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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)CLM/1
TitleGreen Books
Extent4 boxes
DescriptionThe Green Book cover 1 January 1866 - 24 March 1935 and are contained in 26 volumes. There is a gap 12 August 1887 - 1 January 1901.

As well as detailing activities and events, they include the emotions and thoughts of Constance Maynard, and extracts from things that she has read or heard. She often summarises her year on the 31st December and sets herself targets at the beginning of the new year.

Where an event or moment of interest are detailed in the item description, the date given is the date on which it is mentioned in the diary.

They include contemporary events such as the Franco-Prussion War, World War I, Labour's first government, and the outbreak of cholera.

They remain in the order in which she wrote them.

The Green Books contain astrological symbols as part of the date to indicate the day. For instance the symbol for Saturn is used for Saturday.

The Green Books also include use of the @ symbol. Constance Maynard seems to be using this in place of the word 'about'. This is consistent throughout the Green Books.

The Green Books also include a symbol HMK, this represents Constance Maynard's Cousin Mary [HM King], and is often used along side something she has said or written.
Admin HistoryThe missing diaries were allegedly destroyed by Frances Ralph Gray.
ArrangementThis series is arranged by original order, which is chronogically.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/199Gray; Frances Ralph (1861-1935); Headteacher, Classicist
DS/UK/121Skeel; Caroline (1872-1951); Historian, Classicist
DS/UK/54Anthon; Stephanë (1882-1915); Adopted by Constance Maynard 1889, Salvation Army
DS/UK/53Moilliet; Dora (1846-1947); Née Maynard, Sister of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/34Maynard; Constance Louisa (1849-1935); Mistress, Educational pioneer
DS/UK/29McDougall; Eleanor (1873-1956); Principal, Missionary, Classicist
DS/UK/52Prideaux; Mabel (fl. 1881-1884); Friend of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/96Labour Party
DS/UK/55University of Cambridge; Girton College; 1873-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/30Westfield College; 1882-1989; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/228Maynard; Henry (1840-1918); Brother of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/201Maynard; George Pitt Holland (1850-1942); Brother of Constance Maynard
DS/UK/202Collisson; Harry (fl. 1869-1884); Minister
DS/UK/203University of St Andrews; 1413-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/204College for Women, Hitchin; 1869-1873; University college.
DS/UK/205Welsh; Elizabeth (1843-1921); Mistress of Girton College 1885–1903.
DS/UK/206Otter; Isabella Harriette (fl.1851-1875); Née Gamble, Student at Girton College 1870-1874
DS/UK/207Scott; Rachel Susan (1848-1905); Née Cook; eductional work.
DS/UK/208Umphelby; Maria Elizabeth (fl.1807-1887); Head of Belstead School, Suffolk.
DS/UK/209Stephens; Amy Annie (fl.1873-1913); née Mantle
DS/UK/210Higgs; Mary (1854-1937); OBE; Née Kingsland; Lecturer and social reformer.
DS/UK/211Lewis; Eliza (1854-1924); Née Baker; Student at Girton College 1872-1876.
DS/UK/212Richardson; Elizabeth Lucy (1855-1918); Née Burgess; Student at Girton College 1873-1877.
DS/UK/214Cheltenham Ladies' College; 1854-; College.
DS/UK/215University of St Andrews; St Leonards School; 1877-; School.
DS/UK/217Grüner; Joan Frances Ottilie (1848-1936); Principal of Hindhead School.
DS/UK/218Dove; Dame; (Jane) Frances (1847-1942); Lecturer and headmistress.
DS/UK/220Robertson; James (fl.1877-1920); Scottish Minister
DS/UK/221Maynard; Henry (1800-1888); Father of Constance Maynard, South African merchant, Maynard Bros. Co.
DS/UK/222Maynard Bros. and Co.; fl.1819-1880; Merchants.
DS/UK/223Maynard; Louisa (1806-1878); Née Hillyard, Mother of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/224Lumsden; Dame; Louisa Innes (1840-1935); Lecturer, Headmistress
DS/UK/225Moilliet; Francis Albert (1848-1937); Husband of Dora Maynard.
DS/UK/226University College of London (UCL); Slade School of Fine Art; 1871-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/227Greenwell; Dorothy (1821-1882); Poet
DS/UK/229Bernard; Christian (fl.1881)
DS/UK/231Malan; Charles Hamilton (1837-1881); Major; Solider, Missionary.
DS/UK/232Cavendish; Caroline (fl.1880s); Secretary of CWEU; Ran the Princess Mary Village Homes.
DS/UK/233Brooke; Margaret (fl. 1865-1890s); Student at Westfield College, 1882-.
DS/UK/234Millington-Synge; Frances (fl. 1865-1890s); Née Synge; Student at Westfield College, 1882-.
DS/UK/235Tristram; Katherine Alice (1858-1948); Principal, Missionary, Academic
DS/UK/236Richardson; Anne Wakefield (1859-1942); Classicist, Quaker
DS/UK/237Rawlinson; Effie (fl.1882-1886); Friend of Constance Maynard
DS/UK/244Mackintosh; Catharine Winkworth (fl.1897-1907); Writer.
DS/UK/245Henson; Herbert Hensley (1863-1947); Bishop of Durham; Anglican priest and Bishop of Durham.
DS/UK/246Gillett; Jim (fl.1913-1926); Friend of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/247Lodge; Eleanor Constance (1869-1936); Principal, Historian
DS/UK/248Holmes; Mabel (fl.1893-1924); Student at Westfield College 1893-.
DS/UK/249Maynard; Gabrielle M (1845-1925); Sister of Constance Maynard
DS/UK/250Maynard; Gertrude (fl. 1864-1931); Née Langston; Sister-in-law of Constance Maynard.
DS/UK/251Chapman; Dorothy (1878-1967); Principal, Lecturer
CodePlace Entry
NA8Greater London/England
NA20South Africa/Africa
NA33Limpsfield/Surrey/England/United Kingdom
NA34Tunbridge Wells/Kent/England/United Kingdom
NA36Venice/Venezia province/Veneto/Italy/Europe
NA32Scotland/United Kingdom
NA37Lake District/Cumbria/England/United Kingdom
NA38Hitchin/Hertfordshire/England/United Kingdom
NA40Cambridge/Cambridgeshire/England/United Kingdom
NA39Girton/Cambridgeshire/England/United Kingdom
NA41Saint Moritz/Graubünden/Switzerland/Europe
NA42Männedorf/Zürich canton/Switzerland/Europe
NA43Hastings/East Sussex/England/United Kingdom
NA44Brighton/Brighton and Hove/England/United Kingdom
NA45Oxford/Oxfordshire/England/United Kingdom
NA46Manchester/Greater Manchester/England/United Kingdom
NA48Eastbourne/East Sussex/England/United Kingdom
NA49Crieff/Perth and Kinross/Scotland/United Kingdom
NA50Leicestershire/England/United Kingdom
NA51Wimbledon/Merton/Greater London/England/United Kingdom
NA52Belstead/Suffolk/England/United Kingdom
NA53Cornwall/England/United Kingdom
NA54Blebo/Fife/Scotland/United Kingdom
NA55Durham/England/United Kingdom
NA58Norfolk/England/United Kingdom
NA59Moyallon/Craigavon/Northern Ireland/United Kingdom
NA60Paris/Ville de Paris department/Île-de-France/France/Europe
NA61Mürren/Bern canton/Switzerland/Europe
NA63Margate/Isle of Thanet/Kent/England/United Kingdom
NA64Croydon/Greater London/England/United Kingdom
NA65Aldeburgh/Suffolk/England/United Kingdom
NA66Perranporth/Cornwall/England/United Kingdom
NA68Swanage/Dorset/England/United Kingdom
NA69Skipton/North Yorkshire/England/United Kingdom
NA70Settle/North Yorkshire/England/United Kingdom
NA71Canada/North and Central America
NA72Wales/United Kingdom
NA75Königsfeld/Freiburg district/Baden-Württemberg/Germany/Europe
NA77Keswick/Cumbria/England/United Kingdom
NA78Little Bookham/Surrey/England/United Kingdom
NA79Gerrards Cross/Buckinghamshire/England/United Kingdom
NA80Hawkhurst/Kent/England/United Kingdom
NA81Alassio/Savona province/Liguria/Italy/Europe
NA83Isles of Scilly/Cornwall/England/United Kingdom
NA84Mentone/Alpes-Maritimes/Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur/France/Europe