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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NamePeople's Palace; 1887-1954
Corporate NamePeople's Palace
QM/1/13Bow and Bromley Institute 1871-1897
QM/1/17/20'A Fete at the People's Palace, East London' print illustration c.1887-1900
QM/1/10/20Apprentice's 1887 Exhibition medals1887
QM/1/5/1Beaumont Trust Minute Book No. 21888-1892
QM/1/10/30People's Palace Diary 19251925
QM/1/5/24Visiting Committee papers, 18 July 19051905
QM/1/5/4Governors' meeting minutes, 1913-19251913-1925
QM/1/5/6Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, April to December 19031903
QM/1/7/5Ground Plan of Swimming Bath by Charles Reilly1909
QM/1/10/32People's Palace Diary 19291929
QM/1/17/3Newspaper cuttings, 1889-961889-1896
QM/1/14/16The Palace Journal, Vol. 11, 3 March to 28 April 1893 1893
QM/1/2/16Correspondence relating to fundraising, file 21885-1889
QM/1/10/34People's Palace Diary 19311931
QM/1/7/7Swimming Bath plans by Heaton Comyn1924-1927
QM/1/2/17Fundraising circularc.1886
QM/1/10/18Advertising poster for Grand Concert in the Queen's Hallc.1920-1945
QM/1/8/3Letters regarding employment opportunities, 1887-901887-1890
QM/1/4/1Correspondence regarding Sunday opening and sale of alcohol1885-1886
QM/1/7/2Plans of the People's Palace 1885-1900
QM/1/10/3Sunday Evenings for the People programmes1904-1909
QM/1/5/34Visiting Governors' Reports on the People's Palace1919-1922
QM/1/17/21'Army Gymnastic Staff at the People's Palace' illustrated article1889
QM/1/4/13Programme of the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth1937
QM/1/4/10Print illustrations of Queen Victoria at the People's Palace1887
QM/1/2/11Letters from Ella V. Pollack1887
QM/1/10/8Volume of programmes, 1925-261925-1926
QM/1/5/25Governors' papers, 26 July 19051905
QM/1/8/1Letters regarding employment opportunities, 18861886
QM/1/10/9Volume of programmes, 1930-311930-1931
QM/1/17/8Newspaper cuttings, 1931-341931-1934
QM/1/19/2Correspondence about memories of the People's Palace1962-1966
QM/1/14/18The Palace Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, 5 February 1895.1895
QM/1/6/3Return of Certain Objections and Suggestions Received by the Charity Commissioners1890
QM/1/4/4Letters regarding tickets for opening of Queen's Hall1887
QM/1/18/4Newspaper articles and letters relating to J.T. Barber Beaumont1826-1968
QM/1/16/5Letters to E.H. Currie and Secretary of People's Palace1885-1890
QM/1/7/11Letters regarding repairs to the People's Palace1922-1923
QM/1/4/7Invitation card forms for opening of Queen's Hall1887
QM/1/17/4Newspaper cuttings, 1889-981889-1898
QM/1/17/7Newspaper cuttings, 1930-331930-1933
QM/1/14/11The Palace Journal, Vol. 7, 2 January 1891 to 26 June 18911891
QM/1/17/1Newspaper cuttings, 1884-861884-1886
QM/1/17/17Newspaper cuttings, 1938-391938-1939
QM/1/2/8Patronage of People's Palace by Queen 1886
QM/1/3/1Beaumont Trust Executive Committee for East London1885-1886
QM/1/19/1O. Tapper's notes for 'The Impossible Story (An Account of the Rise and Fall of the People's Palace)'c1960-1976
QM/1/2/18Correspondence regarding advertisements 1886
QM/1/4/12Negative of royal arrival at new People's Palace1937
QM/1/10/25People's Palace Diary 19191919
QM/1/6/4Report by the Assistant Commissioner into the People's Palace1890
QM/1/8/7People's Palace wages book, 1913-19331913-1933
QM/1/7/6Swimming Bath Building Proposed Drying Room plan by T. Lennox Atkinsn.d.
QM/1/10/39Report on Work of the People's Palace to 31 July 19201920
QM/1/8/2Letters regarding employment opportunities, 1887-881887-1888
QM/1/10/28People's Palace Diary 19221922
QM/1/8/4Letters offering teaching appointments1889-1907
QM/1/17/10Newspaper cuttings, 7 February to 16 March 19361936
QM/1/5/36People's Palace Committee minutes, September 1910 to May 19111910-1911
QM/1/14/2Handbook & Guide to the People's Palace 1911
QM/1/19Later histories and correspondence relating to People's Palace1960-1984
QM/1/5/16Visiting Committee papers, 11 January 19051905
QM/1/5/17Visiting Committee papers, 31 January 19051904-1905
QM/1/10/5Programmes, 1919-261919-1928
QM/1/6/2Charity Commission Draft Schemes 1888-1890
QM/1/15/3Winter Gardenc.1892-1937
QM/1/10/23Samples of printed tickets, 1923-281923-1928
QM/1/10/38Correspondence regarding entertainment, 1887-881887-1888
QM/1/6/5Assistant Commissioner's Memorandum on present Condition of the People's Palace1891
QM/1/10/16Advertising poster for Carles pigeon charmers, 18871887
QM/1/10/4Programme for 'Judas Maccabeus', 12 Feb 19101910
QM/1/10/6Volume of programmes, 1923-241923-1924
QM/1/9/7Accounts and receipts, January 18861886
QM/1/7/17Plans by George Coles, 1934 and undated1934
QM/1/7/8Swimming Bath filtration log sheetsn.d.
QM/1/15/2Queen's Hallc.1900-1920
QM/1/9/26Schedule of Site and Buildings1924-1936
QM/1/10/7Volume of programmes, 1924-251924-1925
QM/1/10/19People's Palace advertising bannerc.1936-1946
QM/1/10/27People's Palace Diary 19211921
QM/1/10/21Workmen's and Apprentices Industrial Exhibition 1889 medals1889
QM/1/7/15Plans by George Coles, June 19321932
QM/1/17/9Newspaper cuttings, 1933-361933-1936
QM/1/17/2Newspaper cuttings, 1887-921887-1892
QM/1/17/13Newspaper cuttings, 17 May to 16 August 19361936
QM/1/5/23Visiting Committee papers, 20 June 19051905
QM/1/17/5Newspaper cuttings, 1921-251921-1925
QM/1/4/2Laying of Queen's Hall foundation stone1886
QM/1/10/10Theatre programmes, 1938-531938-1953
QM/1/2/5Letters regarding public meetings about People's Palace1886
QM/1/2Fundraising 1885-1889
QM/1/7/19East Elevation and West Elevation by Campbell Jones, Sons & Smithers1935
QM/1/2/13Letters from people declining to subscribe1885-1886
QM/1/15/8New People's Palace, low relief panelsc.1936-2000
QM/1/17/16Newspaper cuttings, 1937-381937-1938
QM/1/13/1Bow and Bromley Institute Committee letters1888
QM/1/17/12Newspaper cuttings, 17 April to 16 May 19361936
QM/1/16/2Shaftesbury Memorial1885
QM/1/17/23'The Times Diary' article about People's Palace, 20 August 19751975
QM/1/12/1Letters regarding the Day School and classes at the People's Palace 1885-1890
QM/1/3Beaumont Trust Committee East London1885-1887
QM/1/8/6/2Constance Garnett (1861-1946), Head Librarian c1894
QM/1/10/31People's Palace Diary 19271927
QM/1/10/33People's Palace Diary 19301930
QM/1/17/19Copy of 'The Prince of Wales in East London', Illustrated London News, 17 December 18871887
QM/1/9/24Profit and loss accounts for concerts and dances, 19211921
QM/1/17/15Newspaper cuttings, 1936-391936-1939
QM/1/17/14Newspaper cuttings, 17 August to 1 October 19361936
QM/1/17/11Newspaper cuttings, 17 March to 16 April 19361936
QM/1/17/18Copy of 'The Times' article 16 May 1887 'Opening of the People's Palace by the Queen'1936
QM/1/10/29People's Palace Diary 19231923
QM/1/4/6Letters regarding tickets for opening of Queen's Hall1887
QM/1/4/11Laying of the foundation stone of the new People's Palace1936
QM/1/2/6Requests for copies of sermon by Rev. J.M. Wilson at Westminster Abbey1886
QM/1/2/2Fundraising appeal for the People's Palacen.d.
QM/1/16/4Letters from people offering services to People's Palace1885-1888
QM/1/5/26Visiting Committee papers, 16 February 19061906
QM/1/5/21Visiting Committee papers, 10 May 19051905
QM/1/5/18Visiting Committee papers, 1 March 19051905
QM/1/12/4People's Palace Technical Schools Day Department Prospectus 1890-911890
QM/1/7/16Plans by George Coles, August 19321932
QM/1/7/1Letters from E.R. Robson to Beaumont Trust1885-1886
QM/1/7/14Preliminary Plans for Rebuilding of People's Palace on St. Helen's Terrace Site 1932
QM/1/2/4Advertising poster for public meeting about People's Palace1886
QMC/TEMP/204Proposal for Future Extension of College with Queen's Hall Rebuilt on Adjoining Land plans1931
QM/1/2/12Responses to fundraising circulars: declining to subscribe1885-1886
QM/1/16/6Letters to Beaumont Trustees1885-1890
QM/1/10/17Advertising poster for Apprentice's Exhibition, 18871887
QM/1/5/28Governors' papers, 28 February 19061906
QM/1/3/5Letters regarding the East London Committee1885-1887
QM/1/5/29Visiting Committee papers, 28 March 19061906
QM/1/5/20Visiting Committee papers, 11 April 19051905
QM/1/10/26People's Palace Diary 19201920
QM/1/5/27Visiting Committee papers, 28 February 19061906
QM/1/10/11D. Watson's memories of the People's Palace1966
QM/1/5/33Governors' papers, 4 July 19061906
QM/1/4/9Ceremonial programme for opening of Queen's Hall and Ornamental Key leaflet1887
QM/1/3/2Meeting to discuss Council for East London at St. Benet's Room 1886
QM/1/12/2J.L.S. Hatton's Diary of the East London Technical College1896-1901
QM/1/14/4The Palace Journal, Vol. 2, 16 May to 7 November 1888.1888
QM/1/2/15Correspondence relating to fundraising, file 1 1885-1887
QM/1/2/9Fundraising in East London Docks1886
QM/1/5/15Visiting Committee minutes, 1906-071906-1907
QM/1/1/1Papers relating to Drapers' Company c.1882-1886
QM/1/6/1Charity Commission Schemes 1883-1950
QM/1/5/9Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1904 to July 19051904-1905
QM/1/5/3Governors' meeting minutes, 1906-071906-1907
QM/1/5/13Visiting Committee of the Governors' minutes, October 1904 to July 19051904-1905
QM/1/5/7Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, May 1903 to August 19041903-1904
QM/1/7/12Sketch survey of buildings as existing August 19301930
QM/1/5/10Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1905 to July 19061905-1906
QM/1/12/13/2William White (fl1879-1895), Engineering student c1893-18951893-1895
QM/1/14/1A Guide to the East London Technical College and People's Palace1900
QM/1/10/1Official Catalogue of East London Trades Industries and Arts Exhibition, 18961896
QM/1/5/30Visiting Committee papers, 7 May 19061906
QM/1/14/8The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 14 May to 16 July 18901890
QM/1/16/3Correspondence regarding Beaumont Trust renting rooms and article in Daily News1885-1886
QM/1/5/19Visiting Committee papers, 29 March 19051905
QM/1/5/22Visiting Committee papers, 23 May 19051905
QM/1/1Drapers' Company1728-1954
QM/1/5/31Visiting Committee papers, 21 June 19061906
QM/1/14/5The Palace Journal, Vol. 3, 14 November 1888 to 8 May 18891888-1889
QM/1/14/12The Palace Journal, Vol. 8, 3 July to 25 December 18911891
QM/1/14/15The Palace Journal, Vol. 11, 6 January 1893 to 24 February 18931893
QM/1/9/25'Impersonal Ledger' People's Palace accounts volume1930-1933
QM/1/17/6Newspaper cuttings, 1929-301929-1930
QM/1/8/8Work Sheets 1931-35, and Rotary Club correspondence of T.M. Fitzgerald1931-1936
QM/1/5/5Special Meeting of the Governors' minutes, 31 May 19301930
QM/1/15Photographs and illustrations1887-2000
QM/1/16Various correspondence1884-1890
QM/1/4Opening of the People's Palace and new People's Palace1885-1937
QM/1/2/3Mansion House Meeting1885
QMC/TEMP/202Unveiling of commemorative plaque in the Octagon, 19871987
QM/1/5Trustees', Governors', Committees and Professorial Board papers1888-1930
QM/1/5/35People's Palace Committee Minutes, January 1909 to July 19101909-1910
QM/1/14/14The Palace Journal, Vol. 10, 1 July to 30 December 18921892
QM/1/14/3The Palace Journal, Vol. 1, 16 November 1887 to 9 May 18881887-1888
QM/1/10Entertainment and events1886-1966
QM/1/14/7The Palace Journal, Vol. 5, 13 November 1889 to 7 May 18901889-1890
QM/1/14/9The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 23 July to 24 September 18901890
QM/1/14/10The Palace Journal, Vol. 6, 1 October 1890 to 26 December 18901890
QM/1/1/2Legal agreements 1886-1954
QM/1/6Charity Commission1883-1950
QM/1/8Staff and employmentc1879-1985
QM/1/17/22Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about the People's Palace1887-1893
QM/1/17Newspaper, journal and magazine articles about People's Palace1884-1975
QM/1/5/32Visiting Committee papers, 4 July 19061906
QM/1/7Premises, property and facilities1885-1935
QM/1/14/6The Palace Journal, Vol. 4, 15 May 1889 to 6 November 18891889
QM/1/14/17The People's Palace Journal and Educational Herald1893-1894
QM/1/14/13The Palace Journal, Vol. 9, 1 January to 24 June 18921892
QM/1/18J.T. Barber Beaumont, Beaumont Trust, and Beaumont familyc1812-1985
QM/1People's Palace1728-2000
QM/1/12/3People's Palace Technical Schools Calendar 1889-971889-1896
QM/1/12/5People's Palace Calendar 1890-1901 1890-1901
QM/1/14/19Bound volume of People's Palace Calendars, Guide, Journals and Sketch of the People's Palace and its Library1893-1900
QM/1/5/8Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, January to December 19041904
QM/1/8/6Papers and artefacts relating to specific staff of the People's Palacec1879-1985
QM/1/5/14Visiting Committee MSS Minutes, 1905-19085 Oct 1905-21 Dec 1908
QM/1/8/6/3Minnie Stewart Rhodes James (1865-1903), Head Librarian1892-1977
QM/1/7/3Commemorative plate and bowl depicting London landmarks and the People's Palacec1888
QM/1/8/6/6Arthur Morrison (1863-1945), Clerk and Editor of the Palace Journaln.d.
QM/1/5/37East London College and Peoples Palace minutes, 191012 Jan 1910-29 Nov 1910
QM/1/5/38East London College and Peoples Palace minutes, 1911 24 Jan-28 Nov 1911
QM/1/5/39East London College and Peoples Palace minutes, 191230 Jan-26 Nov 1912
QM/1/7/9East and West Refreshments People's Palace, June 10-20 1914, badge1914
QM/1/5/11Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, October 1907 to July 190815 Oct 1907-8 Jul 1908
QM/1/5/12Governors' and Visiting Committee minutes, September 1908 to July 190924 Sep 1908-8 Jul 1909
QM/1/10/12Programme for People's Palace Saturday 3 April 19373 Apr 1937
QM/1/10/24Tickets to Carl Rosa Opera Company performancec1905-1950
QM/1/10/22People’s Palace Musical Festival, engraved box1912-1932
QM/1/10/37Declaration to be made by the Exhibitorc1888-1910
QM/1/10/15Programmes and posters for concerts at held at the Peoples Palace Queen’s Hallc1888-12 Apr 1939
QM/1/10/13People's Palace Film Programmes1949
QM/1/10/14Programme for People's Palace Sunday Afternoon Concert19 Feb 1939
QM/1/11/8Choral Society, programmes1947-1953
QM/1/12/13Papers relating to specific students of the People's Palace Technical Schools, East London Technical College and East London College1893-1960s
QM/1/15/1People's Palace, frontage on Mile End Roadc1887-1905
QM/1/15/5Tennis courtsc1910
QM/1/15/6Swimming bathsc1905-1927
QM/1/12/13/1Mr A E Harris (1870-1965), Engineering Student c1887-1896c1956-1960s
QM/1/7/18Plans by George Coles, May 19351935