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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameJenkins; Harold (1909-2000); literary scholar and lecturer
Epithetliterary scholar and lecturer
HJ/1/12To Be or Not to Be: Hamlet's Dilemma1983-1989
HJ/4/19Hamlet Loose NotesMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/8/12Textual Apparatus: Second Copyc.1980
HJ/4/1Notecards: Dramatis Personaec.1960-1980s.
HJ/7/9Notes on Various Subjectsc.1980
HJ/8/2Copies: Datec.1970s
HJ/8/10Textual Notesc.1970s
HJ/6/1Translation of Latin in Theophilac.1940
HJ/5/6Henry VIc.1951
HJ/1/9Some Editorial Problems in Hamlet1974
HJ/8/1Draft: Preface and Abbreviations and Referencesc.1970s
HJ/8/13Draft: Playscriptc.1970s
HJ/11/8The Gunpowder Plotters Draftc.1950s
HJ/4/2Notecards: Act 2c.1960-1980s
HJ/4/13Der Bestrafte Brudermordc.1970
HJ/10/8List of Publications 1986
HJ/10/1University College London Exam Papersc.1930
HJ/5/8King Johnc.1949
HJ/5/5Henry Vc.1948
HJ/12Harold Jenkins Portrait PhotographEarly 20th Century
HJ/5/3Henry IVc.1950s
HJ/4/15Hamlet Criticismc.1970
HJ/4/16Hamlet Research Notesc.1980
HJ/4/10DateMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/6Benlowes Research Notesc.1936-1963
HJ/1/10On Editing Hamlet1982
HJ/7Other Subject Research NotesMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/4/9Points to Look Upc.1960s
HJ/5Other Shakespeare Research Notesc.1948-1990s
HJ/8/15Commentary: Second Copy c.1970s
HJ/3/33Transcript of Speech1986
HJ/1/7What did Shakespeare write? A Survey of the Hamlet Texts1971
HJ/2/15Shakespeare's Text: Edinburghc.1967-1971
HJ/8/7Hamlet Text Collations Vol. 1c.1970s
HJ/7/10List entitled 'To Go Through'Mid-Late 20th Century
HJ/3/12Milton: Prose Writingsc.1954-1967
HJ/9/4Tragedies Lecture Series1960-1962
HJ/7/8Index Book of Secondary Sources1940s-1990s
HJ/10/5Dover Wilson Obituary Draftc.1970
HJ/9/5Shakespeare's Tragediesc.1960
HJ/3/11Milton: Early Poemsc.1954-1967
HJ/3/13Thomson: The Seasonsc.1954-1967
HJ/2/18Shakespeare's Career: Edinburghc.1970
HJ/5/7Henry VIIIc.1949
HJ/11/7The Gunpowder Plot Notesc.1950s
HJ/1/5Hamlet and Ophelia 1971
HJ/3/24Restoration Comedyc.1969
HJ/4/61st Quartoc.1970s
HJ/6/4Research at Essex Record Office c.1945
HJ/2/4Timon of Athens: Westfield and Edinburghc.1954-1981
HJ/3/15The Tragedy of Revenge and the Spanish Tragedyc.1954-1983
HJ/4/3Notecards: Act 3c.1960-1980s
HJ/6/6Research at Essex Record Office c.1945
HJ/4/5Notecards: Act 5c.1960-1980s
HJ/3/5Metaphysical Poetry: Intercollegiate Lectures1948-1950
HJ/3/21The Changeling1968-1971
HJ/2/3Shakespeare Lecture Series1948-1954
HJ/7/3Metaphysical Poetry1968-1971
HJ/6/3Works of Benlowesc.1936
HJ/3/25Milton: Early Poems1969-1970
HJ/9/15Arden Hamlet: Some Reflections a Decade Later1991-1992
HJ/9/14The Ball Scene in Much Ado About Nothing1986-1988
HJ/4/4Notecards: Act 4c.1960-1980s
HJ/5/13History Plays: Bibliographyc.1952
HJ/4/11Then and Nowc.1965
HJ/8/18Drafts: Commentary and Longer Notesc.1980
HJ/6/2Collation of Copies of Theophilac.1940
HJ/6/7Benlowes Notesc.1945
HJ/5/14Textual Problems of King Lear, and Othello.c.1985-1993
HJ/6/5Research at Essex Record Office c.1945
HJ/5/15Shakespeare's Life and Worksc.1970
HJ/9/3Twelfth Nightc.1958
HJ/6/8Benlowes Portrait1946
HJ/5/4Henry IV: Part 21950s-1981
HJ/5/2Cardenio and Double Falsehoodc.1990s
HJ/5/12History Plays: General Treatmentc.1951
HJ/5/9Richard IIc.1952
HJ/10/6Dover Wilson Obituary Edited Draftsc.1969
HJ/10/7Record of Books Read1972-1998
HJ/7/2Piers Plownman: LangdonMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/11/5The Archpriest Controversy and the Printers 1947
HJ/8/8Hamlet Text Collations Vol. 2c.1970s
HJ/9/6Revisions of Hyperion and the Satyrc.1960
HJ/7/1Middle English TextsMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/8/16Longer Notes: Notes and Draftsc.1970
HJ/8/11Critical Apparatus and Textual Notesc.1970s
HJ/11/6Thomas Winter's Confession1952
HJ/11/9The Gunpowder Plotters Draftc.1950s
HJ/2/21The Tempest: Osloc.1974
HJ/8/3Drafts: The Texts c.1970s
HJ/10/4Dover Wilson Obituary Notesc.1970
HJ/11/1Examiners Report1940
HJ/7/7Old English LanguageMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/11/10Books Published by Thomas ManMid 20th Century
HJ/8/9Hamlet Text Collations Vol. 3c.1970s
HJ/8/17Longer Notes: Second Copyc.1980
HJ/11Gladys Jenkins1940-1950s
HJ/10/12Letter to the Times Literary Supplement1988
HJ/10/3Dover Wilson Papersc.1962-1966
HJ/9/13Review of Oxford Shakespearec.1986
HJ/10/10Letters to Honigmann1987-1999
HJ/10/9Award of FVS Prize1986-1987
HJ/2/10Shakespeare's Tragedies: Finland, Southwark and Edinburgh1964-1974
HJ/5/1All's Wellc.1960s
HJ/11/4The Archpriest Controversy and the Printers c.1947
HJ/2/5The Structural Problem in Shakespeare's Henry the Fourth: Westfieldc.1955-1961
HJ/7/6Introduction to Literary Study1950-1954
HJ/10/13Bad Quarto Debate1993-1994
HJ/8Arden Hamlet c.1970s-1986
HJ/11/2Methods of Influencing Public Opinionc.1941
HJ/2/27The Slandered Bride1988
HJ/11/3Ways and Means of Elizabethan Propaganda1941
HJ/6/9Benlowes Research Notesc.1945
HJ/2/6Shakespeare Lecture Series: Duke1957-1958
HJ/1/6Hamlet and Ophelia1971
HJ/2/8Shakespeare's Tragedies: Stratford-Upon-Avon and London Intercollegiate Lectures1959-1960
HJ/1Hamlet Lecture Notes1965-1989
HJ/2/7Some Features of the Quarto and Folio Texts: Rice Institute1958
HJ/2/24Much Ado About Nothing: Newcastle1982-1997
HJ/4Hamlet Research NotesMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/8/5Drafts: Introductionc.1970s
HJ/2/1Shakespeare Lecture Series1941-1943
HJ/2/26Henry IV Seminar: Iona College1985
HJ/5/10Richard IIIc.1950
HJ/1/2Hamlet - First Ordinary1966-1968
HJ/3/8Various LecturesMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/2/12The Catastrophe in Shakespearen Tragedy: Draftsc.1965
HJ/3/28Introduction to English Literature1970
HJ/1/4The Text of Hamlet1970
HJ/2/9Shakespeare's Tragedies: Finland1964
HJ/1/1Hamlet, Then Till Now1965
HJ/1/11To Be or Not to Be: Hamlet's Dilemma1983
HJ/4/17Hamlet Sourcesc.1980
HJ/3/9Graham GreeneMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/4/21Hamlet Research Notes Subsequent to Publicationc.1987-1994
HJ/3/32Address to Honours Convocation of Iona College1983
HJ/4/20Notecards: Secondary SourcesMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/2/2Shakespeare Lecture Series1945
HJ/8/14Draft: Playscriptc.1970s
HJ/3/118th Century Poetsc.1945-1964
HJ/1/13To Be or Not to Be: Hamlet's Dilemma1983-1989
HJ/2/14Romeo and Juliet: Edinburghc.1967-1971
HJ/2Other Shakespeare Lecture Notes1941-1988
HJ/3/2Elizabethan and Jacobean Dramac.1946-1962
HJ/9Other Publications1948-1992
HJ/10Career Papersc.1930-1994
HJ/3/29The Revenger's Tragedyc.1970
HJ/3/14Thomson and Shenstone Lecturesc.1954-1967
HJ/2/20King Lear: Osloc.1974
HJ/9/8Hyperion and the Satyr: Chapter 2c.1961
HJ/4/8Theatrical Interpretationc.1950s
HJ/2/13The Catastrophe in Shakespearean Tragedy: Edinburgh1967
HJ/2/16Shakespeare Lectures: Edinburghc.1969
HJ/2/28The Slandered BrideLate 20th Century
HJ/3/20Paradise Regained1968
HJ/3/3Elizabethan Drama1947-1949
HJ/2/19Julius Caesar: Osloc.1974
HJ/2/23Much Ado About Nothing: Various Revisions1971-1983
HJ/4/72nd Quarto and FolioMid-Late 20th Century
HJ/2/25Much Ado: Various Editions1982-1987
HJ/3/7Restoration Periodc.1950-1964
HJ/2/22The Arden Shakespearec.1968-1977
HJ/3/4The History of the English Languagec.1947-1950
HJ/3/6Various Lecturesc.1948-1951
HJ/3/1717th Century c.1957-1964
HJ/8/19Galley Proof and Correctionsc.1980
HJ/4/18Hamlet Secondary Sources1951-1980
HJ/5/11Early Comediesc.1967
HJ/8/6Drafts: Introductionc.1970s
HJ/6/11Notes subsequent to Benlowes book1952-1963
HJ/9/7Hyperion and the Satyr: Chapter 11961
HJ/10/11Fanned and Winnowed Opinions1988
HJ/10/14Bad Quarto Debate1994
HJ/9/11Hamlet and the Fishmonger1974-1975
HJ/8/21Reviews 1982-1986
HJ/9/12Much Ado about Nothing1978-1981
HJ/8/20Publication Papers1981-1984
HJ/9/2Sir Thomas More1960-1980s
HJ/9/10Forinbras and Laertes and the Composition of Hamlet 1972-1974
HJ/8/4Draft: Preface and Introductionc.1970s
HJ/2/11The World of Shakespeare's Comediesc.1964-1974
HJ/6/10Benlowes Research Notesc.1931-1941
HJ/4/12Hamlet and Antonio's Revengec.1970
HJ/1/8What did Shakespeare write? A Survey of the Hamlet Texts1971-1980
HJ/2/17Shakespeare's Comedies and Last Plays: Edinburgh1957-1971
HJ/3Other Subject Lecture Notesc.1945-1986
HJ/3/10The Plays of TS Eliot1953-1954
HJ/3/18Metaphysical Poetry1960-1971
HJ/9/9The Catastrophe in Shakespearean Tragedy1967-1978