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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameLyttelton; Sir; Neville Gerald (1845-1931); Knight, General
ForenamesNeville Gerald
EpithetKnight, General
NL/GRE/33/21Photographs of Lyttelton family and various locationsc.1917
NL/21/7Lionel Hitchens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1931
NL/37/3Neville Lyttelton, House of Commons Vote of Thanks 1899
NL/20/4Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1907-1908
NL/13/6Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1913
NL/14/6Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1910-1911
NL/38/14Articles by Lady Lovelacec.1880-1896
NL/33/10John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton c.1892-1922
NL/38/32Notes c.1864-1916
NL/29/2Edward Grey letters to Neville Lyttelton1899, 1911
NL/4/3Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1898
NL/38/25Viscount Cobham Obituary1922
NL/24/3Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1870-1900
NL/14/8Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1913
NL/3/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1899-1900
NL/11/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1911
NL/37/22H.H. Asquith letter to Herbert Paul1900
NL/14/2Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1903
NL/8/4Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1892
NL/4/5Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1899-1903
NL/38/27William Lionel Hichens biography and funeral order of service 1940-1941
NL/15/3Lucy Masterman letters to family1904-1923
NL/38/2Family finances1883-1926
NL/14/4Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908
NL/26Family letters to Hilda Grenfell1904-1919
NL/8Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1883-1926
NL/8/10Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1904-1907
NL/31/6Mrs Humphry Ward letters to Katherine Lyttelton1895-1918
NL/31/7Augustine Birrell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1895-1930
NL/10Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell and Arthur Grenfell1899-1919
NL/28Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1874-1931
NL/31/14Elinor Paul letters to Katherine Lyttelton1935
NL/29Friends letters to Neville Lyttelton1883-1911
NL/38/39Travel and maps1892-1907
NL/38/23Programmes for memorial and funeral services1888-1934
NL/2/7Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1893-1894
NL/20/1Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1898-1901
NL/37/25Telegrams sent to Neville Lyttelton, Katherine Lyttelton and others1898-1937
NL/27/1Family letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1921
NL/38/21Newspaper cuttings about Lucy Materman 1913
NL/36/1Friends letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1913
NL/11Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1911
NL/38/38Church and Prayer 1883-1918
NL/38/46Envelopes 1883-1884
NL/8/5Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1892-1894
NL/10/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1899-1906
NL/34/2John Morley to Lucy Masterman1906
NL/31/11Janet Ward letters to Katherine Lyttelton1903
NL/1/1Neville Lyttelton letters to family1854-1864
NL/5/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1911
NL/38/42Christmas Cardsc.1916-1920
NL/6/1Neville Lyttetlton letters to friends1855-1916
NL/2/12Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907-1909
NL/37/5Katherine Lyttelton, letters from various family members and friends about Lucy Masterman's familyc.1890-1928
NL/13Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1887-1928
NL/37/21Army letters and Captain J Stuart Wortley testimonials1898-c.1916
NL/34/1Friends letters to Lucy Mastermanc.1890-1910
NL/13/1Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1887-1891
NL/38/16Articles and notes about and by Katherine Lyttelton1891-1893
NL/1/4Neville Lyttelton letters to family1885-1887
NL/8/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1887-1890
NL/2/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1886
NL/17/6Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1917
NL/31/2Alfred Lyall letters to Katherine Lyttelton1892-c.1902
NL/2/15Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1918
NL/21Hermione Hichens and Lionel Hitchens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1931
NL/2/4Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1890
NL/8/9Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1901-1904
NL/2/9Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1897-1899
NL/8/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1890-1892
NL/1/3Neville Lyttelton letters to family1876-1884
NL/1/2Neville Lyttelton letters to family1865-1875
NL/37/2Neville Lyttelton, letters from family and friends1883-1927
NL/24/5Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1885
NL/24/6Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1886
NL/30/7Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1906-1908
NL/38/22Newspaper cuttings and obituaries1874-1933
NL/15/1Lucy Masterman letters to family1888-1898
NL/7Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1867-1927
NL/1/7Neville Lyttelton letters to familyc.1854-1924
NL/35Friends letters to Hilda Grenfell1933
NL/28/7Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1886-1920
NL/1/5Neville Lyttelton letters to family1888-1892
NL/23/3Family letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1852-1930
NL/8/15Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1890-1910
NL/38/9Engraving of Dublinc.1782
NL/2/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1887
NL/38/36Events and organisations1879-1937
NL/2/5Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1891
NL/14/5Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1909-1910
NL/8/14Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1894-1919
NL/38/37Home craftsc.1880-1922
NL/25Family letters to Lucy Masterman1899-1907
NL/4/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1889-1893
NL/8/8Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1900-1901
NL/37/16Reglinald Talbot, letter about a campaign in Egypt1882
NL/13/3Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1893-1898
NL/21/5Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1898-1905
NL/21/3Hermione Hichens and Lionel Hitchens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907-1941
NL/20/2Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1902-1906
NL/33/9John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1918-1922
NL/21/4Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1914
NL/8/12Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1910-1913
NL/31/8Herbert Paul letters to Katherine Lyttelton1896-1912
NL/13/2Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1891-1892
NL/35/1Friends letters to Hilda Grenfell1933
NL/3/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1892
NL/13/5Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1904-1928
NL/32/4Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1909-1910
NL/37/23Charles Masterman, letters to and from various family members and friendsc.1907-1909
NL/32Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1896-1933
NL/17/2Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1897-1901
NL/12/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to Dorothy Ward1900-1903
NL/37/15Blanche Firebrace, letters to and from various family membersc.1879-1918
NL/38Family memorabilia, photographs and ephemera c.1782-1940
NL/36Friends letters to Hermione Hichens1899-1913
NL/33/2John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1895-1897
NL/38/3Letters, speeches and articles on politics and government 1865-1904
NL/10/7Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1910-1923
NL/14/13Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1888-1920
NL/16/4Arthur Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1913
NL/13/4Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton 1898-1902
NL/32/9Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1914-1918
NL/38/43Fragments written by Hermione Lytteltonc.1900-1910
NL/38/8Survey of London, Chelsea extract1927
NL/17/1Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1889-1897
NL/38/41Easter Carol1895
NL/29/1John Morley letters to Neville Lyttelton1883, 1894
NL/31/13Pamela Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1921-1928
NL/10/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1897-1941
NL/31/1George Curzon letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1916
NL/16/3Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1894-1902
NL/31/3Rose Morley letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1893-1923
NL/15/2Lucy Masterman letters to family1900-1904
NL/37/17Margaret Talbot, letters to and from various family membersc.1883-1922
NL/38/13Caricatures c.1829-1830
NL/37/24Sir Edward Grey, group letter1921
NL/38/6Article and photographs from an event at the Royal Hospital Chelsea1930
NL/24/17Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1914-1937
NL/4/4Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1898-1902
NL/37/1Neville Lyttelton letters whilst Chief of General Staff1903-1916
NL/7/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1881
NL/38/7Neville Lyttelton's membership of The Royal Victorian Order and The Order of the Bath1902-1911
NL/38/20Articles about Gibraltar, South Africa and Boer War.1900-1901
NL/7/4Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1886-1887
NL/33/3John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1898-1902
NL/14/10Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1917-1921
NL/14/7Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1911-1912
NL/38/5King George V coronation and funeral 1911-1936
NL/10/8Katherine Lyttelton letter to Arthur Grenfell1919
NL/8/6Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1894-1898
NL/12/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to Herbert Paul1901
NL/38/18New Review Magazine1892
NL/14/9Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1914-1916
NL/4/6Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1910-1912
NL/19/1Hilda Grenfell letters to friendsc.1894-1895
NL/17/8Arthur Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1911-1937
NL/38/10Unionist and separatist movements in Ireland1912-1913
NL/20/5Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1908-1912
NL/14/12Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1924-1929
NL/38/40Shopping and advertisements c.1900-1930
NL/22/3Hermione Hichens letters to familyc.1907
NL/24/1Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1870s-1880s
NL/5Neville Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1911
NL/3Neville Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1900
NL/17Hilda Grenfell and Arthur Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1889-1937
NL/16Hilda Grenfell and Arthur Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1894-1913
NL/7/7Katherine Lyttelton letters to familyc.1873-1927
NL/31/10Violet Gascoyne Cecil letters to Katherine Lyttelton1899-1927
NL/38/19Letters and articles about Lucy Lyttelton, Hilda Lyttelton and Hermione Lytteltonc.1892-1930
NL/10/5Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1901-1912
NL/8/11Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1907-1910
NL/22/2Hermione Hichens letters to family1907-1941
NL/14/11Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1922-1923
NL/33/1John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1893-1894
NL/2/10Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1899-1901
NL/10/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1900-1923
NL/16/2Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1904-1913
NL/33/5John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1906-1908
NL/20Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lyttelton1898-1912
NL/8/13Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1913-1926
NL/21/1Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1905
NL/33/7John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1913-1914
NL/9/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1901
NL/32/7Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1916-1919
NL/32/5Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1911-1912
NL/23Family letters to Neville Lyttelton1852-1930
NL/2/14Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1899-1926
NL/7/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1867-1883
NL/9/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1902-1924
NL/14/1Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1902
NL/32/2Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907
NL/14/14Charles Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907-c.1920
NL/22Hermione Hichens letters to family1902-1921
NL/32/6Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1913-1915
NL/26/2Family letters to Hilda Grenfell1906
NL/13/7Lucy Masterman letters to Neville Lyttelton c.1880-1910
NL/2/8Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1894-1896
NL/31/5Alfred Milner letters to Katherine Lyttelton1895-1919
NL/38/26Portraits and group photographsc.1870-1880
NL/21/2Hermione Hichens letters to Katherine Lyttelton1906-1908
NL/25/1Family letters to Lucy Masterman1899-1907
NL/32/8Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1920-1933
NL/14/3Lucy Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1904-1907
NL/24/9Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1890-1897
NL/31/12Patrick Duncan letters to Katherine Lyttelton1903-1938
NL/17/5Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1907
NL/2/3Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1889
NL/16/1Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1894-1902
NL/33/6John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1909-1912
NL/2/6Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1892
NL/19Hilda Grenfell letters to friendsc.1894-1895
NL/38/31Photographs from an event and a reservoirc.1930-1940
NL/33/8John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1915-1917
NL/2/13Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1910-1912
NL/33/4John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1903-1905
NL/10/4Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1900-1923
NL/24/13Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1909
NL/31/4Dorothy Grey to Katherine Lyttelton1895-1906
NL/26/1Family letters to Hilda Grenfell1904-1919
NL/24/7Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1886-1887
NL/27Family letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1921
NL/28/1Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1874-1882
NL/32/1Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1896-1906
NL/31/9Dorothy Ward letters to Katherine Lyttelton1898-1936
NL/12/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Friends1881-1937
NL/32/3Sir Edward Grey letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908
NL/28/3Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1884-1899
NL/30Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1877-1940
NL/37/26Geddington and Eton schools, letters, accounts and reports about Lyttelton children1854-1864
NL/4/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1890-1928
NL/37/7Katherine Lyttelton, letters of condolence about Neville Lyttelton1931
NL/2/11Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1902-1906
NL/17/4Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1906
NL/10/6Katherine Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1908-1941
NL/18Hilda Grenfell letters to family1897-1923
NL/6Neville Lyttetlton letters to friends1855-1916
NL/34Friends letters to Lucy Mastermanc.1890-1910
NL/37/19Caroline Grosvenor, letters to and from various family members and friends1884-1928
NL/37/11Jane Stuart Wortley, letters to and from various family membersc.1850-1890
NL/38/17Lyttelton magazine articles 1891-1914
NL/17/3Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lyttelton1904-1905
NL/24/4Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1884
NL/24/11Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1900-1905
NL/8/7Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1898-1900
NL/37/9Katherine Lyttelton, letters of condolence about Neville Lyttelton and photographs of funeral service1931-1932
NL/8/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1883-1887
NL/23/1Family letters to Neville Lyttelton1852-1889
NL/17/7Hilda Grenfell letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1889-1917
NL/38/24Newspaper articles and book extracts1897-1933
NL/7/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1884-1886
NL/22/1Hermione Hichens letters to family1902-1921
NL/14Lucy Masterman and Charles Masterman letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1929
NL/38/11Belgium at war papers1906-1919
NL/18/1Hilda Grenfell letters to family1897-1923
NL/37/12Jane Stuart-Wortley, letters to Katherine Lyttelton1877-1883
NL/38/15Articles and notes about and by Katherine Lyttelton1885-1935
NL/24/15Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1910
NL/37/8Katherine Lyttelton, letters concerning Neville Lyttelton's memorial tablet1931-1932
NL/9Katherine Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1924
NL/38/4Invitations, programmes and tickets to events1883-1923
NL/21/6Hichen grandchildren letters to Katherine Lyttelton1930s-1940s
NL/38/12First World War 1916-1919
NL/37Various other correspondence files1845-1930
NL/37/14Lady Wenlock, letters from various Lyttelton family members c.1851-1856
NL/20/3Hermione Hichens letters to Neville Lytteltonc.1907
NL/30/1Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1877-1883
NL/37/18Lucy Cavendish, letters to and from various family members1883-1923
NL/38/1Neville Lyttelton speeches, newspaper cuttings and articles1864-1928
NL/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1926
NL/1Neville Lyttelton letters to family1854-1924
NL/4Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1889-1903
NL/31Friends letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1936
NL/33John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton c.1892-1922
NL/1/6Neville Lyttelton letters to family1893-1909
NL/24Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1870-1937
NL/7/5Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1888-1898
NL/7/6Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1899-1903
NL/24/8Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1889
NL/15Lucy Masterman letters to family1888-1923
NL/24/10Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1897-1900
NL/12Katherine Lyttelton letters to Friends1881-1937
NL/24/2Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1870-1883
NL/24/12Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1905-1908
NL/24/14Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1913
NL/24/16Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1913-1916
NL/30/3Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1893-1899
NL/28/6Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1922-1931
NL/28/4Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1900-1912
NL/37/13Lyttelton and Gladstone families, letters to and from various family membersc.1845-1898
NL/37/20Miscellaneous lettersc.1885-1930
NL/30/5Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1900-1904
NL/30/2Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1893
NL/30/6Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1904-1905
NL/30/4Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1900
NL/30/8Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1908-1911
NL/23/2Family letters to Neville Lyttelton1890-1930
NL/24/18Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1917-1922
NL/24/19Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1922-1937
NL/30/11Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1914-1916
NL/28/2Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1883
NL/30/15Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1883-1937
NL/30/9Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1912-1914
NL/24/20Family letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1880-1930
NL/30/12Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1917-1926
NL/30/13Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lyttelton1926-1940
NL/28/5Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1913-1918
NL/GRE/4/1Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1902
NL/GRE/31/11Katherine Lyttelton will and codicils1931-1932
NL/GRE/33/18Photographs of Neville Lyttelton1907-1911
NL/GRE/10/1Arthur Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1917
NL/38/34Poems written by Lucy Mastermanc.1901-1920
NL/37/4Neville Lyttelton, Parishioners Address of Welcome1901
NL/37/6Katherine Lyttelton, letters of condolence about Neville Lyttelton1931
NL/37/10Katherine Lyttelton, letters about public family events1930-1939
NL/GRE/4/2Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1908-1921
NL/GRE/36/7Newspaper cuttings of obituaries for Neville Lyttelton1931
NL/GRE/33/6Photographs of Lyttelton family c.1880-1910
NL/GRE/1/5Hilda Grenfell letters to family1908-1940s
NL/GRE/33/4Photograph of Katherine Lyttelton and of Neville Lyttelton c.1880s
NL/GRE/33/9Photographs and images of Neville Lytteltonc.1886-1915
NL/GRE/33/10Photographs and images of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1886-1923
NL/GRE/10Arthur Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1917
NL/GRE/33/12Photograph album of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1890-1910
NL/GRE/4Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1902-1921