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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Place NameSudan
Place EntrySudan/Africa
NL/4/3Neville Lyttelton letters to Hilda Grenfell1898
NL/5/1Neville Lyttelton letters to Hermione Hichens1898-1911
NL/37/21Army letters and Captain J Stuart Wortley testimonials1898-c.1916
NL/2/9Neville Lyttelton letters to Katherine Lyttelton1897-1899
NL/33/3John Morley letters to Katherine Lyttelton 1898-1902
NL/38/24Newspaper articles and book extracts1897-1933
NL/1/6Neville Lyttelton letters to family1893-1909
NL/23/2Family letters to Neville Lyttelton1890-1930