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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Datesfl 1906-1930
Person NamePeople's Palace; Governors; fl 1906-1930
Corporate NamePeople's Palace
QM/1/5/4Governors' meeting minutes, 1913-19251913-1925
QM/1/5/6Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, April to December 19031903
QM/1/5/34Visiting Governors' Reports on the People's Palace1919-1922
QM/1/5/25Governors' papers, 26 July 19051905
QM/1/18/4Newspaper articles and letters relating to J.T. Barber Beaumont1826-1968
QM/1/16/5Letters to E.H. Currie and Secretary of People's Palace1885-1890
QM/1/5/28Governors' papers, 28 February 19061906
QM/1/5/33Governors' papers, 4 July 19061906
QM/1/5/9Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1904 to July 19051904-1905
QM/1/5/3Governors' meeting minutes, 1906-071906-1907
QM/1/5/7Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, May 1903 to August 19041903-1904
QM/1/5/10Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1905 to July 19061905-1906
QM/1/5/5Special Meeting of the Governors' minutes, 31 May 19301930
QM/1/16Various correspondence1884-1890
QM/1/5Trustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers1888-1930
QM/1/18J.T. Barber Beaumont, Beaumont Trust, and Beaumont familyc1812-1985
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000
QM/1/5/8Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, January to December 19041904
QM/1/5/11Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1907 to July 190815 Oct 1907-8 Jul 1908
QM/1/5/12Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, September 1908 to July 190924 Sep 1908-8 Jul 1909