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Undergraduate study, Queen Mary, University of London
Person NameBindoff; Stanley Thomas (1908-1980); Historian
ForenamesStanley Thomas
STB/10Senate Committee on Colleges Overseas in Special Relation 1961-1971
STB/5/1Wellesley College and Harvard1967-1968
STB/15/19Correspondence: J, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/17/11Royal Historical Society Alexander Prize1967
STB/14/5Lectures correspondence, 1966-19671966-1967
STB/18/6Correspondence and papers, file 61968-1972
STB/4Other Queen Mary College correspondence and papers1971-1972
STB/8/3International Conference on Local History correspondence1967-1968
STB/15/14Correspondence: G, file 2, 1970-19721970-1972
STB/17/3Sussex Educational Fund1934-1957
STB/15/38Correspondence: V, 1970-19721970-1972
STB/6/7Appeal from a student 1965-1971
STB/14/1Lectures correspondence, 1956-19571956-1957
STB/13/4Dockland Conferences correspondence1971-1972
STB/9/2St. Mary's College1962-1967
STB/15/20Letters from Whitney R.D. Jones and John T. Juricek1967-1972
STB/10/4University College of Rhodesia file 4, 19711971
STB/2/3Letter from V.C.A. Ferraro to S.T. Bindoff, and Arts Faculty Expenses Grant 1956-571957
STB/15/24Correspondence: M, file 2, 1957-19701957-1970
STB/14/4Lectures correspondence, 1963-19651963-1965
STB/1/5Memorandum on Constitution and Functions of Academic Board1955
STB/8/4Victoria History of the Counties of England Committee, 1959-19671959-1967
STB/8/9Sub-Committee on Report on Legal Records, 1964-19651964-1965
STB/16/7Sir John Neale Festschrift1957-1960
STB/5Visiting Professor at U.S. universities1959-1968
STB/15/25Correspondence: M, files 3, 19721972
STB/17/10Royal Historical Society correspondence 1957-1966
STB/4/3Inaugural Lecture1952-1953
STB/2/2Faculty of Arts meeting papers 1973-1974
STB/15/40Correspondence: Z, 1971-19721971-1972
STB/4/2Warburg Lecture1972
STB/7/4Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c. 1530-c.1570', 1969-19701969-1970
STB/13/2Fourth Anglo-Dutch Historical Conference, 19691968-1969
STB/7/3Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c. 1530-c.1570', 1968-691968-1969
STB/4/1European Studies Dinner1971-1972
STB/16/5History of London1967-1968
STB/17/7Verney family papers 1956
STB/15/28Correspondence: P, file 1, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/15/35Correspondence: S, file 3, 1971-1972 1971-1972
STB/7/1Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c.1530-c.1570', 1962-671962-1967
STB/13/3Home Universities Conference1957-1958
STB/18/8Correspondence and papers, file 81970
STB/7/2Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c. 1530-c.1570', 19671967
STB/11/2Department of Extra-Mural Studies 1956-1966
STB/15/18Correspondence: I, 1953-19711953-1971
STB/6/4Dinner in Honour of Professor J.G. Edwards 1960
STB/15/21Correspondence: K, 1953-19711953-1971
STB/11/9Seminar members and references1971-1972
STB/6/3Thornley Bequest 1958-1959
STB/17/4Brighton Education Committee and Sussex Educational Fund 1959-1964
STB/6/1Modern English Constitutional History1972
STB/8/8Victoria History of the Counties of England Reception1969-1970
STB/8/2Institute of Historical Research Secretary and Librarian vacancy1970
STB/1Queen Mary College Academic Board1953-1974
STB/15/1Correspondence: A, 1952-19711952-1971
STB/5/3Trinity College and Claremont, file 2, 1964-19661964-1966
STB/15/4Correspondence: C, file 1, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/15/36Correspondence: T, file 1, 1952-19711952-1971
STB/11/6Letters from students1953
STB/6/2Chairman of Board of Examiners and Board of Studies in History1956-1967
STB/15/12Correspondence: G, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/15/15Correspondence: H, file 1, 1950-19711950-1971
STB/6/5Board of Studies in History meeting papers1970
STB/15/2Correspondence: B, file 1, 1949-19711949-1972
STB/5/4Columbia University1959-1963
STB/3/1Head of History Department correspondence 1959-1969
STB/17/5Toynbee Hall 1951-1960
STB/15/34Correspondence: S, file 2, 1968-19701968-1970
STB/6University of London Board of Studies in History1956-1972
STB/10/5University College, Ibadan1961-1964
STB/9/1Eastbourne Training College1951-1960
STB/15/7Correspondence: C, file 4, 1960-19721960-1972
STB/8Institute of Historical Research1959-1971
STB/1/4Queen Mary College Governors1959-1960
STB/16/1History of Parliament Trust correspondence1959-1972
STB/14/2Lectures correspondence, 1957-19581957-1958
STB/12/4External Examiner - University of Nottingham, 1961-19631961-1963
STB/12/1External Examiner - University of Oxford1957-1962
STB/14/6Lectures correspondence, 1968-19721968-1972
STB/14Lectures 1956-1972
STB/16/6East London Papers letters 1970-1972
STB/15/13Peter Geyl correspondence and papers1964-1967
STB/15/26Correspondence: N, 1956-19691956-1969
STB/18/9Correspondence and papers, file 91970-1971
STB/13/1Anglo-Dutch Historical Conferences, 1962 and 1966c.1962-1966
STB/15/11Correspondence: F, file 2, 1971-19721971-1972
STB/2Queen Mary College Faculty of Arts1955-1974
STB/15/31Correspondence: P, file 4, 19721972
STB/11/7Letters from post-graduate students1951-1955
STB/17/6Open University Planning Committee1968-1969
STB/15/17Correspondence: H, file 3, 1971-19721971-1972
STB/15/32Correspondence: R, 1953-19721953-1972
STB/18/3Correspondence and papers, file 31957-1973
STB/16/4Research in Progress and Academic Who's Who1970-1972
STB/14/3Lectures correspondence, 1957-19621957-1962
STB/15/8Correspondence: D, 1951-19751951-1975
STB/15/30Correspondence: P, file 3, 1953-19701953-1970
STB/8/10Sub-Committee on Report on Legal Records, 1966-19671966-1967
STB/15/23Correspondence: M, file 1, 1959-19711959-1971
STB/10/3University College of Rhodesia file 3, 1968-19701968-1970
STB/15/33Correspondence: S, file 1,1950-19671950-1967
STB/15/27Correspondence: O, 1958-19701958-1970
STB/15/29Correspondence: P, file 2, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/11/3University of London Union Historical Society1951-1964
STB/8/6Victoria County History correspondence and papers1970-1971
STB/9/4Essex Records Committee1958-1965
STB/18/16Correspondence and papers, file 161974-1976
STB/11/1Board of Studies in Economics correspondence1958-1966
STB/2/1Academic Consultative Committee and Staff-student Committee 1968-1969
STB/9/3Coombe County School for Girls1956-1962
STB/14/7The Neale Lecture letters 1972
STB/14/8Visits to Germany1956-1959
STB/2/4Dean of the Faculty of Arts correspondence1955-1958
STB/15/10Correspondence: F, file 1, 1958-19711958-1971
STB/3/3History Department correspondence and papers1951-1960
STB/17Other interests1934-1972
STB/18Educational interests, publications, and other interests1951-1976
STB/12External Examiner1957-1963
STB/10/2University College of Rhodesia file 2, 1967-19691967-1969
STB/17/8Charles Webster 1970-1972
STB/17/1London Record Society1963-1967
STB/7Special Subject 'Church, Society and Government in England, c. 1530-c.1570'1962-1970
STB/15/3Correspondence: B, file 2, 1951-19711951-1971
STB/11/8Correspondence with students1969-1972
STB/17/9Historical Association1956-1970
STB/16/8Elizabethan Government and Society letters1972-1973
STB/18/7Correspondence and papers, file 71969-1973
STB/1/3Correspondence between S.T. Bindoff and P.J. Larkin 1953
STB/17/13Advisory Council on Public Records Publications Committee Early Modern Sub-Group1961-1966
STB/17/14Advisory Council on Public Records Publications Committee Questionnaire1962
STB/12/2External Examiner - University of Nottingham, 1960-19611960-1961
STB/8/7Victoria County History of Cheshire Editor1971
STB/3Queen Mary College History Department1951-1973
STB/12/3External Examiner - University of Reading1957-1961
STB/16/2History of Parliament Trust Dinner correspondence1971
STB/10/6Association of Commonwealth Universities1968-1970
STB/18/5Correspondence and papers, file 51968-1969
STB/1/2Correspondence between S.T. Bindoff and R.P. Tong1958
STB/17/12Advisory Council on Public Records Publications Committee1961-1965
STB/18/14Correspondence and papers, file 141973-1974
STB/9University of London Representative 1951-1957
STB/1/1Academic Board meeting papers1973-1974
STB/17/2Council of Citizens of East London1956-1962
STB/18/12Correspondence and papers, file 121971-1973
STB/18/4Correspondence and papers, file 41965-1969
STB/6/8Chairman of Board of Studies in History1957-1959
STB/11/5Board of Advisors for Chair of History at King's College1967
STB/11/4Institute of Education Selection Committee1958
STB/16/3Anglo-American Associates Publications Committee 1969-1970
STB/8/1Institute of Historical Research correspondence1967-1968
STB/15/22Correspondence: L, 1952-19711952-1972
STB/18/1Correspondence and papers, file 11951-1969
STB/5/2Trinity College and Claremont, file 1, 1965-19661965-1966
STB/18/15Correspondence and papers, file 151973-1974
STB/8/5Victoria History of the Counties of England Committee, 1968-19701968-1970
STB/18/13Correspondence and papers, file 131971-1975
STB/13Conferences 1957-1972
STB/18/11Correspondence and papers, file 111971-1972
STB/15/37Correspondence: U, 1963-19701963-1970
STB/15/39Correspondence: W, 1970-19721970-1972
STB/10/1University College of Rhodesia file 1, 1965-19671965-1967
STB/11Other University of London files and students' letters1951-1967
STB/18/10Correspondence and papers, file 101971
STB/6/6Board of Studies in History correspondence1960-1970
STB/15/9Correspondence: E, file 1, 1951-19711951-1971
STB/15/16Correspondence: H, file 2, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/15/5Correspondence: C, file 2, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/15/6Correspondence: C, file 3, 1952-19701952-1970
STB/18/2Correspondence and papers, file 21956-1973
STB/15Correspondence arranged alphabetically 1949-1975
STB/3/2History Department and Faculty of Arts correspondence 1963-1973