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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
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TitlePeople's Palace
Extent76 boxes and 31 outsize items
Creator NamePeople's Palace (1887-1953)
DescriptionRecords relating to the People's Palace, 1728-2000. The collection includes:

Papers relating to the Drapers' Company, the Beaumont Trustees' attempts to raise funds for the People's Palace scheme, and the East London Committee of the Beaumont Trust;

Letters, papers, photographs, printed programmes, and other material, relating to the opening of the People's Palace and the new People's Palace building;

Papers of the People's Palace Trustees, Governors, Visiting Committee of the Governors, Committees and Professorial Board, 1888-1930;

Papers concerning the relationship between the People's Palace and the Charity Commission;

Architectural plans for the People's Palace, and other correspondence and papers relating to its design, building, maintenance and facilities;

Records relating to staff and employment, entertainment and events, and clubs and societies;

Financial records for the Beaumont Trust and the People's Palace;

Publications of the People's Palace, including the Palace Journal, 1887-95;

Photographs and illustrations relating to the People's Palace, its facilities and East London College students up to 1913;

Various correspondence relating to the People's Palace;

Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about the People's Palace;

Records relating to J.T. Barber Beaumont, the Beaumont Trust, and the Beaumont family;

Later histories and correspondence relating to People's Palace;

Records relating to the educational work of the People's Palace (through the People's Palace Technical Schools 1887-1896, the East London Technical College 1896-1905, and the East London College 1905-1913), and the Bow and Bromley Institute, 1871-1907.

Does not include records relating to East London College 1913- after the formal administrative split with the People’s Palace; these will be catalogued as part of Queen Mary University of London’s records. Some record series that include records of educational work before 1913 will also be found in Queen Mary University of London’s records where splitting the series would disrupt original order.
Admin HistoryThe People's Palace began in 1886, with the purpose of providing an educational and cultural centre for the local community. It was financed by the Beaumont Trust, established under the will of John Barber Beaumont to support the Philosophical Institution that he had founded, and occupied the site of the former Bancroft's School acquired from the Drapers' Company. The Palace was to comprise the Queen's Hall, a library modelled on that of the British Museum, a swimming bath, a gymnasium, and a winter garden as well as schools. The foundation stone of the Queen's Hall was laid by the Prince of Wales in June 1886, and it was opened by Queen Victoria in the following year. The Queen's Hall was used for lectures, concerts and organ recitals, shows of birds and flowers, exhibitions of animals and pictures, fetes and other entertainments which, reportedly, were attended by thousands of people.

The library and swimming bath were completed in 1888 as were the technical and trade schools. The People’s Palace Technical Schools offered a Day School and Evening Classes. The Day School, which began autumn 1887 in the old Bancroft School buildings, was for boys 12+ and the Evening classes were from 1888 open to all in technical, trade and scientific subjects. The winter garden, begun in 1890 and completed in 1892, was also used for concerts and refreshments. The gymnasium, constructed in 1891, had a roller-skating rink in the basement.

However, the financial management of the Palace soon ran into difficulties. It was saved by the Drapers' Company which committed a subsidy of £70,000 over ten years. In 1889 a separate students' library had been established and by 1902 the Governors agreed that the original library should be transferred to the Borough of Stepney to form the basis for the first public library in Mile End.

The People’s Palace Technical Schools changed its name to East London Technical College in 1896. By this time the College consisted of a Day School for boys aged 13-16; Day Classes for men and women at a higher education level in Engineering, Chemistry and Art; Evening Classes preparing students for University of London examinations in Science or entry into Civil Service. The Bow and Bromley Institute amalgamated with the People's Palace as a branch of East London Technical College in 1898; this branch closed in 1911.

East London Technical College became East London College in 1905, the same year a University level Arts course was added to the Day and Evening Classes. The Day School closed in 1906 but in 1907 the College’s application to be recognised as a School of the University of London was approved. In 1908 a Professorial Board was established and the Director of Studies position was retitled Principal. Faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering were established and providing “facilities for research” was added to the objectives of the College.

In 1911 the Visiting Committee of the Palace Governors was split into two to form a Palace Committee and an East London College Committee albeit still under the umbrella of the Palace Governors. This was the beginning of a final administrative separation of the Palace from the College which was formalised under a new scheme sealed by the Charity Commissioners and Board of Education in 1913. From 1913 onwards East London College, which would be renamed Queen Mary College in 1933, was administered separately.

In 1931 a fire completely destroyed the Queen's Hall and it was decided to resite the People's Palace in St Helen's Terrace. This gave the whole of the original site to the College and physically separated the People’s Palace and East London College. The new People's Palace was opened in 1937, providing a concert and dance hall. However, postwar conditions meant that the People's Palace was no longer financially sustainable, and in 1953 it came on the market. In 1954 it was acquired by Queen Mary College.
ArrangementArranged by function, by subject, chronologically and by format and original order where possible.
Copyright StatementNo material may be published without the prior permission of both the copyright holder and the Library. All applications for publication must be made to the College Archivist in the first instance, but responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance rests with the user.
Access StatusOpen


CodePerson or Corporate Body Name
DS/UK/1247Sawyer; Sir; William Phillips (1844-1908); Clerk to The Drapers' Company
DS/UK/1248Brownlow; Arthur (fl. 1885); Honourary Secretary of the Beaumont Trust
DS/UK/1249Currie; Sir; Edmund Hay (1834-1913); Vice Chairman of the School Board for London (1873-76); Chairman of the London Hospital Medical College (1876-79); Chairman of the Beaumont Trustees (1882-91).
DS/UK/1250Bancroft; Francis (1667-1727); Alderman
DS/UK/1252Edward VII (1841-1910); King of Great Britain and Ireland.
DS/UK/1253Benson; Edward White (1829-1896); Archbishop of Canterbury
DS/UK/1251Soulsby; W. (fl. 1885)
DS/UK/1254Oakley; A. H. (fl. 1886)
DS/UK/1255Wilson; J. M. (fl. 1886); Reverend
DS/UK/1256Brassey; Sir; Thomas (1836-1918); Baron, Earl, Lord; Politician.
DS/UK/1257Brassey; Lady; Anna (1839-1887); Baroness; nee Allnutt, wife of Sir Thomas Brassey (1936-1918).
DS/UK/1258Victoria (1819-1901); Queen of Great Britain and Ireland.
DS/UK/1259Ponsonby; Sir; Henry Frederick (1825-1895); Major-General; Queen Victoria's Private Secretary.
DS/UK/1260Field; S. (fl. 1886); Employee of the East and West India Dock Company
DS/UK/1261Ashton; J. M. (fl. 1886); Employee of the East and West India Dock Company.
DS/UK/1262du Plat Taylor; John Lowther (1829-1904); Colonel; Founder of the Army Postal Corps and the Post Office Rifles.
DS/UK/1263Pollack; Ella V. (fl. 1887)
DS/UK/1264Snelgrove; A. G. (fl. 1887)
DS/UK/1265Adderley; J. W. (fl. 1885-1887); Reverend
DS/UK/1266Beaumont; G. H. (fl. 1885-1887); Relation of J. T. Barber Beaumont.
DS/UK/1267Lipton; W. J. (fl. 1885-1889)
DS/UK/1269Levy; Abraham (fl. 1885-1887); Honorary Secretary of the Beaumont Trust Committee East London
DS/UK/1268Smith; G. M. (fl. 1885-1886); Honorary Secretary of the Beaumont Trust Executive Committee for East London
DS/UK/1270Alexandra (1844-1925); consort of Edward VII
DS/UK/1271Clarke; J. P. (fl. 1886); Conductor of the Band of Her Majesty's Scots Guards.
DS/UK/1272Palmer; George (fl. 1886)
DS/UK/1273Pratt (fl. 1887)
DS/UK/1274Vincent; Percy (1868-1943); Lord Mayor of London
DS/UK/655Elizabeth (1900-2002); Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; nee Lady Bowes-Lyon, queen of Great Britain and Ireland, consort of George VI
DS/UK/1275George VI (1895-1952); King of Great Britain and Ireland.
DS/UK/1276Van Bellinghen (fl. 1987); Wife of the Belgian Ambassador to Britain.
DS/UK/1277Leopold II (1835-1909); King of the Belgians.
DS/UK/1278Hatton; John Leigh Smeathman (1865-1933); Principal of the East London College; Vice-Chancellor of the University of London; mathmatician.
DS/UK/1279Brandon; Clarence (fl. 1905); Clerk to the Governors of the People's Palace
DS/UK/1280Reilly; Charles (fl. 1905); Architect.
DS/UK/1281Whitman; Alfred (fl. 1905); Employee of the British Museum.
DS/UK/1282Hewitt; J. T. (1868-1954); Professor; Professor of Chemistry of the East London College
DS/UK/1283Jessup; E. J. (fl. 1905)
DS/UK/1284Gardner; David (fl. 1905); East London Technical College Examiner.
DS/UK/1285Golightly; A. W. (fl. 1905); East London Technical College Examiner.
DS/UK/1286Donaldson; H. (fl. 1905); Governor of the People's Palace
DS/UK/1287Hope Grant; P. (fl. 1905)
DS/UK/1288Johnson; Sir; John Henry (1826-1909); Chairman of the Governors of the People's Palace and the Visiting Committee of the Governors of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1289Collins; Wilkie (1824-1889); Novelist, playwright, and author of short stories
DS/UK/1290Dunn; F. J. (fl. 1906)
DS/UK/1292Block; A. (fl. 1906); Assistant to Professor Morris in Magnetism and Electricity at the East London Technical College.
DS/UK/1293Dyke; G. B. (fl. 1906)
DS/UK/1294Cook; E. T. (fl. 1906); Instrument maker.
DS/UK/1295Idle; Frank (fl. 1909-1910); Conductor of the People's Palace Choral and Orchestral Societies
DS/UK/1045Tong; Robert Percy (1911-1994); Col; Registrar Queen Mary College
DS/UK/1296Cunynghame; Henry (fl. 1890); Assistant Commissioner of the Charity Commission
DS/UK/1297Robson; Edward Robert (1835-1917); Architect.
DS/UK/1298Lennox Atkins; T.; Architect.
DS/UK/1299Kitchen; Charles P. (fl. 1923); Owner of Charles P. Kitchen & Co., Buiders, Decorators, Shop and Office Fitters.
DS/UK/1300Gough; C. A. (fl. 1923); Employee of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1301Ellison-Macartney; Sir; John Arthur Mowbray (1903-1985); Registrar of the East London College and Queen Mary College.
DS/UK/1302Comyn; Charles Heaton Fitzwilliam (1877-1933); Architect.
DS/UK/1303Webb; Sir; Aston (1849-1940); Architect.
DS/UK/1304Coles; George (1884-1963); Architect.
DS/UK/1305Wilde; Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills (1854-1900); Writer and poet.
DS/UK/1306Fitzgerald; T. M. (1935-1936); Commander; Manager and Clerk to the Governors of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1307Winter; G. Day (fl. 1896); Organist to the Great Assembly Hall, choir and orchestra leader.
DS/UK/1308Melba; Dame; Nellie (1861-1931); Australian opera singer.
DS/UK/1309Beith; John Hay (1876-1952); Major General; British schoolmaster and soldier, novelist and playwright.
DS/UK/1310Phillips; Henry Bettesworth (1866-1950); Impresario.
DS/UK/1311Gounod; Charles-François (1818-1893); French composer.
DS/UK/1312Bizet; Georges (1838-1875); French composer.
DS/UK/1313Rossini; Gioachino Antonio (1792-1868); Italian composer.
DS/UK/1314Verdi; Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco (1813-1901); Italian composer.
DS/UK/1315O'Brien; Barry (fl. 1953); Theatre director.
DS/UK/1316Tapper; Oscar (fl. 1953)
DS/UK/1317Watson; Dorothy (fl. 1966)
DS/UK/1319Burrell; Edward J (fl1888-1900); Second Master of Day School and Lecturer in Evening classes for East London Technical College
DS/UK/1318David; Hubert Worton (1904-1999); British composer.
DS/UK/1320Lorimer; Alex V.; Performer
DS/UK/1321Bristow; Billy; Performer.
DS/UK/1322Harvey; Pearl; Performer
DS/UK/1323Weltman; Dora; Performer.
DS/UK/1324Boulton; Harold E. (fl. 1886); Honourary Secretary of the Provisional Committee of the East London Industrial Exhibition 1887.
DS/UK/1325Bradley; Orton (fl. 1887-1888); Musical Director of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1326Pritchard; A.G. (fl. 1887-1888); Performer of musical sketches.
DS/UK/1327Mitchell; R. (fl. 1886-1889)
DS/UK/1328Shaw (1886-1889)
DS/UK/1329West; R. D. (fl. 1913); Member of the executive of the People's Palace Horticultural Society.
DS/UK/1330McEwen; Sir; John B. (fl. 1932-1936.); Principal of the Royal Academy of Music.
DS/UK/1331Elgar; Sir; Edward William (1857-1934); 1st Baronet; English composer.
DS/UK/1332White; William L. A. (fl. 1893-1895); People's Palace Technical Schools student.
DS/UK/1333Besant; Sir; Walter (1837-1901); Novelist and historian.
DS/UK/1334Harte; Francis Bret (1836-1902); American author and poet.
DS/UK/1335Goodfellow; John (fl. 1887-1888); Lecturer on Hygiene at the Bow and Bromley Institute, London.
DS/UK/1336Hartwig; G. (fl. 1887-1888); Dr; Author.
DS/UK/1337Rice; James (1843-1882); English novelist.
DS/UK/1338Henry; Sir; Rider Haggard (1856-1925); British novelist, scholar.
DS/UK/1339George William Frederick Charles (1819-1904); Prince George, Duke of Cambridge
DS/UK/174Hawthorne; Nathaniel (1804-1864); Novelist
DS/UK/1340Irving; Washington (1783-1859); American short story writer, essayist, biographer, magazine editor, diplomat.
DS/UK/1341Poe; Edgar Allan (1809-1849); American author, poet, editor and literary critic.
DS/UK/1342Reader; Charles (fl. 1890); Captain
DS/UK/1343Roberts; R. D. (fl. 1890)
DS/UK/1344Handel; George Frideric (1685-1759); Composer.
DS/UK/1345Gilbert; Sir; William Schwenck (1836-1911); English dramatist, librettist, poet and illustrator.
DS/UK/1346Sullivan; Sir; Arthur Seymour (1842-1900); English composer.
DS/UK/1347Mitchell (fl. 1891); Professor; of Prof. Mitchell's Illusionist and Ventriloquial Entertainment.
DS/UK/1349Villiers; Frederic (fl. 1893); Special War Correspondent of 'The Graphic'.
DS/UK/1350Vanstone; Newton (fl. 1893); Reverend; Member of the clergy.
DS/UK/1351James; Minnie Stewart Rhodes (1865-1903); Head Librarian of the People's Palace
DS/UK/198Garnett; Constance (1861-1946); nee Constance Black, People's Palace Librarian, translater of Russian texts.
DS/UK/1352Garnett; David (1892-1981); British writer and publisher.
DS/UK/1037Mary (1867-1953); consort of George V.
DS/UK/1353Gill; Arthur Eric Rowton (1882-1940); British sculptor, typeface designer, stonecutter and printmaker.
DS/UK/1354Nilsson; Christina (1843-1921); Countess de Casa Miranda; Swedish opera singer.
DS/UK/1355Whiteing; Richard (1840-1928); English author and journalist.
DS/UK/1356Barnett; S. A. (fl. 1885-1886)
DS/UK/1357Leigh; H. D. (fl. 1885-1886); of the Beaumont Trust.
DS/UK/1358Sibold; H. (fl. 1885-1888); Band conductor.
DS/UK/1359Lee; Sir; Sidney (1859-1926); English biographer and critic.
DS/UK/1360Boult; Sir; Adrian Cedric (1889-1983); English conductor.
DS/UK/1361Ronald; Sir; Landon (1873-1938); English conductor, composer, pianist, singing teacher and administrator.
DS/UK/1362Percy; Pitt (1870-1932); English organist and conductor.
DS/UK/1363Lansbury; George (1859-1940); British politician, newspaper editor
DS/UK/1364Brough; Eric Rattray (1901-1936); Conductor, organist, Professor of Music.
DS/UK/1365Foggin; Myers (1908-1986); English concert pianist and conductor.
DS/UK/1366Edward VIII (1894-1972); King of Great Britain and Ireland (Duke of Windsor after abdication)
DS/UK/1367Ervine; St. John Greer (1883-1971); Irish author, writer, critic and dramatist.
DS/UK/1368Mayer; Robert (1879-1985); Philanthropist, businessman.
DS/UK/1369George (1902-1942); Duke of Kent; Fourth son and fifth child of George V and Mary of Teck, and younger brother of Edward VIII and George VI.
DS/UK/1370Marina (1906-1968); Duchess of Kent; née Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, wife of Prince George, Duke of Kent, the fourth son of King George V of the United Kingdom and Mary of Teck.
DS/UK/1371Robeson; Paul (1898-1976); Actor, concert singer, athlete, lawyer, social activist.
DS/UK/68Barber Beaumont; John Thomas (1774-1841); British army officer, painter, author, and philanthropist.
DS/UK/1372Beaumont; W. Spencer (fl. 1887); Grandson of J.T. Barber Beaumont.
DS/UK/1373Johnson; W. C. (fl. 1936); Chairman of the Governing Body of the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1374Beaumont; J. A. (fl. 1883-1886); Relative of J.T. Barber Beaumont
DS/UK/1376Beaumont; Richard (fl. 1984)
DS/UK/1377Beaumont Trust; 1882-
DS/UK/1378Bancroft's Hospital; 1727-1884
DS/UK/1034Drapers' Company; 1438-; Livery Company
DS/UK/62People's Palace; 1887-1954
DS/UK/1380Charity Commission; fl 1885
DS/UK/1382Beaumont Institution; c.1841-1879
DS/UK/60Queen Mary College (QMC); 1887-1989
DS/UK/375The Times; 1785-; National newspaper.
DS/UK/1384Borough of Hackney Workman's Club; fl 1886
DS/UK/1385Beaumont Trust; Poplar Committee; fl 1886
DS/UK/1386Westminster Abbey; 1245-
DS/UK/1387East and West India Dock Company; 1838-c.1909
DS/UK/1388HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs; 1891-
DS/UK/1389Beaumont Trust; East London Committee; fl 1885-1887
DS/UK/1390Band of Her Majesty's Scots Guards; fl 1886
DS/UK/1391People's Palace; Library; 1888-1902
DS/UK/1379People's Palace; Technical Schools; 1888-1896
DS/UK/1144Queen Mary College (QMC); Library; Academic Library
DS/UK/1392People's Palace; Governors; fl 1906-1930
DS/UK/1393People's Palace; Governors; Visiting Committee of the Governors; fl 1903-1922
DS/UK/1394People's Palace; Committee; fl 1909-1911
DS/UK/1395People's Palace; Trustees; fl 1888-1892
DS/UK/1396People's Palace; Finance Committee; fl 1888-1892
DS/UK/59East London College; 1905-1934
DS/UK/64University of London; 1836-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1397Evening Play Centres Committee; fl 1920
DS/UK/1398People's Palace; Governors; Standing Committee; fl 1913-1925
DS/UK/1400East London College; Council; Sub-Committee; fl 1930
DS/UK/680London County Council (LCC); 1889-1965
DS/UK/1402Commercial Gas Company; fl 1905-1906
DS/UK/1159University of London; Senate
DS/UK/1403Bow and Bromley Institute; -1898
DS/UK/1404London County Council; Education Department
DS/UK/1401People's Palace and East London Horticultural Society; fl 1894-1936
DS/UK/1405Harrison Spooner, Builders, Office Fitters and Decorators; fl 1905
DS/UK/1406Board of Education; fl 1905
DS/UK/357British Museum; 1753-; Museum.
DS/UK/1407Council for Public Welfare in the Borough of Stepney; fl 1906
DS/UK/1408Johnsons, Long and Co.; fl 1906-1911; Solicitors
DS/UK/1409Metropolitan Borough of Stepney Public Libraries Committee; fl 1906
DS/UK/1410People's Palace; Bow and Bromley branch; 1898-1911
DS/UK/1411Wm. Baily and Sons; fl 1906
DS/UK/1412East London College; Department of Electrical Engineering; 1905-
DS/UK/1413National Sunday League; fl 1904-1909
DS/UK/1414People's Palace; Choral and Orchestral Society; fl 1890-1936
DS/UK/1415Cripplegate Foundation; 1891-; Charity
DS/UK/1416Bishopsgate Institute and Foundation; 1895-; Charity
DS/UK/1417Aldgate Freedom Foundation; fl 1888-1890; Charity
DS/UK/1418St. Bride Foundation; 1891-; Charity
DS/UK/1419Charles P. Kitchen & Co.; fl 1923; Buiders, Decorators, Shop and Office Fitters.
DS/UK/1420Sir Aston Webb and Son; c.1874-1939; Architects
DS/UK/1421Campbell Jones, Sons & Smithers; c. 1935; Architects
DS/UK/1422Rotary Club of Tower Hamlets; Formerly Rotary Club of Stepney.; 1929-
DS/UK/1423Charles Barker & Sons; fl 1883-1885; General advertising office.
DS/UK/1424H. Britten; fl 1883-1885; Engraver
DS/UK/1425Thomas Hull; 1883-1885; Manufacturer of tin deed, cash, air-tight and fire proof boxes.
DS/UK/1426Watson Brothers; fl 1883-1885; Printers, lithographers, engravers and booksellers.
DS/UK/1427Eden Fisher & Company; fl 1883-1885; Bankers' stationers, engravers, printers, account book manufacturers.
DS/UK/1428Maclure & MacDonald; fl 1883-1885; Lithographers, engravers, printers and stationers.
DS/UK/1429H. Phillips; fl 1883-1884; Aldgate furniture warehouse.
DS/UK/1430Ralph Ansell; fl 1883-1884; Licensed carman.
DS/UK/1431Roberts & Leete; fl 1886; Wholesale stationers and manufacturers, printers, lithographers, engravers and ledger makers.
DS/UK/1432E.S. Ladbrook; fl 1886; Shorthand writer, reporter and general press agent.
DS/UK/1433Bedford Lemere and Co.; fl 1886; Architectural photographers.
DS/UK/1434T.R. Bone; fl 1886; Tea dealer and grocer.
DS/UK/1435W.H. Chappell; fl 1886; Bill poster and advertising agent.
DS/UK/1436Mart & Co.; fl 1886; Iron safe makers and merchants.
DS/UK/1437Mark Patrick & Son; fl 1886; Builders
DS/UK/1438J. Young & Co.; fl 1886; Floral depot.
DS/UK/1439Collinson & Lock; fl 1886; Artistic furniture manufacturers and decorators.
DS/UK/1440C.W. Crossley; fl 1886; Patentee and Manufacturer.
DS/UK/1441Whitehead, Morris and Lowe; fl. 1886; Engravers, lithographers and printers.
DS/UK/1442George Blair; fl 1886-1887; Dealer in newspapers, gazettes, commercial publications and magazines.
DS/UK/1443The G.K. Cooke Manufacturing Company; fl 1886-1887
DS/UK/1444The Co-operative Printing Society Limited; fl 1887
DS/UK/1445Charles Burks; fl 1887; Wholesale looking glass and cabinet manufacturer.
DS/UK/1446Smith, Worley and Co.; fl 1887; Wholesale and export chair manufacturers.
DS/UK/1447Perry & Co.; fl 1886-1889; Builders and contractors.
DS/UK/1448East London Trades Industries and Arts Exhibition; 1896; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1449G. Day Winter's Choir and Orchestra; fl 1896
DS/UK/1450Handel Society; fl 1910
DS/UK/1451Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children; 1868-1942
DS/UK/1452Carl Rosa Opera; 1868-1942
DS/UK/1453Metropolitan Ballet; fl 1949
DS/UK/1454Apprentice's Exhibition of Art, Industry and Invention; 1887; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1455Workmen's and Apprentices' Industrial Exhibition; 1889; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1456East London Industrial Exhibition; 1887
DS/UK/1457East London Industrial Exhibition; Provisional Committee; fl 1887
DS/UK/1458People's Palace; Cricket Club; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1459People's Palace; Debating Society; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1460People's Palace; Rambling Club; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1461People's Palace; Photographic Club; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1462People's Palace; Shorthand Society; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1463Beaumont Cycling Club; fl 1886-1889
DS/UK/1465People's Palace; Engineering Society; fl 1893-1908
DS/UK/1466Royal Academy of Music; 1822-
DS/UK/1467Central Hall Westminster; 1912-; Conference venue.
DS/UK/1468People's Palace; Social and Athletics Club; fl 1932-1936
DS/UK/1469People's Palace; Architectural Society; fl 1896-1900
DS/UK/1471Workmen's Exhibition; 1888; Held at the People's Palace.
DS/UK/1472People's Palace; Military Band; fl 1890
DS/UK/1473Prof. Mitchell's Illusionist and Ventriloquial Entertainment; fl 1890
DS/UK/1474The Graphic; 1869-1932; British weekly illustrated newspaper.
DS/UK/1475Annual Exhibition of Pictures; 1892; Held at the People's Palace, 13 August to 10 September 1892.
DS/UK/1476African Native Choir Quintette; fl 1892
DS/UK/1477Cardiff National Welsh Choir; fl 1892
DS/UK/1478Field-Fisher Quartette; fl 1893
DS/UK/1479Chrysanthemum Exhibition; 1893; Held at the People's Palace 6 November 1893.
DS/UK/1480The Daily News; 1846-1930; British daily newspaper.
DS/UK/1481V&A Museum of Childhood; 1872-; London museum.
DS/UK/1482British Symphony Orchestra; fl 1921-1925
DS/UK/1483Queen Mary's Hospital; 1890-1984; London hospital.
DS/UK/1484B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra; fl 1929
DS/UK/1485British Empire Union; 1916-1960
DS/UK/576University of London; Birkbeck, University of London; 1823-; Higher Education Institution
DS/UK/1486North American Review; 1815-; U.S. literary magazine.
DS/UK/1487The Twentieth Century; 1877-1972; British literary magazine.
DS/UK/1488Charles & Edwin Layton; fl 1887; Bookseller, stationer, engraver and printer.
DS/UK/1489Duke of Cumberland’s Sharpshooters; 1803-c.1908; Volunteer rifle corps.
DS/UK/1490The Illustrated London News; 1842-2003; Illustrated weekly newspaper.
DS/UK/1491The Morning Post; 1772-1937; British conservative daily newspaper.
DS/UK/1492The Amateur Historian; fl 1962-1966
DS/UK/2761Morris; John Turner MacGregor- (1872-1959); Professor of Electrical Engineering