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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Ref No (click to see in context)JI/4/8
TitleNotebook - June 1962
Extent1 item
DescriptionPocket notebook including notes on subjects such as Henry Irving, T S Eliot, Stevenson, S Ricci, productions, T Hardy, Marlowe, Shakespeare and Marlowe, Carol, science fiction, Shakespeare, Jews, Soloman, Blake, Byron, Arnold, Hogarth, Rococo, Baroque, Fielding, G B Shaw, Elizabethan theatrical terms, picturesque, Jane Austen, 18th century novel, taste, De Quincey, theatrical terms, art terms, Coleridge, Sydney Smith and Swift, French Revolution, Dr Johnson, Dickens, Sidney Lee, Cowley, Erasmus Darwin, Oxford, modern art, J Joyce, drama, scientific words and other personal notes.
Access StatusOpen
CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1648Irving; Sir; Henry (1838-1905); English Stage Actor
DS/UK/563Eliot; Thomas Stearns (1888-1965); An American-born poet, playwright, and literary critic.
DS/UK/1646Stevenson; Robert Louis Balfour (1850-1894); Scottish Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Travel Writer
DS/UK/1649Ricci; Sebastiano (1659-1734); Italian Painter
DS/UK/1516Hardy; Thomas (1840-1928); OM; Novelist, Poet
DS/UK/537Marlowe; Christopher (1564-1593); An English dramatist, poet and translator.
DS/UK/516Shakespeare; William (1564-1616); Playwright.
DS/UK/157Blake; William (1757-1827); poet, painter
DS/UK/1500Byron; Lord; George Gordon (1788-1824); 6th Baron Byron; Poet, Politician
DS/UK/1650Arnold; Matthew (1822-1888); British Poet, Cultural Critic
DS/UK/827Hogarth; William (1697-1764); Painter, Engraver
DS/UK/1494Fielding; Henry (1707-1754); Novelist, Dramatist
DS/UK/120Shaw; George Bernard (1856-1950); Irish playwright, Critic, Novelist
DS/UK/1522Austen; Jane (1775-1817); Novelist
DS/UK/1651De Quincey; Thomas Penson (1785-1859); English Essayist
DS/UK/310Coleridge; Samuel Taylor (1772-1834); English poet; Romantic; Literary critic and philosopher.
DS/UK/1652Smith; Sydney (1771-1845); English Wit, Writer, Anglican Cleric
DS/UK/1653Swift; Jonathan (1667-1745); Anglo-Irish Satirist, Essayist, Political Pamphleteer, Poet, Cleric
DS/UK/1557Johnson; Samuel (1709-1784); English Writer
DS/UK/1499Dickens; Charles (1812-1870); Writer
DS/UK/1359Lee; Sir; Sidney (1859-1926); English biographer and critic.
DS/UK/1654Cowley; Abraham (1618-1667); English Poet
DS/UK/1655Darwin; Erasmus (1731-1802); English Physician, Natural Philosopher, Physiologist, Slave Trade Abolitionist, Inventor, Poet
DS/UK/1509Joyce; James Augusta Aloysius (1882-1941); Irish Novelist, Poet
DS/UK/70Isaacs; Jacob (1896-1973); Professor; Academic and writer.