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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Place NameRepublic of India
Place EntryRepublic of India/South Asia
NL/8/4Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1892
NL/2/7Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1893-1894
NL/8/5Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1892-1894
NL/38/42Christmas Cardsc.1916-1920
NL/6/1Neville Lyttetlton letters to friends1855-1916
NL/38/16Articles and notes about and by Katherine Lyttelton1891-1893
NL/1/4Neville Lyttelton letters to family1885-1887
NL/8/2Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1887-1890
NL/2/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1886
NL/31/2Alfred Lyall letters to Katherine Lyttelton1892-c.1902
NL/2/4Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1890
NL/8/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1890-1892
NL/1/2Neville Lyttelton letters to family1865-1875
NL/1/5Neville Lyttelton letters to family1888-1892
NL/2/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1887
NL/2/5Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1891
NL/4/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1889-1893
NL/3/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1892
NL/37/15Blanche Firebrace, letters to and from various family membersc.1879-1918
NL/7/4Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1886-1887
NL/38/18New Review Magazine1892
NL/33/5John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1906-1908
NL/9/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Lucy Masterman1888-1901
NL/38/26Portraits and group photographsc.1870-1880
NL/24/9Family letters to Katherine Lyttelton1890-1897
NL/2/3Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1888-1889
NL/16/1Hilda Grenfell letters to Neville Lyttelton1894-1902
NL/33/6John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1909-1912
NL/2/6Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1892
NL/33/4John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1903-1905
NL/28/3Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1884-1899
NL/38/17Lyttelton magazine articles 1891-1914
NL/8/1Katherine Lyttelton letters to Neville Lyttelton1883-1887
NL/23/1Family letters to Neville Lyttelton1852-1889
NL/38/24Newspaper articles and book extracts1897-1933
NL/7/3Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1884-1886
NL/2Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1883-1926
NL/1Neville Lyttelton letters to family1854-1924
NL/7/5Katherine Lyttelton letters to family1888-1898
NL/28/4Various friends (miscellaneous) letters to Neville Lyttelton1900-1912
NL/37/20Miscellaneous lettersc.1885-1930
NL/30/15Friends (miscellaneous) letters to Katherine Lytteltonc.1883-1937
NL/GRE/14/1Correspondence about Harry Grenfell1928-1944
NL/GRE/12/3Harry Grenfell letters to family1933-1944
NL/GRE/33/9Photographs and images of Neville Lytteltonc.1886-1915
NL/GRE/33/12Photograph album of Lyttelton family and relationsc.1890-1910