tendering for proposed Library building1968-1969
WFD/12/10/21Kidderpore Estate printslate 20th century
WFD/12/7/1Correspondence relating to anonymous donation and initial plans towards new halls of residence1968
WFD/12/10/10Compton Collier photographs and postcards1957
WFD/12/5/2Correspondence and papers relating to the purchase and occupation of Berridge House1965-1969
WFD/12/8Correspondence relating to Carus Wilson Hall1977-1980
WFD/12/10/1Old House and quadrangle wingsc.1890-1996
WFD/12/10/7Set of glossy postcardsc.1912
WFD/8/1/8Letters to staff of Westfield College1917-1935
WFD/17/2Glee Club songsheetsc.1895-c.1940
WFD/13/1/5/2Correspondence and papers relating to the teaching of Computer Science1969-1976
WFD/13/1/7/6Photographs of Biological Department activitiesmid-late 1970s
WFD/13/1/7/7Photograph of Algal Physiology Research Laboratorymid-late 1970s
WFD/17/8Tiddlywinks Club account book1963-1970
WFD/15/3/4Letters and reminiscences of Winifred Galbraith1926-c.1930
WFD/13/3/1Papers relating to College administered research grants1975-1981
WFD/14/3/3Papers relating to Director of the International Foundation Year programme1982-1983
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WFD/14/1Divinity Faculty1901-1911
WFD/16/2Correspondence relating to student issues1949-1978
WFD/PRINT/6The Farnese Hercules, Hendrik Goltziusc.1618
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WFD/21/3/2Correspondence relating to transfer of students to Royal Holloway and New Bedford College1985
WFD/19/5/1Correspondence relating to the Library1939-1988
WFD/20/3/1Correspondence relating to the building and furnishing of the College Chapel1926-1939
WFD/2/1/21Minute book1977-1979
WFD/19/7Photographs of College librariesc.1905-c.1972
WFD/9/3/2/4Minutes, papers, and correspondence1986-1990
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WFD/21/6Correspondence relating to negotiations with Imperial College1986-1987
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WFD/22/1/5Correspondence and papers relating to planning for merger1933-1989
WFD/22/2/3/2Correspondence and papers relating to sale of property1987
WFD/5/1/1Correspondence and papers concerning the admission of Westfield College as a School of the University1900-1902
WFD/7/10/7Principal's visits to Departments1976-1980
WFD/29/7Westfield College Coat of Arms and related correspondence1933-1988
WFD/24/4/2Visitors books1928-1989
WFD/24/4Royal visits1928-1989
WFD/24/7Visiting Artists Programme1982-1985
WFD/PRINT/37Laissez-moi encore dix ans je reprendrai vos augmentations, Anonymous1968
WFD/24/6/3Departmental histories for inclusion in centenary publication1981-1982
WFD/24/6College Centenary1968-1986
WFD/24/4/1/5Papers and associated correspondence relating to visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on 14 Nov 19791979
WFD/24/4/3/2Photograph album, Royal visits, Annexe One1957
WFD/24/4/3/4Photograph album, Royal visits, Annexe Three1982-1986
WFD/25/1Photographs and portraits of principals of Westfield Collegec.1885-c.1986
WFD/24/4/2/1Visitors book1928-1978
WFD/21/2Papers of the Joint Consultative Committee with Bedford College1973-1982
WFD/24/7/1Correspondence and papers relating to visiting artists 1982-1985
WFD/24/6/4Centenary programme and material relating to events held as part of celebrations1982
WFD/25/4/9Informal photographs, 1980sc.1980-c.1983
WFD/25/3Formal group photographsc.1885-1970
WFD/12/1/4Correspondence relating to proposed building extensions1929-1938
WFD/26/3/3Scrapbook belonging to Edith Jacobs1908-1913
WFD/24/6/1Correspondence relating to a comprehensive history in commemoration of the College Centenary1968-1972
WFD/25/2/1Individual photographs of staff and members of Councilc.1906-c.1984
WFD/25/4/8Informal photographs, 1970sc.1975-1979
WFD/25/5/2Correspondence relating to portrait of Eleanor Lodge1932-1957
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WFD/25/5/5Correspondence relating to portrait of Mary Stocks1951-1965
WFD/25/5/6Correspondence relating to portrait of Kathleen Chesney1961-1976
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WFD/26/3/2Photograph album belonging to N. Keay1904-c.1906
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WFD/9/3/2/1Correspondence relating to non-teaching staff1967-1975
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WFD/26/3/9Scrapbook pages belonging to Kathleen Strange1922-1925
WFD/26/4/1Notebook of M.P.P. Amos1912-1918
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WFD/28/8Obituaries and memorials, V-Z1936-1998
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WFD/27/5Reminiscences and memorabilia of Ellen Delf-Smith1907-1976
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WFD/27/19Reminiscences of Olga Todd1981
WFD/27/23Reminiscences of Reginald F. Winnington-Ingram1981
WFD/27/20Reminiscences of A.G. Walker1981
WFD/27/22Reminiscences of Beatrice White1981
WFD/27/21Reminiscences of John George Weightman1981
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WFD/27/14Reminiscences of Daniel Pedoe1981-1993
WFD/PRINT/19Leo Tolstoy, Leonid Pasternakmid-late 20th century
WFD/28/2Obituaries and memorials, C-D1941-2017
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WFD/24/3/1/5New College, London and Its Library: Two Lectures1977
WFD/27/2Memorabilia of Dorothy Chapman1939
WFD/28/6Obituaries and memorials, P-R1956-1997
WFD/28/3Obituaries and memorials, E-G1935-1993
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WFD/WT/2/10Minutes and associated papers1994-1995
WFD/1/1/2Notes on health and hygienec.1881
WFD/WCA/8Minutes of Westfield College Association Benevolent Fund1955-1991
WFD/WCA/7Papers relating to the Jubilee of the Association1950-1951
WFD/WT/1/1/4Correspondence relating to the accounts of the Trust1982-1989
WFD/WCA/1/8Minute book1974-1991
WFD/4/6/3/1Correspondence and papers concerning the Centenary appeal1975-1986
WFD/WT/2/19Minutes and associated papers2003-2004
WFD/WT/2/18Minutes and associated papers2002-2003
WFD/WT/4/2Correspondence relating to proceeds of sale, Vol I1988-1990
WFD/WT/1/1/5Correspondence relating to the finances and accounts of the Trust1983-1994
WFD/WT/2/5Minutes and associated papers1990
WFD/WT/2/16Minutes and associated papers2000-2001
WFD/WT/1/2/2Correspondence and papers relating to the proposed Westfield Trust1987-1988
WFD/WT/4/7Correspondence and papers relating to the establishment of the Agreement Fund1994-1998
WFD/WT/4/6Correspondence relating to Kidderpore Charity and Agreement made to provide the Trust with an endowment1995-1996
WFD/WT/6/7Correspondence and papers relating to furniture, silver, and paintings1989-2004
WFD/WT/7/1Correspondence relating to the Ruth Owen Travelling Scholarship1965-1993
WFD/WT/6/3Correspondence and papers relating to furniture1989-2003
WFD/WT/8/2Chairman's correspondence1989-1998
WFD/WT/8/4Letters relating to the dissolution of the Trust2009-2010
WFD/2/1/20Minute book1976-1977
WFD/WT/6/5Correspondence and papers relating to silverware and furniture1989-2004
WFD/WT/8Administrative correspondence1989-2010
WFD/2/12/1Correspondence concerning modifications to the Trust deeds1915-1919
WFD/7/1Principal's Log Book1921-1952
WFD/4Financial Records1892-1989
WFD/21/5/1Correspondence relating to closer collaboration with the Central School of Speech and Drama1983-1984
WFD/20/3/2Correspondence relating to the College Chapel1929-1989
WFD/22/1/2Minutes, correspondence and papers of the Joint Planning Group1982-1984
WFD/22/2Implementation Committee1987-1990
WFD/26/1Budget Letters1887-1934
WFD/2/6Finance Committee1917-1989
WFD/5/3University Grants Committee1919-1980
WFD/6Academic Board1903-1989
WFD/7Principal's College papers1917-1989
WFD/12Sites and buildingsc.1890-1996
WFD/21/4Correspondence and papers relating to cooperation and merger with King's College1983-1987
WFD/22Governance - merger with Queen Mary College1933-1992
WFD/23/10/9Publications and articles of and relating to Constance Maynard, Mistress of Westfield College1883-late 20th century