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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameMartin; John (1789-1854); Romantic painter, Engraver
EpithetRomantic painter, Engraver
JM/3/1The Creation - Genesis: 1.21824
JM/3/8The Tower of Babelc1831
JM/3/2Sadak in search of the waters of oblivion1827
JM/4/6The Destruction of Jerusalem1836
JM/1/10John Martin to Roynsen [John] Jervis M.P.1840
JM/4/2Jacob called unto his sons - Genesis: 49.1c1831-1835
JM/4Mezzotint Prints of Illustrations from the Biblec1831-1835
JM/1/1Will[iam] Bullock to W.Jerden - Brompton 1822
JM/3/6The Crucifixion1830
JM/4/3The Strangers Sacrifice Accepted - Isaiah : 56.6.7c1831-1835
JM/1/13John Martin to Lord Grey - Lindsey House, Chelsea1849
JM/1/12John Martin to J.P.Knight - Lindsey House, Chelsea1848
JM/3/11Caius Marius mourning over the ruins of Carthage1833
JM/3/13The Crucifixion1836
JM/1/2John Martin to C.Wheatstone - Allsop Terrace, New Road1829
JM/1/9John Martin to unidentified - Allsop Terrace1839
JM/3/3Alexander & Diogenes1827
JM/3Mezzotint designed by Martin and printed on paperc1824-1853
JM/1/5John Martin to Society of British Artists1833
JM/1/8John Martin to Feuillet de Conches - Allsop Terrace1839
JM/1/17John Martin to unidentifiednd
JM/4/5Moses breaketh the tables - Exodus: 32.191833
JM/2/1John Martin taken from life1822
JM/2Likenesses of John Martin (1789-1854)1822-1835
JM/4/1The Fall of Man1831
JM/1/6John Martin to N[athaniel] Ogle - Allsop Terrace1836
JM/3/4Joshua commanding the sun to stand still1827
JM/1/18John Martin to unidentifiednd
JM/3/10Mordecai's Triumphc1832
JM/1/3John Martin to J.T.Smith - British Museum1832
JM/1/16John Martin to unidentified - Allsop Terracend
JM/3/7The Ruins of Trionto1830
JM/2/2John Martin1835
JM/4/4Destruction of Sodomc1831-1835
JM/3/5Glen Lyndenc1829
JM/3/12The Deluge1836
JM/1/14John Martin to E.W.Cooke - Lindsey House, Chelsea1849
JM/3/14Country of the Iguanodon - Restored by John Martin1838
JM/1/7John Martin to N[athaniel] Ogle - Allsop Terrace1837
JM/3/15Unlettered proof - The Opening of the Seventh Sealc1836
JM/1Letters from John Martin (1789-1854)1822-1853
JM/1/4John Martin to Messrs. Moon, Boys and Graves - Allsop Terrace, New Road1832
WFDWESTFIELD COLLEGEearly 16th century-2010
JM/1/11John Martin to unidentified - Allsop Terrace1846
JM/1/15John Martin to J.Fairey - Lindsey House, Chelsea1853
JM/3/9And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone... - Revelation 18:21c1831-1835